USA (Manchester), February 26, 2009 Review

artist: Metallica date: 03/02/2009 category: live concerts

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Metallica: USA (Manchester), February 26, 2009
Lazers, flamethrowers and huge coffins in the sky and massive lighting rig, as usual they looked after their fans by having mic's everywhere and a drum kit that span around.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Manchester), February 26, 2009 Reviewed by: kr46, on march 02, 2009
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Sound: Just a quick set list from the concert last night at Manchester m.e.n a fantastic venue with awesome sound much better than the Birmingham N.I.A. F--kin awesome! # That Was Just Your Life # The End Of The Line # For Whom The Bell Tolls # Wherever I May Roam # One # Broken, Beat And Scarred # Cyanide # Sad But True # Turn The Page (Bob Seger cover) # The Judas Kiss # The Day That Never Comes # Master Of Puppets # Blackened # Nothing Else Matters # Enter Sandman Encore.. Blitzkrieg the prince!... Absalutely top choice... F--kin amazing. SEEK & DESTROY, during which a load of big black balloons dropped down lights went up and mayhem ensued kicking the shit out of them. Also... Lazers, flamethrowers and huge coffins in the sky and massive lighting rig, as usual they looked after their fans by having mic's everywhere and a drum kit that span around..and the guys were interacting, Kirk was in awesome form and Jame's voice was awesome, Robert is a master at base and Lars didn't miss a beat also threw about 10, 000 sticks into the arena.. The band chatted between songs telling the history of some and just general banter, Kirk played a stunning solo although I felt he had played better solo's within some of the set list (sorry). The instruments were their usual. James used E.S.P/Gibson explorer, Jackson KV1, E.S.P jh1 flying v. Kirk E.S.P KH1/KH2/KH3/KH4, Fender strat/Gibson v's/Jackson soloist Robert..Fernandes Gravity Deluxe 5/Tobias / MTD, Music Man. And the usual amps Marshall, Meas Boogie, Ampeg e.t.c. Ther was more but lost count. // 10

Perfomance: From the moment you arrive the air is electric with the usual sea of Metallica t shirts mixed with Machine fu*kin head fans along for the ride. The anticipation is unbearable and sorry to say I enjoyed the support bands Who were fantastic Machine Head as usual doing the buisness but I wanted to see the boys and I wasn't let down. A funny moment was when seek and destroy came on hundreds od black balloons came from above and the house lights went up, everyone trying to grab one and a few I may add were unceremonuously burst for a quick getaway. Also a funny moment was Robert Trejillo was battered with them and the big guy nearly disappeared as well... Lol The visual effect were a delight with a huge lighting rig adorned with massive coffins wich at one stage came within feet of the guys heads, add pyrotechnics loud explosions, lazers and a spinning drum kit (moshpit 360) and the adrenaline rushes then Metallica show why they are loved by so many. // 10

Overall Impression: The M.E.N in Manchester (england) is a fantastic venue and was my first visit here and I will go back, great sound..a well organised event and all the staff I came across were very helpfull even with the usual idiots. What I loved about the show trying not to be biased was the way Metallica look after their fans and make sure everyone gets a look in with mic's everywhere and the ability to see even in the cheap seats. What I hated was paying over the odds for a ticket I bought it two days after release as I had no dough on the day..I had to pay 95 compared to the 45 original face value..realy something has to be done on this matter, anyone Who sells a ticket on Ebay the same day is not a true fan just a parasite. Most unforgettable moment is when the guys came on stage and started getting it done, I was 20 again banging my 45 year old noggin. Would I go again, every gig if I could and am thinking of going to London to do it all again..peace. // 10

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