Canada (Vancouver), April 16, 2007 Review

artist: Modest Mouse date: 04/18/2007 category: live concerts

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Modest Mouse: Canada (Vancouver), April 16, 2007
The overall sound of the show was great with the exception of a few minor instrument adjustments that had to be made, it made the show that much more real.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Canada (Vancouver), April 16, 2007 Reviewed by: Jones22, on april 18, 2007
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Sound: Isaac Brock rocks. That's about the only way I know how to put it. He is one of the few people that I have seen that can manage to go insane on stage and still sound perfect. The overall sound of the show was great with the exception of a few minor instrument adjustments that had to be made, but hey, it made the show that much more real. This may be forgivable as they each played at least a few different instruments during the course of the show. First time I've ever seen two drummers in a band but it worked well, they were both on drums the entire show as well. Apart from the standard electric and acoustic guitars, bases, drums, and keyboards they also used a trumpet, banjo, and cello for many of there songs. Personally I appreciated the amount of people in the band(6) as well as their abilities to play uncommon rock instruments as I think it made the show sound amazing. // 10

Perfomance: This was one of the best shows I've seen to date. The pit was bumping and everybody was rowdy. They opened with "Paper Thin Walls" which got everything going quickly after keeping the audience waiting a long time (nearly 3 hours after the doors opened plus general admission so people show up early). Next was "Ocean Breathes Salty" which got their "newer" side of the audience into it. Can't really remember the exact order but they continued on with some of they're new stuff like "Dashboard" which was well done and "Missed the boat" which I had never heard before but was very well done and made me a fan of it. They continued on with "Black Cadillacs" which got everybody really going in the pit and followed it with "Fire it up" which mellowed us all out a little. Shortly after was "Float On" which was probably the only song of the night that everybody in the building knew and was well done. Other songs played were "The View", "Tiny Cities made of ashes" which was very well done, "Bukowski", and a few more that I know I am forgetting. They then came back for an Encore and I just can't remember what the first Encore song was but it was good. They then finished the night with "spitting venom" which was the best song of the night in my opinion. Personally I find it to be the best song on they're new album and although it's already a long song they turned it into about a 15 minute jam. Amazing though. Unfortunately they didn't play a whole lot of old stuff which kind of bothered me. I would have liked to see "Dramamine" and was surprised not to hear it. They missed a few of they're other big songs like "Cowboy Dan", "Satin in a coffin" and "the world at large as well." // 9

Overall Impression: The show took place at the PNE Forum in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 16th, 2007. Originally scheduled for the Pacific coliseum but then moved to a slightly smaller venue. Opened with short sets by Grand Archives and Love as Laughter Who were both good. I loved watching the band with no special effects and the occasional screw up Who just seemed to be up there jamming. They were in their element and I think a bigger venue might not have suited them as well. I disliked how they neglected a lot of they're older songs that got them to where they were and thought they could have cut out some of the newer material to make room for some classics. The best moment for me was "spitting venom" as I thought they were unreal during it. The show was definitely worth the $40 Canadian and I would spend it again to see them. // 9

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