USA (Detroit), June 7, 2005 Review

artist: Modest Mouse date: 06/09/2005 category: live concerts

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Modest Mouse: USA (Detroit), June 7, 2005
Everything was great tech-wise. They only played five old songs in a 15-song playlist that flew by pretty quickly.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
USA (Detroit), June 7, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 09, 2005
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Sound: Sound-quality was excellent, but that wasn't really my focus. I was definately locked onto Isaac Brock throughout the entire concert. He's such an indie legend that it was almost surreal seeing him nearly 10 feet in front of me (we were on the main floor, and could almost reach out and touch the stage). He wasn't just there in spirit, though: his voice was as powerful as ever. I was surprised to see that they were using two drummers, though. Anyways, everything was great tech-wise. // 10

Perfomance: I'm giving them a 4 because there was way too much 'Good News...' played. Sure, the crowd went wild when they played "Float On," but there was so much excitement for songs like "Dramamine" that I don't understand why they only played five old songs (in a 15-song playlist that flew by pretty quickly). But I digress: what they did play was absolutely incredible. Here's the playlist, in as close to the actual order as I can remember: 01. Dramamine - incredible intro for an incredible band. Isaac comes out with a cigarette and a Corona, looking cool as hell. 02. Ocean Breathes Salty - great song, great performance. They really got the "rest" of the crowd going with this one (that is, the majority, who only knew "Float On" and this song). 03. Paper Thin Walls - so much more powerful than on the album. It sounded a little sloppy at first, but everything was tightened down by the time Issac screamed into the mic. 04. Satin In A Coffin - contained my favorite moment of the entire concert: chorus comes back around, and Isaac has his banjo pointed at the audience, screaming, "You were layin' on the carpet like you're satin in a coffin!", like it's the last thing he'll ever sing. 05. Bukowski - during the intermission, he finally talks to the crowd. Pointing at the huge knight carved into the wall of the theater, he says, "I really like the security over on this side..." I don't know if anyone else got the joke, but I loved it. 06. The View - okay, now the 'Good News...' songs were starting to wear one me. Somebody guy behind me screams "Cowboy Dan," and the girl next to him asks him to request "Gravity Rides Everything" for her. I felt the same way. 07. Float On - I didn't even know what they were playing until Isaac tore into the riff, so it was a little uneven, but still a great song nonetheless. 08. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes - finally! This song is just so cool, though I was surprised that they picked this one from 'The Moon & Antartica'. 09. One Chance - played well, but where is 'Lonesome Crowded West'? At this point, I was getting a little worried. 10. Blame It On The Tetons - and this didn't help. It was nice to watch everyone whip out their lighters and sway to Issac's crooning, though. 11. Black Cadillacs - lots of energy, the crowd was really hopping when they played this one. 12. Breakthrough - this wins the "most random Song of the concert" award. They did give me some newfound respect for this song though, so that's cool. Plus, it wasn't on 'Good News...' so that made me happy. 13. Cowboy Dan - now this is what I was looking forward to. 14. Hands Down - my favorite song of the concert. It's long to begin with, but they managed to stretch into a 10-minute jam. Near the end, I think I caught a few lyrics from "The Devil's Workday," but I'm not sure. Perfect way to "end" the concert. And now for the encore: 15. The World At Large - they brought out this little old piano and set it up with a mic, which made us wonder, "What song do they use a piano on?" Apparently, it was this one. After "The World at Large" was over, they went into an instrumental piece using nearly every instrument they had. Isaac looked like he was in the studio, turning knobs on everything around him and banging on the little piano. 16. The Good Times Are Killing Me - The true finale. Isaac sang with so much passion, you could really feel what he meant when he wrote those lyrics. // 8

Overall Impression: The opening band was Camper Van Beethoven, who were surprisingly good. They had this really catchy "LaLa" song (I'm not sure if that's the name of it), and the guy playing violen was incredibly good. But Modest Mouse was who we came for, and they were definately worth the $32. I was hoping that since they had already toured in support of 'Good News...' once, they would play the classics this time around (like "Trailer Trash" or "Interstate 8"). But alas, the older fans were left a little empty-handed. Still, apart from the drunks, lack of 'Lonesome Crowded West,' and that guy who literally threw my friend into a mosh pit, everything was perfect. If they ever come back to Michigan, I will be there, no questions asked. Now I'm going to go put this Modest Mouse sticker on something. // 10

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