Belgium (Anwerp), December 19, 2006 Review

artist: Muse date: 01/11/2007 category: live concerts

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Muse: Belgium (Anwerp), December 19, 2006
The music sounded very good. The volume was perfect. The bass, guitar, piano, drums and trumpet had equal volumes so they were all good to hear thorughout the whole show.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.7
Belgium (Anwerp), December 19, 2006 Reviewed by: Eps123, on january 11, 2007
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Sound: Matthew Bellamy has a great voice on the albums, but live, his voice is even better. There was no false singing at any time. He changed some of the lyrics during the chorus of Starlight. I didn't quite understand what he was saying though. Backing vocals by bassist Chris were also very good and give a good ambience during the show. Matthew used his classic silver set of guitars and during City Of Delusion Matthew used an acoustic guitar. I don't know what kind of basses Chris used, but there were many. Drummer Dom, used his classic see-through drum kit and he also had an electric snare drum for songs like Supermassive Black Hole. Matthew also used his white piano for New Born and Butterflies and Hurricanes and more. There was also a guest trumpettist for Knights Of Cydonia and City Of Delusion. They also had a standard synthesizer-player on the background for Take A Bow and more. The music sounded very good. The volume was perfect. The bass, guitar, piano, drums and trumpet had equal volumes so they were all good to hear thorughout the whole show. Perfect. // 10

Perfomance: I enjoyed the show a lot. The songlist: 01. Take A Bow - perfect intro song and nice sound! For more information see further down. 02. Map Of The Problematique - amazing song! Amazing voice from Matt. 03. Butterflies And Hurricanes - beautiful. More distortion from Matt's guitar did the trick. 04. Supermassive Black Hole - good, very nice lights on the background! 05. New Born - nice song, but I wouldn't know which would be a better intro song, Take A Bow or this one. 06. Assassin - time to jump! Hardcore song, darn good. 07. City Of Delusion - intro of trumpettist, pretty cool lights. 08. Forced In - didn't know the song. 09. Bliss (with balloons) - beautiful intro (live version), amazing singing. 10. Feeling Good - I find this song a bit boring. 11. Hoodoo - don't really like the song. 12. Invincible - hadn't listened to the song enough, but nice. 13. Time Is Running Out - great sound from the bass, and great voice from Matthew with amazing light shows. 14. Plug In Baby - best intro ever, I freaked out. 15. Soldier's Poem - boring. 16. Starlight - beautiful, and nice starlight background. Change of lyrics by Matthew. 17. Hysteria - classic, good song. 18. Stockholm Syndrome - again, I freaked out! Amazing guitar sound. 19. Muscle Museum - unexpected for me, as it's from their very first album! Very smooth guitar sound during verse and hot bass riff. 20. Knights Of Cydonia - last song, sad, but good! After Matthew's solo singing of "No ones gonna take me alive" he gets wild on the guitar, and I think the volume was turned up, but that was a perfect way to end the show, by freaking out! Amazing lights in the end. The lights in the show were amazing. When they started Take A Bow, there was a pole at the side of the stage where there were many lights and also a big screen on the background filled with stars. At Take A Bow, Matthew and Chris were there, but Dom was nowhere around, eventhough you could hear the bass drum. In the middle of the song, when things started to get rougher, the pole opened halfway through and Dom was on a high platform in a Spiderman outfit drumming. That was amazing. During Bliss, the crowd started playing with balloons which were poopped with sigarettes from the crowd, and Matthew played a cool circus tune while we were trying to pop the balloons. An amazing thing during the show was, for example during Hysteria, when Chris starts his riff, he goes to the far right part of the stage where there is also a higher platform where he could stand on so that everyone could see him. Matthew had the same during Plug In Baby and he also had a second microphone on the higher part of the stage. The best part was that, apparently they had an extra long setlist for us as it was their last Europe gig. Great show overall. // 8

Overall Impression: Belgium, Anwerp, Sportpaleis Antwerpen, 19 December 2006. Opener: Razorlight. The thing I hated about the show was Razorlight, the guitars sounded so bad! It hurt my ears, and not because it was loud. The thing I loved about the show was, of course, Muse, but also our spots! All the way up front. Great spots. Long waiting time though. The ticket cost around J30, but it was definetely worth the money! Great show and yeah, I would pay that much to go again. Unforgettable moment: the way back, everything went wrong, we missed the last tram to the trainstation so we took another tram, then we missed our stop, so we had to walk back to the trainstation in 5 mins. When we were there we actually made it to go and get drinks at the station and we still got to the train, unforgettable. The most unforgettable thing of the show was definetley the opening song: Take A Bow and the appearance of Dominique. If they come to Belgium or Holland again, I will certainly not want to miss the gig. The thing I hated about the show, is no smoking. // 8

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