Belgium (Werchter), June 28, 2007 Review

artist: Muse date: 07/17/2007 category: live concerts

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Muse: Belgium (Werchter), June 28, 2007
A very enjoyable band. They had a powerful setlist.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
Belgium (Werchter), June 28, 2007 Reviewed by: Eps123, on july 17, 2007
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Sound: Singer skills were pretty amazing. I've been to Muse 3 times now, and it's become clear to me that Matt's voice is really special. No playback, and it always sounds good. During Supermassive Black Hole, Chris did the back up vocals in the chorus, and they actually had a really weird microphone for that. It sounded kinda cool, but the sound was very impressive, as were Chris's vocals. Matt used his traditional set of custom Manson guitars, he brought his whole collection. He had even brought a new one that fitted his outfit. He himself was wearing a long red coat, and naturally, the guitar was red, but for the rest it had its sound effects, and its touchy pad on the bottom of the body, close to the bridge. Matt has purchased a new piano, because his old one used to be white, but this one, was a blackie. Chris used all the basses he used on Absolution (2003) abd Black Holes & Revelations (2006). And, finally, Dom used his famous see-trough drum kit. The three guys, had with them, of course an extra keyboard player for songs like "Take A Bow". The sound of every instrument was really well synchronised. I was impressed, however there was a problem with the bass volume at one of my favourite songs (Map of the Problematique), but for the rest it was pretty impressive, especially because this was a rock festival, and there was no real soundcheck to check everything. That's the reason why it goes wrong, mostly. // 9

Perfomance: A very enjoyable band. One of the greatest band that has emerged out of nowhere in England. They had a powerful setlist. It was actually a bit surprising, because in my past Muse concerts, they always ended with Knights of Cydonia, but in this case: 01. Knights Of Cydonia - nice beginning, stage goes dark, Em chord is heard all over the place, and then slide down, and bam! show started. 02. Hysteria - gets the crowd really started, fat bass line at the beginning, nice soloing by Matt. 03. Supermassive Black Hole - really nice song played Live, and a new solo created and played by Matt. Sounds better than the one on the album. 04. Map Of The Problematique - my favourite song. Damn that was good. Real shame actually. The bass wasn't high enough, and that's what I love about the song on the record, if you turn the volume up, you can feel the bass, but on the gig, the bass was way too unloud, nice work though. 05. Butterflies & Hurricanes - beautiful. This song has got everything. It has got amazing rock parts with huge distortion guitars, and nice basslines, and of course the darky, classicy, piano part by Matt. He played it correctly, but it seemed as though he was rushing through it. He played it way too fast. But he played it correctly, that's what counts I guess. 06. Feeling Good - vhilling out, feeling good. 07. Apocalypse Please - never seen this song Live before except on the Absolution Tour DVD from 2003 at Glastonbury. Amazing though. My mate, Nicolas, didn't like it, but I loved it. Nice bass drum, shaky, and awesome lights. 08. Sunburn - never seen this one Live either, but it was a pleasure. Loved it. 09. Invincible - so beautiful, it was realy good, awesome solo, again, better than the record. 10. Starlight - this is a song we all knew. So basically everyone was singing it. Nice effect on the guitar to cover the piano part 11. Man Of Mystery - where does this song come from? Don't know it. 12. Time Is Running Out - real shit begins. Awesome. 13. New Born - one of my favourites again, crazy ass solo again by Matt. Don't know how he does it. 14. Unintended - really nice song, but Matt had some trouble singing it. 15. Plug In Baby - my favourite Muse guitar lick ever! Not very fitting lights though. 16. Stockholm Syndrome - headbang. One of my favourites as well. 17. Take A Bow - switching directly from the end of Stockholm to Take a Bow, no break, nice effect, and nice song to end the deal. For the rest, there weren't many special effects during the show, it was just really nice lights, but nothing special, surprisingly. // 9

Overall Impression: Belgium, Werchter, Rock Werchter 28 June 2007. There was no real opener for the gig, as it was a rock festival, and Muse played from 00.00 onwards. Things I loved about the show: the lights about, it was really flashy, and of course, another thing I loved boiut the whole thing, was my gf, Sasja, she made it extra special. What I hated about the show, was Matt's outfit, the red jacket, and a red scarf, while it was 20 degrees Celsius outside. It just looked ridiculous. Well, a rock festival ticket cost J160, but it was really worht it. So many amazing artists, like Muse. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Most unforgettable moments was actually the song Starlight, 'cause my girlfriend knew that song really well, and we would both sing along, and it was just magical. Next gig, I'm deffinetely there. Muse are geniuses. // 9

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