UK (Cornwall), August 22, 2006 Review

artist: Muse date: 08/24/2006 category: live concerts

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Muse: UK (Cornwall), August 22, 2006
Most of the event was special. Muse's back drop was big vertical light tubes and screens. They all changed colour.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
UK (Cornwall), August 22, 2006 Reviewed by: wilmearz, on august 24, 2006
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Sound: I went to see Muse for the first time and, quite frankly, wow! We (my bro and I) had to snap up tickets the minute they came on sale on the Internet and I am so glad we did. After waiting in a line for about an hour we were let into the amphitheatre. Then after waiting for about another hour after we heard the openers (and Muse were late) Muse came onto the stage. And as soon as they did you forgot about the wait Matt said "good evening Plymouth!" The whole crowd went wild and when they played the first bar of Knights Of Cydonia so did I. Matt (piano/guitar/vocals), Criss (bass) and Dom (drums). In some songs matt's singing could have been louder however Knights Of Cydonia was a hell of a bang to start off with and when Matt screamed out "No one's gonna take me alive!" The words were projected onto big screens behind them and the audience went crazy. The Mosh pit at the front exploded when the riff after the chorus blasted out (you'll know what I mean if you know the song) Matt's singing was amazing and so was the whole band! // 10

Perfomance: 01. Knights Of Cydonia - amazing a great start just made you realise what yo were in for! 02. Hysteria - the crowd went wild awesome guitar. 03. Sunburn - cool. 04. Supermassive Black Hole - in bold just so you realise how insane it was when matt stopped scratching his guitar and played the first chord! 05. Map Of The Problematique - great song from the new album. 06. Bliss - one of my favs such an amazing and the effects and stuff. 07. Feeling Good - from origin a great sing and a great song! Played hell of a well Matt used a megaphone to make some effects. 08. Invincible - I think my fav from the new album for this song matt uses his extra weird guitar with built in effects. Such a great song. 09. Plug In Baby - just a privilege to hear Muse play this. Had the biggest roar from the crowd and the biggest crush. Mind blowing! 10. Starlight - Muse's newest single and it was great live the chorus was sung by the entire crowd. I can still hear "Our hopes and expectations, Black holes and revelations!" 11. Newborn - my personal favourite and as soon as the crowd heard the beginning piano we agen went crazy. Great guitar riff Matt's high voice cut through the amphitheatre and he went even higher then he does on the CD I need more words for amazing! 12. Time Is Running Out - a brilliant song stadium sang their hearts out and matt stopped on the first chorus just to hear us. 13. Interval - Muse went off but we couldn't let them! crowd Started a "we want more" chant and they came back on. 14. Stockholm Syndrome - the hardest rocking song matt again was unbelieveable on guitar and the crowd jumped. 15. Take A Bow - a great song to end on though not that many seemed to sing it. Hey I liked it! Most of the event was special. Muse's back drop was big vertical light tubes and screens. They all changed colour. It is hard to pick best bits but if I did I'd say The bit when KOC chorus was projected on the screens, the beginning of newborn when you could see Matt's hands on the screen playing the piano and probably hearing plug in baby and Stockholm Syndrome. // 10

Overall Impression: Muse at the Eden Project 22/08/06 was unbelievable. The openers were Hey Molley and Nixon and The Byrn and they were a good welcome after the long wait. The ticket cost 33 and was well worth it in my opinion. My first thought after the show was I wanna see them again. Overall: mindblowing. // 10

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