UK (London), October 26, 2012 Review

artist: Muse date: 11/01/2012 category: live concerts

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Muse: UK (London), October 26, 2012
England - London - The 02 - 26th October 2012. I loved the overall performance is better than ever the stage!
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
UK (London), October 26, 2012 Reviewed by: jackrayment, on november 01, 2012
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Sound: The sound quality of this gig was amazing! Better than on the album recordings, muse aren't the kind of band to play badly live. All the instruments were epic, from the double neck bass/kitara to the electric drums to the piano to Matt's famous Manson guitars. Was skeptical of what "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable" would sound like as most people would think it is very heavily produced and so impossible to produce live but it was amazing the best ever opener muse have had bar none! Sounds just like studio but better! // 10

Perfomance: Amazing! They are world known for their live performances and if you go to one you will understand why. Muse have gotten a lot better live and now interact with the audience a lot more! I got to touch Matt Bellamy's hand during undisclosed desires as he was walking round and nearly got Chris's harmonica, and nearly Dom's sticks! Couldn't have been any better. As for the setlist WOW perfect! 1. "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable" - As I said before THE best opener ever, Morgan starts with the intro then as the three muse members walk onstage the whole arena just erupts and goes mental! Then the super heavy riffs begin and starts moshing in the crowd from the very first guitar note! Just perfect! 2. "Supremacy" - The opener on the album and an amazing song live! Matthew's vocal performance is perfect! And that 7 string heavy riff just gets the crowd going! 3. Interlude - This is just to get the crowd hyped for "Hysteria" the next song, and hell it does! The anticipation in this minute or two of guitar and bass is great! 4. "Hysteria" - One of the classic muse songs and the whole crowd sings every word perfectly with Matt, the bassline you can feel pumping through you and during the breakdown you can expect screaming moshing and lots more moshing! 5. "Supermassive Black Hole" - This epic song from "Black Holes And Revelations" is amazing lie the riff gets everyone jumping up and down and during the kaoss pad solo I think my pants exploded! This song is a GAZILLION times better live, and its already amazing studio! 6. "Resistance" - Another song I thought would be bad live, I couldn't have been more wrong the feeling of over 23k people singing "Love is our resistance! They'll keep us apart but the wont stop breaking us down! Hold meeeee..." etc. 7. "Panic Station" - Epic song, comical and just epic and full of energy live is no different, another song that gets all the crowd singing. 8. "Animals" - An epic epic song amazing live with a few minutes build up live that is filled with suspense then in the breakdown it is mosh time again which I found amazing because usually dancing to a 5/4 time signature usually is hard but muse managed to pull it off and proved to be amazing! 9. "Explorers" - Perfect place in the track nice because all the songs up till now have been energy packed and you have had your hands up the whole time and moshing so this is great because everyone sings along and gives you a break from the feeling of nearly having a heart attack constantly! This is one to get your phones out and wave them in the air to! 10. "Sunburn" - SWEET JESUS this was f***ing AMAZING honestly nearly cried during this song was played better than ever and one of those songs I don't think you will ever see live but we got it and god it was amazing! Definitely a highlight of the set! 11. "Host" - To have sunburn was amazing but then to have a rare b-side from 1999 era OMFG at this point in the set I was thinking this can't get any better surely but we aren't even halfway through the set yet. Granted they only play half of it but who cares being able to see host live is like an honour! 12. "Time Is Running Out - The atmosphere in this song was one of the best I've ever felt! During the build up before the chorus Matt steps back and lets the crowd sing and hell do we! The whole band were looking t each other in amazement at the sheer power that all 23k people screaming "bury it I won't let you bury it..." Etc. Then in the chorus I was screaming at the top of my lungs along because you can't help it this song is another highlight of the set! 13. "Save Me" - Chris's lead vocal song of the night instead of "liquid state" and I think it was amazing, another one to get the phones out too, and because of my position in the crowd Chris was constantly looking right at me and I made him smile a few times. Epic song. 14. "Madness" - As soon as you see the double neck bass you know what is coming but god it got better! Matthew had these glasses that displayed the official lyric video for madness whilst he was singing it! And he grabbed one of the floating cameras and held it so close to his face that on the huge pyramid in the middle you could see the lyric video and then the ones on his glasses which he later threw into the crowd! Even though Matthew's vocal performance was better than ever he didn't need to sing the crowd was so clear and loud in this song it was amazing. And the power in the last chorus is amazing! Then when Matt goes into falsetto and Chris is singing backing it is just perfect, better than I ever imagined. 15. "Follow Me" - The first song where Matt walks around with no instrument, just a mic but when he walks out onto the center stage literally 50 cm away from me, and gets onto his knees and belts out the chorus it is amazeballs! The bass in the chorus as well is just indescribable! In a good way! The whole venue shakes and just makes you want to dance amazing! 16. "Undisclosed Desires" - My favourite song of the night, but I'll get to that in a sec. Alot better live than anybody could imagine, lasers and powerful vocals and drums that shake your whole body! But this was my favourite because Matthew went into the crowd and I got to touch his hand! He hasn't done anything like that since at least 2002 probably earlier! God it was so surreal. 17. "Plug In Baby" - Another AMAZING live song, as soon as you hear the fuzz factory you know what is coming, the whole audience sings along with the best guitar riff ever! "do do do do do do do..." Etc haha. The chorus is just outstanding and the sound quality of this song live it just lush! Then the epic solo at the end of the song! And ahh the falsetto was better and more powerful than ever! Makes you want to scream in joy! The Roulette Wheel: Not a song but a point where on the circular screens around the stage a huge roulette wheel appears and a ball spins t choose between "New Born" or "Stockholm Syndrome" or a mysterious one out of thirty green space, we got stockholm but this is an important part of the set so I didn't want to leave it out! 18. Stockholm Syndrome Sweet jesus you have never lived till you have seen this song live! Some songs get the crowd singing others get the crowd dancing others get them moshing others fill them with adrenaline... This had them ALL. I can't express how amazing this was, my favourite song of the set! And it is made a million times better as they play an epic outro riff the huge upside down pyramid of screens invests itself and closes on top of the band members with jets of steam and crazy light shows and Matt's amazing harmonics all going mental. Encore - 5 ish minute break with water (THANK GOD FOR THE WATER) 19. "Isolated System" - This is leading up to the return of muse, almost like a second opener music, Dom comes onto the drums halfway through and Morgan playing the piano, none of which you can see because they are all engulfed in the HUGE pyramid of screens showing people running through a forest and this song just builds up the anticipation for what is to come! 20. "Uprising" - This is AMAZING LIVE. Not only one of their best songs ever but perfect live, Matt and Chris are walking round playing their instruments but Dom on his drums are still covered by the huge pyramid and so instead of seeing Dom you see on the huge led screen pyramid Dom playing the drums in a dojo fighting off loads of ninjas and doing flying kicks and then halfway through the pyramid lifts up and reveals Dom who has changed into a gimp suit! Then the riff comes in with the whole crowd going "Hey *Clap Clap* Hey *Clap Clap* etc" then the final chorus followed by the epic non studio riff that was another more intense moshing moment! 21. "Knights Of Cydonia" - Just decided this is my favourite song of the set live, along with "Stockholm", the epic man with a harmonica intro where you see Chris on harmonica and mass shining a light on the crowd with his signature Dickinson amp, then Chris hands his harmonica to the girl right next to me I was so jealous! Then the epic intro riff comes in and the crowd goes Mental! Never in my life have I seen so many people with so much energy! Then the place erupts creaming along with the guitar riff during the middle of the song, then singing along to the lyrics when they come in. Then the build up, the much needed build up where you can't hear anything because everyone is singing at 200% volume and ahh the power in those vocals! Then the whole stadium is jumping up and down going f***ing mental I looked behind me and I saw 23k people jumping up and down all moshing screaming. The riff at the end where everyone is going mental is the best moment in music history. No exaggeration! Another encore 22. "Starlight" - Another epic song, has it all chill moments and super powerful moments, Matt walked up to within reaching distance of m and was holding out the microphone for us all to sing into. You can't express how amazing it is to be hear in this song! 23. "Survival" - The set closer! Dedicated to bear grills who was with Matt on the Jonathan Ross show a few days prior to the gig. Such power in this song couldn't think of a better ending song! The whole crowd now appropriately singing as if their lives depend on it, "FIGHT FIGHT WIN WIN" then Matt comes to within touching distance and plays all of the solos and epic 7 string riffs and ahhh just couldn't believe I had a chance to be here because this was just perfect! Then the ending note! Everything on full blast! What an ending to the night of my life, this song is MENT to be performed live the studio version doesn't do it justice! So far we were lucky enough to get the best setlist of the tour and god it was amazing! Obviously in between songs there was Muse's famous banter with the crowd, Matt laughing at someone holding up an iPad etc The stage for this tour is better than anything anybody has ever seen! If you get a chance to go DO IT. // 10

Overall Impression: England - London - The 02 - 26th October 2012. The opener was great a small Indie band not signed or got anything and boasted to be non reliant on anybody else even though they were a support act but who cares they made a few mistakes but we didn't come hear to see them and the joy formidable was meant to be playing but they cancelled last second so these people played. I loved the overall performance is better than ever the stage! YouTube the new stage if you want to be amazed because it makes it so epic but you are still within touching distance of them! I hated that it Ended, and that bears were 5.60 but that is always like that and 23 songs for an arena gig is pretty awesome anyway you look at it! Tickets were 50 But I would have honestly payed 500 for that, Best night of my life! No exaggeration the whole experience was amazing, it wasn't just a gig it was an experience, with the whole set and the everything about it! I could die happy now haha but I'm not going to because I need to see them again! Would give my left and right testicles to go to another gig! Unforgettable moments, touching Matt, being groped by some horny diva in front of me which was ok but she let me in front of her which made it all better haha. Then was holding my arm for the rest of the gig but I managed to "accidentally" push her over during the mosh in uprising ahha. Erm I was constantly being trusted up against some other girl at the front which wasn't to bad, but none of those were anywhere near as good as the fact that I saw muse live! That is going to be one of the nights where I look back at myself and think WOW that night was amazing! I would go to every single one of their gigs if I had the money, man what I would do to be their roady or something, I am planning on saving up and following them around Europe when the do a stadium tour so hopefully that shows you how epic this must have been. Honestly anybody reading this I implore you to go to a Muse gig I will happily refund you triple your money if it isn't worth every penny!

// 10

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