USA (Colombia), April 27, 2007 Review

artist: Muse date: 05/24/2007 category: live concerts

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Muse: USA (Colombia), April 27, 2007
This concert was with My Chemical Romance on their "Black Parade 2007" tour.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.7
USA (Colombia), April 27, 2007 Reviewed by: sukflowers399, on may 24, 2007
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Sound: I really liked the guitarist's and bassist's singing skills. Their voices seem to mix well in songs like "Knights Of Cydonia". Instruments used? Several guitars, one was really cool it had a type of light on it that changed colors that I think was probably with the pickups. Of course, the bass and drums, as well as a piano. I think that was it, but even still a wide variety of sounds were created due to the massive use of guitar effects. Overall, I very much liked the sound of the instruments and vocals, Muse is a great, talented band! // 10

Perfomance: I enjoyed them very much even though I only recognized one song, "Time Is Running Out". I really liked their use of guitar and bass effects as well as stage prescence, they seemed to really be having fun. The songs I remember were "Time Is Running Out", "Starlight", and "Knights Of Cydonia" and the performance of them was great. Probably the most memorable moment of their time on stage was sometime near the end. People were tossing out huge (I mean maybe 4 feet across) balloons, one happened to get on stage, sothe bassist hit it with the headstock of his bass, it went flying up in the air straight over the drummer, who then slashed at it with a drumstick, causing it to pop and release confetti. // 10

Overall Impression: This concert was with My Chemical Romance on their "Black Parade 2007" tour. It was in the U.S.A., Colombia, at Merriweather Post Pavillion on April 27th, 2007. Muse was the opener for MCR and played for about a half an hour, probably more. The actual show was very satisfying (general admission for 40 bucks), but we waited in line out in the parking lot for maybe 2 hours almost. Like I said, only about 40 bucks for general admission, so we could have gotten in the pit if we acted quickly enough, but regardless definately worth it. The two unforgettable moments were the balloon thing said above, and when Gerard from MCR brought two fans onstage who claimed it was their birthday. Everyone sang for them. And yes, I would see Muse again if they were with another band too, and in fact I plan to see MCR again soon at Projekt Revolution! // 9

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