USA (Denver), September 18, 2007 Review

artist: Muse date: 09/24/2007 category: live concerts

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Muse: USA (Denver), September 18, 2007
Matt did his piano features on Butterflies and Hurricanes, Apocalypse Please, Sunburn, and New Born. Sound quality was awesome.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Denver), September 18, 2007 Reviewed by: AndyfrmUpstairs, on september 24, 2007
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Sound: Muse. Need I say more? Matt and Chris were right on with all their vocals. Matt was more out there with his guitar than I remember from earlier shows. At one point he had me thinking, are they going into a Hendrix tune? They came up with some great intros to some of their hits, and had some equally cool and heavy endings (like the finish to Stockholm at Wembley on the Absolution DVD). Matt did his piano features on Butterflies and Hurricanes, Apocalypse Please, Sunburn, and New Born. Sound quality was awesome. I got my hearing back two days later and my voice back the day after that. // 10

Perfomance: Muse is one of those bands where people don't leave afterwards saying "that was a pretty good show" or "that was a really fun show". Everyone I talked to said it was the best concert they'd ever been to. They opened with Knights of Cydonia, with the big sing along at the end. A great start. Followed by Map of the Problematique, Hysteria (awesome), Supermassive Black Hole (this is one of those more club influenced songs from the last album, but they just rock Live), Butterflies and Hurricanes, Sing for Absolution (I was surprised to hear a few songs this evening, this was the first one, another huge sing along for the crowd), Apocalypse Please (this just killed), Feeling Good (another happy surprise to hear), Soldier's Poem (a nice acoustic tune, these two songs were the sort of slow and quiet points of the show), Sunburn, Invincible (the kaoss pad rules), Starlight, New Born, Time is Running Out (as they start ramping up the intensity for the big finish), and Plug In Baby. After a brief intermission, the video screens showed the text of some speech by President John F Kennedy accompanied by audio of that speech (this is how they opened their Lollapalooza show, which caused a lot of "WTF?" among that crowd). This fit in really well with one of the themes of Muse's albums and shows, something is just plain screwed up with the world, and our "leaders" have an awful lot to do with that. Obvious lead in to Take a Bow. Major crowd participation. The show closed with Stockholm Syndrome, which just plain ripped. Red Rocks is an awesome place for a show, it's beautiful and has great acoustics, but with every row almost a foot and a half higher than the row in front, and with everyone standing on concrete, it limits the crowd's ability to go crazy and jump all over the place. That's made up for by the fantastic views, if you're up close like I was. The lighting was awesome, and the video screens showed a lot of different things besides the usual images of the guys in the band. The robot army during Supermassive and the fighter pilot helmet images during the Encore were definite highlights. // 10

Overall Impression: Red Rocks Amphitheatre outside Denver, Colorado. 18 Sept., 2007. $51. Row 7 Center (thanks for saving a spot, Chuck). My favorite band playing my favorite music at my favorite venue. Throw in an awesome light show and you've got the best concert I've ever seen. I wish there was a DVD of the show, there was too much to take in at once. The lighting and video screens were incredible, but you couldn't really watch them and the band all at the same time. Euros might not believe this, but it wasn't a sellout (neither were their two previous shows in Colorado). I was slightly disappointed that they didn't play Assassin or Citizen Erased, but that was more than made up for by the songs they did play. It was fun seeing Matt do that one verse of Feeling Good with a megaphone ala Hullabaloo. Invincible with the kaoss pad was pretty wicked too. And, of course, you just can't go wrong with an Encore of Take a Bow and Stockholm Syndrome. It's amazing how much energy those guys generate, and how tight a band they are. When they put out another cd, I'll buy it. When they put out another DVD, I'll buy it. When they do another show in Colorado, I'll be there. // 10

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