Australia (Sydney), January 27, 2007 Review

artist: My Chemical Romance date: 01/29/2007 category: live concerts

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My Chemical Romance: Australia (Sydney), January 27, 2007
The sound was awesome, as every note was hit, and instead of intensity lost from lack of energy, they replaced it with finesse in hitting their parts with accuracy and shockingly perfect timing.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Australia (Sydney), January 27, 2007 Reviewed by: goldenphoenix1, on january 29, 2007
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Sound: Getting into the venue was a test upon itself, consisting of a sea of screaming teens, all in black, here to see a theatre rock experience. That was just the front gates. Of course there was a support band, forgot their name, but they were solid and got the sweat glands going. Being 4 metres away from the barrier I was content in chatting with my friend next to me throughout that First Act, laughing as girls under 160 cm or 5'1 I think, were trying to see what was going on. Sound check was a nightmare. Strings were checked for tuning and drums for resonance and tapping on mics, behind a big banner raised with "The Black Parade" adorning its front. I remember reading in a magazine that My Chemical Romance were a meek band, modest of their fortune of devout fans, and that they only came onto stage through the sounds of feedback. That ringed in my mind as some weird symphonic music played as the lights darkened, and it became clear that I was seeing a totally different band compared to their other appearance alongside Green Day at the height of their last album. The End! rang out as shouts and screams beckoned throughout the hall. That line "I expect you all cry" leading into the massive Queen-like guitar fill and the simple drum beat, gave me and the 5 people sandwiched next to me a sense of goosebumps, as I'm sure many others had too. Without a doubt, My Chemical Romance changed. They weren't a band looking for those sing-a-long, belting out choruses, but were here to play and rock. They did that. Frank Iero didn't play, due to sickness, but somebody who looked like a stunt double did, without enthusiasm, which was disappointing but not diminishing of the performance, with Gerard singing with his Jet Black hair, and his suit, as Mikey sported his usual shyness in White and Ray and Bob going for traditional black tees. They all got into the playing of their various instruments, playing spiritedly, but noticebly tired from the Big Day Out and Luna Park Concerts they played consecutively the days before. The sound was awesome, as every note was hit, and instead of intensity lost from lack of energy, they replaced it with finesse in hitting their parts with accuracy and shockingly perfect timing. // 9

Perfomance: Dead! went past in an instant. There was a collapse in the crowd. About 10 people were on the ground 5 metres from the barricade. Gerard's concern was fairly easily seen, as he urged the crowd to back off. The people got up, and as though nothing happened the "Lalalala" outro of Dead proceeded as the Band marched on in front of a sea of black. And then This Is How I Disappear with that chorus that reminded me of Three Cheers. I sang that with the crowd with the usual pushing and shoving for the front and then the stopping of the wave of crowd movement for a jump off. Welcome To The Black Parade played with great screams and yells from the crowd as the belted that last chorus out. Cancer came and gave air to the little teenagers, which incidentally was the next song. I remember one other song playing, in which I only remembered the chorus, I think it was Mama, in which I was impressed by the outstanding audience participation. I retreated to the chairs with my jeans torn to my thighs; no jokes. I rolled them up and heard I'm not Okay, and then "You... Prison." What astounded me was the amount of adults in the crowd. I saw at least 100 over 30 year olds, and 25 over 40 year old adults amongst the crowd, 2 which I spotted in the pit, along side as I came back for Helena, one of my all-time favorite songs. The last chorus was sung to the point of the pit having it's own mouth, 1000 or so people around me, with their mouths open, letting out precious air. Another soft song came on, and I remember seeing a policeman astounded at the crowd turn out, and I remember Gerard saying it was their last song. // 10

Overall Impression: Australia, Sydney, Hordern Pavillion Fox Studios, 27th of January, 2007. Opening act: Another Day Down. Cost:$56 AUD. Most unforgettable moment: I left early to get the bus ASAP, getting my friend and my sister from the pit, only to miss out on Famous Last Words. Waiting outside the venue with 5 security guards, 15 parents and a taxi driver. Famous Last Words rang out and we could hear it. I saw everyone around us tapping their feet to Famous Last Words, and then I knew that I had seen a band changed, and Who will definitely have longevity, when Punk dies once again; My Chemical Romance will still remain. // 10

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