Canada (Saskatoon), December 6, 2005 Review

artist: My Chemical Romance date: 12/12/2005 category: live concerts

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My Chemical Romance: Canada (Saskatoon), December 6, 2005
The quality was actually fairly good. There were times when you had to really listen for Ray's solos, but it was very good overall.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Canada (Saskatoon), December 6, 2005 Reviewed by: fox69, on december 12, 2005
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Sound: This was my first time seeing MCR live an it was awsome. Gerard sang very well, which was a relief since I heard he wasn't a great live singer. The band used the same instruments for each song except on "Ghost Of You." They changed guitars for that one. The quality was actually fairly good. There were times when you had to really listen for Ray's solos, but it was very good overall. // 10

Perfomance: The audience and myself loved the show they gave us. Gerard worked the crowd very well and they did whatever he told them to do. At the start of the show they had a huge curtain covering the stage and they played "Interlude" form Behind The Curtain, and then they dropped it when they began playing "Thank You For The Venom." Here's the songs they played, but not quite in this order, but close: 01. Interlude - they started with this and it sounded almost identical to the CD, pretty good song once you listen to it. 02. Thank You For The Venom - when that curtain dropped, everyone stood up and we stayed standing until they finished playing. 03. Cemetary Drive - Bob did very well on the drums in this song. It was just non-stop. They crowd really got into this one. 04. It's Not A Fashion Statment, It A F--cking Deathwish - Frank did a lot of backing vocals in this song and he sounded really good harmonizing with Gerard. 05. Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us - it took a little while for the crowd to get fully into this song because lots of people didn't recognize it since it wasn't on there latest album. 06. I Never Told You What I Do For A Living - there was a lot of energy going around during this song. Gerard had everyone singing it and it was amazing. 07. Helena - this was probably the best performed song they played. Gerard sang very well, and during the chorus' the entire building was singing back. 08. Hang 'Em High - I didn't recognize this at first because the intro was played on electric guitar, but they played it fairly well. 09. Our Lady Of Sorrows - again, lots of people didn't know this song since it was on there first CD, but the crowd got into it in a hurry. 10. Give 'Em Hell, Kid - they must have turned up Mikey's bass during this song because you could really tell what he was playing and it was awsome. 11. Ghost Of You - I didn't expect Gerard to do as good a job of singing on this song because on the CD it was really well, but gerard still made it even better and added some screaming that really added to the song. 12. The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You - Bob really stood out during this song. He added a buncha stuff that wasn't on the CD and it sounded a lot more hardcore, which was great. 13. To The End - Frank played lead guitar on this song and he did very well. He played the solo and the verses very well, while doing backing vocals. 14. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison - this song had a really long intro played before it which I hadn't heard before. Gerard also got the crowd singing along for most of the song too. 15. There was some new song that they said they hadn't played live before. I was pissed off because I didn't catch they name of it, but it is sort slower like "Ghost Of You," but gets a bit harder after a bit. pretty good little song actually. Encore: 16. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - they played this song an encore and it was done very well. The crowd sang word for word and it was a great way to end off the concert. // 10

Overall Impression: This show took place in Canada, in the city of Saskatoon, at the Credit Union Centre on the 6th of December. Circa Survive was the opening band, but they kinda sucked ass, but Thrice played after them and they did very well. Tickets were really cheap being only $26, and that was for anything, floor or upper level. They had the stage set up very well so that you couldn't really get a bad seat. The most unforgetable moment had to be after about the third song MCR played Gerard started swearing at guys in the crowd because they were pushing teenagers around in the mosh pit. They started flippin him off but he just said "I don't care if ya flip me off, I f--kin love that shit." Everyone started cheering after that. At the end also the was this confetti stuff they dropped into the crowd and it was pretty cool. I don't care how much the tickets cost, the next time they come, I'm goin for sure. // 10

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