USA (Chicago), March 1, 2007 Review

artist: My Chemical Romance date: 03/03/2007 category: live concerts

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My Chemical Romance: USA (Chicago), March 1, 2007
They threw in a few fireworks and a ton of fire for great effect. The whole stage was set up in the theme of the Black Parade album.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Chicago), March 1, 2007 Reviewed by: JL Sevenfold, on march 03, 2007
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Sound: First off, this show was amazing. Gerard did an impressive job singing, coming in on a gurney in a hospital gown, which set the tone for the CD, since it's about a cancer patient and everything. He worked the crowd like a pro, piling on energy to every song. At one point, someone threw a white t*shirt on stage before a song, and he cracked a joke about it and went on. They used normal instruments (singing, drums, guitars, bass, and keyboard) and each song sounded awesome. Every note was loud, clear, and loud (I know it's repeated). Definetly perfect here. // 10

Perfomance: MCR definetly knows how to work a crowd, every song was followed by a deafening roar from the crowd. They threw in a few fireworks and a ton of fire for great effect. The whole stage was set up in the theme of the Black Parade album, since the tour is a promotion of the album. They played it straight through, then for an Encore they reverted back to Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, couldn't have been better. They played 5 or 6 songs from the album, and that was it. The best part was definetly the Mama solo, fires, headbanging, you name it, couldn't have been better. Here's a quick list of what they played with a few comments. 01. The End - Gerard was wheeled in on a gurney, setting up the theme. When the drums kicked in, the stagehandss threw open the curtain, revealing the band, awesome start to an awesome set. 02. Dead! - coming straight in from The End., just like on the CD, this song really pulls the crowd in. The outro with the la las was mindblowingly amazing, so much fun to be in. 03. This Is How I Disappear - nothing really noteworthy here, not because it wasn't interesting, but because this song really just got the crowd settled in, but still cool. 04. Sharpest Lives - the choruses were fun- the place was jumping like crazy. 05. Welcome To The Black Parade - anyone who has heard MCR has heard this song. Just imagine how cool it is normally, then think what it would be like live. 06. I Don't Love You - I think it was the first song where everyone got the cell phones/lighters out, fun to listen to. 07. House Of Wolves - if you've heard this song, you know how good it is. Bob Bryar did an exceptional job drumming on the rotating set, Ray Toro dropped jaws shredding the solo in the outro, especially since he was less than 20 feet away from where I was. 08. Cancer - another cell phone/lighter song, but I kind of overlooked it since I knew Mama was next. 09. Mama - greatest song ever. So much fun to listen to, and the fires during the solo were just plain crazy. 10. Sleep - the outro on this song just keeps driving, and performed live it is so much fun to hear. 11. Teenagers - probably the next best song, tons of energy, and the choruses bounced. Also Ray had another awesome solo. 12. Disenchanted - once again, a lighter/phone song. Ray did a cool trick switching to the acoustic in the end, swung his Les Paul behind him, started playing the acoustic off of a stand. Brilliant. 13. Famous Last Words - once again, rocking solo work by Ray, awesome energetic song. 14. Blood - a cool touch to end the album, even though I knew they were up for an encore. After this, I can't really remember all the songs, I will mention what I remember because it's an Encore, you have to see it yourself. 15. I'm Not Okay - definetly a great song to start an encore on, I keep saying it, crazy solo by Ray (I guess I can't ignore sweet solos). 16. Helena - I skipped all the other songs because my neck/shoulders are sore from headbanging, and I'm getting tired of typing. This was the final song, and since it was the first song I heard from MCR, it was awesome. Perfect way to end a killer show, "so long, and goodnight", since that is how the song ends anyway. // 10

Overall Impression: All right, this show took place in Allstate Arena, in Rosemont (near Chicago) on March 1, 2007. Rise Against opened, and I had never even heard them before the show, now I want at least one of their CDs (they were awesome). Everything went perfect for the show, from front row aisle seats to the free ticket from my sister (major thanks) to a perfect show. Getting out wasn't bad either, but we waited in the parking spot for about a half hour to let traffic through anyway (went by fast). The only flaw was all the people Who kept passing out and had to get carried away in front of us, and the woman Who got up in the middle of Rise Against's set to get a beer or something (majorly disrepectful to the band, they don't deserve that, they rocked) and the people Who ruined parts of songs by trying to get in/out of the row during songs (same here, but it was during MCR's set, why would you want to leave), but neither band could help any of the cases, except by sucking, which neither band seems capable of doing. Anyway, front row seats next to the pit were $30, I think pit was $60, and even if I bought the tickets I would go to all their shows on the tour, assuming they were in town, they were that much fun. Best part- again, the Mama solo with the fires and massive headbanging. Being the day after the show, my voice was a little rough (surprised I had any), and my neck/shoulders are very stiff and sore from headbanging (after a concert like that, it would be a disgrace not to be sore there). Whatever. I'm definetly going to their next show in Chicago, and I cannot stress how much you need to see these bands on tour. // 10

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