USA (Hartford), February 24, 2007 Review

artist: My Chemical Romance date: 02/27/2007 category: live concerts

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My Chemical Romance: USA (Hartford), February 24, 2007
Once MCR came in, they started off with the song "The End."
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
USA (Hartford), February 24, 2007 Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 27, 2007
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Sound: When I got to the concert, I remember Rise Against opening up for MCR with a few songs that I didn't recognize and their final song, Prayer Of The Refugee. Once MCR came in, they started off with the song "The End." With every note hit with perfection, the teenagers, of whom 90% were wearing black, sang along with every word. Both guitarists switched from Gibson Les Pauls to Fender Telecasters, which I thought was a very strange transition but nonetheless, they sounded on tune and hit every note with perfection. // 10

Perfomance: After Rise Against played, my anticipation was growing madly along with the rest of the crowd as we were awaiting Gerald's entrance. Before I realized what was happening, a stretcher was rolled into the stage as Gerald started to sing the first few words to "The End." When he sung out his words "I expect you all cry," he ripped off his white gown of which he was wearing to reveal his parade suit (seen in the newest music videos) and the band appeared as the curtains opened up and MCR started their show. I, along with my two friends and all the teenagers in the pit enjoyed the entrance. After "The End," which was used as an intro, they played the song "Dead!" which was the second song on the album. After that, they played the song "This Is How I Disappear" as I realized that they were playing their songs in the order of their album, The Black Parade. It seemed as if every person knew every single word to every single song and sung along to it. Also, what surprised me, was after they finished "Famous Last Words," which was their last real track on their album, they took an intermission, yet kept us entertained with "Hidden Track" as I was waiting for them to come back, I looked in front of me (since I had crappy seats, in a mid-section) and saw this man of about 60 years. I looked around and found quite a few adults swimming within the black pool of teenagers. They came out again in normal clothes, which I didn't mind at all, and started to play my favorite old songs from the Revenge Tour, which was what I was waiting for. The highlight of the concert was when Gerald told us to give him 3 f--k yeahs, as we did. He said that this concert was the first concert that the band had all their equipment, so I felt quite lucky. Once thing that I was concerned about was that the pit was not crowd surfing like I thought it would have been. Gerald was begging them to mosh pit. It was probably because it's in Connecticut but hey I live there and some people don't know how to rock like others, but whatever. It was a great concert. // 9

Overall Impression: USA, Connecticut Dodge Music Center in Hartford, February 24th, 2007. Opening for My Chemical Romance was Rise Against. I loved that MCR is my favorite band and that I got to see them live but I hated how many "gothic" kids also came, and it made me feel as if I were one of them. The tickets for the 3 of my friends, including commission and all the other cheap stuff that Ticketmaster charges made my tickets $115, yet I believed it was well worth it. My most unforgettable moment was talking with the hooters girls before and after the concert because they were doing a promotion and they were mad hot. I'll only go to their next gig if they have newer, better material or if they play their old stuff. // 9

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