USA (New Jersey), May 1, 2005 Review

artist: My Chemical Romance date: 05/11/2005 category: live concerts

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My Chemical Romance: USA (New Jersey), May 1, 2005
They had great sound, were all on key and all on the beat, but it seems that's something you can expect from them at every show you go to. Each song has a different way of getting you excited and charged.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (New Jersey), May 1, 2005 Reviewed by: fire_at_will, on may 11, 2005
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Sound: My Chemical Romance has got to be one of the best bands to see live. Gerard Way is an amazing frontman, not just the way he can sing, but the way he can get the crowd to do anything he says. They had great sound, were all on key and all on the beat, but it seems that's something you can expect from them at every show you go to. Each song has a different way of getting you excited and charged. There is one thing though, I think if Ray and Frank's mics were turned up it would bring more to their sound, but I believe that's something the techies had set before MCR got to the stage. // 10

Perfomance: As soon as the cover art banner for MCR drops down, the audience screams. Each little movement up to the band coming out has made the audience more and more excited, but it's not until Gerard's "Hey Jersey!" do you realize how excited the crowd really is. I don't remember the order, but this was their set: 01. Give'Em Hell, Kid - not something I expected them to start with, but it was more than good enough to get everyone moshing, crowdsurfing, singing, jumping. 02. To The End - I believe right before this song, Gerard did his haunting version of the wedding march. 03. Our Lady Of Sorrows - a favorite. 04. Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us - not all the people knew this song (like the other songs MCR performed from Bullets), but the people who did screamed this song out. 05. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison - "Has anyone here ever been to prison before?" Gerard. 06. Headfirst For Halos - everyone who knows Bullets loves this song and it was one of the favorites in the moshpit. 07. Ghost Of You - "I know you all have more cellphones than that" Gerard. I almost wish I'd been up in the seats just to see the number of waving cellphones and lighters. 08. Thank You For The Venom - moshpits and crowds always get pretty crazy for this song. 09. Cemetery Drive - for some reason, you can hear the crowd sing along to this song really loudly. 10. I Never Told You What I Do For A Living - I had really wanted to hear this song live. 11. I'm Not Okay - it was predictable that this would end their set. Everyone went absolutely nuts, especially crowdsurfers. Encore: 12. Helena - listening to the whole crowd sing the beginning of this song was chilling. "I have the sinking suspicion that someone here wants to f--k me" Gerard. I swear every female in the room screamed her lungs out or at least it sounded like it. "I need for whoever came with their significant other, a g/f, b/f, girl-girl, boy-boy, whatever you need to get the job done, to make out right now" I have to say, it's really awkward to see people making out all over. To tell the truth, I didn't notice any of the lighting and I don't think anyone else did either. Find someone who was bored during that set and they might be able to tell you, but I doubt you'll find anyone. // 10

Overall Impression: This was at the Asbury Park Convention Hall on third and final day of The Bamboozle festival in New Jersey (USA) on May 1 2005. There weren't any openers, but MCR was the last set for the Convention Hall Hurley stage. A few of the acts before MCR were Armor For Sleep, Catch 22, All American Rejects, Underoath, Alkaline Trio. For a full list of all the bands who played, there's a list up on the Bamboozle website. Unfortunately, Flogging Molly and Bouncing Souls were moved to an outdoor stage (I heard that they wanted to but I'm not sure) and MCR and Bouncing Souls were playing at the same time. I feel very bad for whoever wanted to see them both, but I don't think anyone who chose to see My Chemical Romance will ever regret it. For about 34 dollars, getting to see all these bands, this was definitely worth the money. It's also a really nice vibe, kind of like Warped Tour, you get to meet alot of bands just walking around. I got the chance to talk to Frank, he is such a nice person. The only negative thing was that they somehow oversold tickets, and so if you wanted to see a band, you had to make sure you were in there early. "I want to see one huge moshpit in the middle of the crowd, alright?" The highlight of this all was this moshpit Gerard wanted us to make during one of the songs. I think he just wanted to see more moshpits, but if Gerard says it, the crowd will do it. I am not exaggerating, the diameter of the moshpit was about from one end of the stage to the other (it's a large stage) and it was the craziest thing I have ever been in. I don't even know how in the world it opened up so quickly. Everyone was just so ready to make this moshpit on the first chord of the song. After he finished singing, Gerard said in awe and I think some shock, "That was the f--king biggest moshpit ever. There might have been bigger, but I have NEVER seen one myself." I don't think you need to ask whether I'm going to their next show. // 10

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