USA (Boston), December 2, 2007 Review

artist: Neil Young date: 12/04/2007 category: live concerts

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Neil Young: USA (Boston), December 2, 2007
He nearly blew the 19th century theatre to bits, it was a very loud concert, which made it all the better.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
USA (Boston), December 2, 2007 Reviewed by: WhoAreYou22, on december 04, 2007
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Sound: This is the first time seeing Neil Live, and I came into the Orpheum with great expectations as I have heard this was supposed to be a great show. Neil's wife, Pegi Young, opened up for him. I thought she drained the life out of the audience, she must have played 11 or 12 songs, that all sounded the same. She was okay for the first 4 songs or so, but after throwing out song after song, it just got sleepy in the Orpheum. I couldn't sit through the entire performance, I had to leave and use the bathroom before my head exploded. But when Neil came out and did his acoustic set, it was excellent. He sounded great, and got a standing Ovation when he came out. For his electric set, he played a Les Paul Junior through out most of the show, but I think he pulled out Old Glory (his famous black Les Paul) for a few songs. He nearly blew the 19th century theatre to bits, it was a very loud concert, which made it all the better. You knew it was Neil Young with his signature distortion and voice. // 8

Perfomance: Obviously Pegi was dreadful, but I'm reviewing Neil. So Neil came out and opened with "From Hank To Hendrix" which is a nice little song. He was keeping the show going with great songs, such as "Man Needs A Maid", "After The Gold Rush", "Heart Of Gold", etc. His acoustic set was fantastic. After the 15 minute intermission, out came the electric. He opened with a thundering version of "The Loner", which he couldn't have picked a better song to open with. He really showed up to play, he didn't just walk through it. A fan yelled out "Is this Neil Young?" and he replied with "We'll see." And oh my, it sure was Neil Young. Best song of the night had to be his new song Dirty Old Man, or Spirit Road. He jammed for about 20 minutes on "No Hidden Path" which was incredible. His Encore featured "Cinnamon Girl", and an excellent "Cortez The Killer". It was the 2nd best concert I've ever seen. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Boston, MA. It was Sunday December 2nd, in USA. I thought that it was a little weird that a guy came out and painted a picture for all of the songs in the setlist, it was just kinda creepy. The crowd was rowdy, the road crew had made an announcement saying, "Please refrain from shouting out during the acoustic set", and people were yelling out like "woo!" and Neil said to the crowd "Alright, I'm outta here", joking of course. I really hope they release a DVD or CD of a performance on this tour, it's Neil Young at his best, sounding even better than in the '70s. The performance was mind blowing, and it was the best way to spend a Sunday night. // 9

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