UK (London), August 31, 2004 Review

artist: New Found Glory date: 09/02/2004 category: live concerts

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New Found Glory: UK (London), August 31, 2004
The performance was amazing, they never stoped entertaining the crowd, through out the whole show, even when they blew a fuse, New Found Glory, they still found a way to entertain the crowd.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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UK (London), August 31, 2004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 02, 2004
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Sound: The sound of this concert was amazing, it was my first time at the london forum, and I didn't really know what to expect, I was told it was small, which it was, so I assumed it wasn't going to be too good, but I have to be honest, once I got there it was amazing, the first band "Reggie And The Fulleffect" they came onto the stage, and they was ok, I listened to a little bit of there stuff on there web site, and it was ok, but could of been better. Now Yellowcard played, and they were just amazing, that is the only way to put it, you are not going to find a better Support band than Yellowcard, it was a true treat, to see Yellowcard and NFG on the same night. They used 2 simple tunings on the guitars in being the standard tuning, and a few drop-d tuned songs. The sound quality was amazing, I was standin in the front row, and it was so clear you could hear every word sung. Then New Found Glory played, they used a wide range of instruments, once again in standard tuning and in drop-d, but New Found Glory, they were special, because during there set, they blew a fuse, and the power totaly shut off, this then left the crowd chanting for a drum solo from Cyrus which he didn't play, but the band didn't know what to do, because there was no sound. But Still when the sound came back on it was truly amazing. // 10

Perfomance: There performance was amazing, they never stoped entertaining the crowd, through out the whole show, even when they blew a fuse, New Found Glory, they still found a way to Entertain the crowd, by having one of the Reggie And The Full Effect people doing the worm across the stage, everyone cheered, and then the keyboard player from Reggie And The Fulleffect (James.) He came out with his keyboard, and pluged it in, and there was a little sound coming out, and he played my friends over you, on the keyboard, and that was amazing, the whole crowd was together singing it. New Found Glory not only played stuff off there newest Album "Catalyst" but they also played a wide range of songs off Sticks And Stones and there untitled album. This was excelent, as there is some great songs on there earlier albums. Special moments in the show came from both New Found Glory, and Yellowcard. Yellowcard Really started it off, because they was playing, and Sean Makin (violin/vocals) kept on climbing onto the amps, and did the odd backflip off the amps, this really made the crowd mental, everyone really enjoyed it, and then he jumped off the stage into the crowd, and everyone was going mental, it was very entertaining. Even New Found Glory entertained in that way, they was always coming off the stage and standing on the railings holding the crowd back this made the crowd go mental and try and grab them etc. When New Found Glorys sound came back on they carried on the show late into the night, even though the sound is meant to go off at 11, they was still playing at 11: 30. It Was excelent, as they went off stage the first time, the whole crowd came alive chanting NFG! Etc. They then came back out and played 3 excelent songs, ending with All Downhill From Here. // 10

Overall Impression: Concert: New Found Glory (supported by Yellowcard and Reggie And The Full Effect.) Arena: London Forum. City: London. Date: August 31st. Tickets: 13.50. This show was just truly amazing, it was quite posibaly the best concert I have ever been too, they was so entertaining, and they a huge range of songs, including my favorites (hit n' miss, dressed to kill, and forget my name.) Both the Yellowcard and New Found Glory street team was amazing, and New Found Glory was recording the DVD live at the show, so there was camera men all over the place all day, and even close to the show, Ian (bassis) was on the roof of the London Forum throwing objects such as a mars bar, a 10 note, banannas off the roof. This was all being recorded. So look out for the DVD should be great. I deffinatly recomend you goto there next gig where ever it may be, they was excelent live, they sounded just like they do on the cd's and even before and after the show they hang around and signed autographs for fans, this was amazing, because most bands dont really hang around and sign stuff for fans, NFG they even went to Mcdonalds. this just shows how much they love there fans, and I think that is great. It was just amazing there is no other way I can put it, so till next time. // 10

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