Canada (Vancouver), August 9, 2007 Review

artist: Nickelback date: 08/15/2007 category: live concerts

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Nickelback: Canada (Vancouver), August 9, 2007
All the instruments were at perfect volume, nothing took over other instruments and the drums were awesome and there was no over distortion, it was an awesome show.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Canada (Vancouver), August 9, 2007 Reviewed by: mikeguitardude, on august 15, 2007
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Sound: Alright lets just say this Nickelback show was the greatest concert I have ever ever been to in my life. I've gone to a lot of concerts including The Tragically Hip, Billy Talent, Rise Against, Green Day, Pearl Jam and lots more but this has topped them all off. Chad Kroegers vocals are amazing live he sounds identical to the album gosh they were sooo good that if they didn't talk in the middle of each song or extend the songs Live I would have thought they were lip-synching. So it was amazing. It was the loudest concert I've been to yet, I couldnt hear after the concert. Let me just tell you Nickelback plays an amazing show and they get involved with the audience alot. I'm in a band myself and we play Live too and I realize these things it's not easy to play like they did so I give them a really high five for that. All the instruments were at perfect volume, nothing took over other instruments and the drums were awesome and there was no over distortion, it was an awesome show. // 10

Perfomance: Alright well Nickelback puts on the best Live show I have ever seen in my life and I'm serious I've been to so many concerts, I've played concerts, I own Live 30 or more Live dvds and wow Nickelback. After the last opening band walked off the stage they set up Nickelbacks equiptment and after roughly 25 mins. A huge bang went off that scared a lot of people and the Stadium went pitch black then the crowd went absolutely freakin wild then a heartbeat went over the PA system for about 20 beats and then Chad and the guys run out on the stage and opened with animals and for evey song they had a screen on the back of the stage for every song would show something that represents the song. Right after animals they went right into Woke up this Morning which is my favourite song from them. Right before the went into Photograph he brought out Joey on the stage hence the line in Photograph 'What the Hell is on Joeys head'. And introduced HIM. After a few songs he said 'Wow this is an awesome night Vancouver but it's missing one thing ice cold beer!' and Chad brought out Trays of Ice cold Beer and through it into the crowd I caught one he he he. After another few songs he said 'What day is it today? And everyone yelled out Thursday!!. And he said 'Ya lets make it a better day than that ok? ' And he said 'Lets make it Saturday! Because Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting' then Chad said Lets let Peake(guitarist) take over this one and Ryan Peake took the Lead Microphone and they did Elton Johns 'Saturday Nights alright for Fighting'. Oh ya while they through out free beer Chad and Daniel did a Metallica song (just guitar and drums). In the middle of the show Daniel Adair did a Massive Drum Solo and wow Daniel Adair you can play drums man holy crap. The songs they played in no particular order are, Animals, Woke up this Morning, Photograph, Far away, If everyone cared, Side of a Bullet, Savin Me, Rockstar, How you remind me, Too Bad, Because of you, Someday, Figured you out and Saturday nights alright for fighting and more that I can't remember. // 10

Overall Impression: So this took place at Gm Place in Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver. The openers were State of Shock(I met the bass player and got an autograph after the show), Yellowcard(I met the lead singer before the show), and Puddle Of Mudd and they were all awesome. I was down in the mosh pits I could touch the stage from where I was. I caught CHad Kroegers pick and almost Daniel Adairs drum stick lol. The free beer was awesome, before they played 'Side of A Bullet' which is a tribute song to Dimebag Darrel Who got shot onstage, Chad explained the song, and the screen showed Dimebag Darrel talking about his carrer and so on and then they bursted into the song and while they played this Heavy tribute song to Dimebag the screen played Dimebag playing solos but of course you couldnt here Dimebag because Nickelback was playing. Everynow and then Mike Kroeger (bassist of Nickelback) would look down at me and I would make the devil horns with my hand and point it at him and say 'You f--king rock!' and he would look at me and smile and give me Devil horns back. It was an awesome show, tonnes of fireworks, fire, and explosions next time Nickelback comes here I'm definetely going if it sells out I'll go and buy tickets from ppl standing around the venue so if you haven't seen Nickelback yet I suggest you see them they put on the greatest live show ever! // 10

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