USA (Green Bay), February 14, 2006 Review

artist: Nine Inch Nails date: 07/19/2006 category: live concerts

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Nine Inch Nails: USA (Green Bay), February 14, 2006
The building could be to fault for any lack in sound quality. Other than that, the band sounded supurb. NIN had a solid sound, the band played tight and thick, the sound was great.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (Green Bay), February 14, 2006 Reviewed by: KubsTrioHeart32, on february 17, 2006
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Sound: The building could be to fault for any lack in sound quality. Other than that, the band sounded supurb. The opening band (The Moving Units) seamed to have a shitty mix, could not hear overhead mics for the drums, so you heard no cymbals at all, except the hi-hat. NIN had a solid sound, the band played tight and thick, the sound was great. // 10

Perfomance: Well this is a no-brainer, the audience was part of the show, awesome energy between the crowd and Trent, perfect. The band came out to the opening track from the Downward Spiral (Mr. Self-Destruct) and then from then on, it didn't matter what songs they played, it all was good. Songs I remember hearing were: Terrible Lie, March Of The Pigs, Wish, Closer, Starfuckers Inc., The Collector, The Hand That Feeds, Only, Every Day Is Exactly The Same, The Line Begins To Blur, Hurt, and Head Like A Hole. There was the perfect mix of material, not too much newer stuff, great mix of Trent's work over the years. // 10

Overall Impression: This was Tuesday Feb 14, 2006 in Green Bay, WI at the Resch Center. The opening band was The Moving Units. Everything was great involving NIN. Ticket cost was $39.50. I will go to as many Nails shows as I can afford next time. // 10

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overall: 10
USA (Green Bay), February 14, 2006 Reviewed by: NIN&J5, on july 19, 2006
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Sound: Wow, I absolutely love Trent Reznor's voice and was shocked to see I could review the concert I saw. I really like Trent as a musician because he does it all. During a few slow songs, he would play beautiful piano, and in the heavier songs, like Only and Hand that Feeds, he would play rythm guitar to Aaron. I was also estatic to see Twiggy (Jeordy) playing bass. They sounded awesome, just like the cd, but 100x better. I also really appreciated the fact that they didn't sound like they altered they're voices on the cd, because it sounded perfect. // 10

Perfomance: I thought it was fantastic and had the time of my life. The songs are listed as on the cd, because I forgot the order they played them in. 01. All The Love In The World - absolutely beautiful, they played this somewhere in the middle of the performance. Trent was on the keyboard and singing his heart out. I loved it and I felt as if I were really understanding the message he was trying to get across. 02. You Know What You Are? - every single one of them acted as if they were feeling the emotions they were performing about. (Anger, Rage, Regret, etc.) I think that it was this song in which Trent tackled Aaron in the middle of a riff. 03. The Collector - sounded just as if it were being played off the cd at a very loud volume. The thing that really stood out to me was how great the drummer was playing. He was so fast and never missed a beat! I was amazed. 04. The Hand That Feeds - hands down the most exciting song they played. Aaron was hopping around on his amps and on Twiggy's, Twiggy was playing like a crazy ape, and Trent was so into it you could see that his music really is his life. There was this crazy ponytail guy down in the mosh that was crashing into everyone and plowing them to the ground, until one guy got really mad at HIM and hit HIM in the face and sent him flying. I had an opportunity to see HIM after the show and it looked like someone painted his face red. (dark sticky red) At the end Trent threw the mic and Aaron and Twiggy shattered the guitars. 05. Love Is Not Enough - perfomed wonderously. I loved it and found myself singing right along with it. This was always on the top of my favorites list and they sure didn't let me down. 06. Every Day Is Exactly The Same - well, during the are around the concert I was going through a depression, and I really felt connected to this song on another level. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I felt almost as if the song was just talking about me. 07. With Teeth - I loved the vibe this song put out in the crowd. Everyone that was there loved it, it was great. 08. Only - another one I found myself singing along with, this is my favorite song on the CD, so I loved it. It was a good performance, they did some cool stuff with the lights that made it pretty sweet. 09. Getting Smaller - this song was done great! The effects were right on and no one missed a beat. The crowd was really excited during this because it is one of their heavier songs. 10. Sunspots - by NIN standards, this is a fast paced song. Everyone played up to speed and kept up to one another. They played like a band that had been together forever, not Trent Reznor and the 06' Live Group. 11. The Line Begins To Blur - I really appreciate this song because of all the effects and layering it takes to get it done, they have a huge electronic setup in the crowd and on stage. I love how it all sounds put together and they did it flawlessly. 12. Beside You In Time - performed masterfully, I loved it. It sounded just like on the cd. 13. Right Where It Belongs - this was one of those songs I talked about where Trent shows his multi-instrumentalism. He is on the keyboard during this song and I love how they kind of fuzz his voice to make it sound wierd. I loved the lighting system that they used during this show, it was amazing. It always fit the mood of the crowd and the song, it looked like it was part of the show, not just a visual aid. I also was amazed with the little slideshow that took place for like 15-20 minutes in the middle of the show. It showed a lot of animated animal skeletons and predators and prey. At one point a baboon jumped up into the air and snatched down a bird and ate it. // 10

Overall Impression: This show took place in Green Bay, WI, USA at the Resch Center on February 14th, 2006. That is a day I will never forget, it was my first and favorite concert I have been to as of yet. I will definitely be at their next show, regardless of the $50-$75 tickets. I loved everything about it, except for a fat naked guy crowd surfing. Ewww! I would definitely recomend a NIN concert to any fan of the band or the genre, and believe me when I say they deserve all 10 points in every area. // 10

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