USA (New Orleans), March 18, 2007 Review

artist: Norma Jean date: 05/07/2007 category: live concerts

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Norma Jean: USA (New Orleans), March 18, 2007
Norma Jean was the main event for the night. The audience definately loved them. The second they stepped on stage, everyone started to run to the front at once.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (New Orleans), March 18, 2007 Reviewed by: !normajean!, on may 07, 2007
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Sound: The vocals were insane! Cory Brandon is an truly amazing screamer. He can do a higher pitched scream or on curtain parts of songs, he can do a very low growl. And he definately gets the crowd involved in the shows. He's in the crowd for most of the show. He handed the mic out to the crowd multiple times. I actually got to sing part of Creating Something Out Of Nothing Only To Destroy It. I'm not sure excactly what instuments they used. But I think Scottie used a Gibson. Cris might have been using an ESP. This was the best show I've ever been to so far. The sound was far beyond amazing. All their songs sounded almost identical to the albums. In fact, they almost sounded better then the albums. The sound quality, although it was very loud, it was perfect. Even though it took my ears three days to stop ringing, it was great! // 10

Perfomance: Norma Jean was the main event for the night. The audience definately loved them. The second they stepped on stage, everyone started to run to the front at once. Even when they were sound checking! And they're my favorite band of all time, so you know I loved it! You can't go to a Norma Jean show and not get into it. it's impossible to not get into it. The crowd was constantly moving. Wherever Cory was, that's where the audience was. One second, you could be jumping around and pushing people. And the next second, you would be getting pushed back by other screaming fans. You really have to fight your way to the front. They played A Grand Scene For A Color Film, Bayonetwork, Face:Face, Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste, Creating Something Out Of Nothing Only To Destroy It, Dilemmachine, Blueprints For Future Homes, A Small Spark vs. A Great Forest, A Temperamental Widower, The End Of All Things Will Be Televised, Songs Sound Much Sadder, and Like Swimming Circles. All of them were insane! Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste was the last one they played. Creating Something Out Of Nothing Only To Destroy It was the Encore. Everyone was screaming "One more song! One more song!" We were screaming for about a minute before they came back out. Then it got crazy! The whole floor was a mosh pit! that's when I got to sing part of a song. I was pumped! The funnest part of the show was the show itself. Just running around, screaming, pushing, and more screaming was enough to make you happy. As for the effects, strobe and colored lights ruled the show! They had the most random clips on the projector screen, too. There were things such as two girls in the woods, buried up to their wastes, one with a violin, one with a shotgun. Another was an old man standing in the woods wearing a suit and a top hat. Some really random stuff. // 10

Overall Impression: It was at the House of Blues in New Orleans. On March 18, 2007. The opening bands were The Handshake Murders, A Life Once Lost, and The Chariot. The thing I loved most about the show was that, after the show, you could go to the signing and just hang out with and talk to the band members. But Norma Jean wasn't signing. And I can understand that because they are a famous band and they have a busy schedule. And they were packing all their stuff. The tickets were about $28. It was definaltely worth every penny! The most unforgettable moment of the show was when Cory Brandon climbed up the wall of speakers to hand the mic to the fans on the balcony. He sure was dedicated to get everyone envolved! But the other part that I will never forget was when I got Cris Day's guitar pick. It even has Norma Jean printed on it. I'll never sell it for anything either. So don't bother looking for it on Ebay! I will surely go to their next show! it's in about two weeks from now. On May 21. it's at the House of Blues again. Underoath will be there too! And they're my second favorite band. So that's about it. If you've never seen Norma Jean Live, then you really should go to one of their shows one day! And I hope this review helps people to see how amazing NJ really is! // 10

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