UK (Coventry), July 7, 2009 Review

artist: Oasis date: 07/10/2009 category: live concerts

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Oasis: UK (Coventry), July 7, 2009
Support by a local band named the Enemy. The style was typical Oasis, and for any old fan, was a must see.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
UK (Coventry), July 7, 2009 Reviewed by: SwampAshSpecial, on july 10, 2009
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Sound: The support band was fairly poorly mixed, the guitar was way too loud and it was all you could really hear, but by the 2nd song Oasis where sounding really good - not so loud you couldn't sppreciate it, yet loud enough to feel like a real rock concert! As usual from Oasis, everything from playing to singing was great. Noel used a variety of Gibsons and Epiphones including his trusty ES-335 and Les Paul, while Gem used exclusively Gibson Firebirds, and also pulled out a rather vibrant paisley tele for one song! // 8

Perfomance: As usual the band stood fairly still throughout the gig, but it did not affect the impression. The lights were incredibly well choreographed with the drummer, Who looked really into it! The set list was as follows: 01.Rock 'n' Roll Star: a great entry to the gig - got everyone singing! 02.Lyla: another classic song performed with typical Oasis flare! 03.The Shock Of The Lightning: as a new song, I thought this really shone! Most older bands who release new albums are never as good as they used to be, but this is really top notch! 04.Cigarettes & Alcohol: I could tell by the reaction of the (already half drunk) crowd that this song was an inspiration to them! 05.To Be Where There's Life: a good, late beatles inspired song which really got stuck in my head! 06.Waiting For The Rapture: another great new song - the band played brilliantly during this! 07.The Masterplan: nice quiet break very well positioned in the set to give all our ears a break! 08.Songbird: I wasn't so keen on this one - I thought they set the pace a little fast and Liam sounded out of breath! 09.Slide Away: great - I loved the soloing, but Liam didn't - he stormed off and sat behind the amps for a while until the crowd cheered HIM back on! 10.Morning Glory: as one of my favourite Oasis songs, I guess I am biased, but this sounded awesome! 11.Half The World Away: another 'ear break' in which Noel even used an epi, much to my surprise! very well done! 12.I'm Outta Time: my favourite new Oasis song and one everyone sang along to! 13.Wonderwall: the classic. What more can I say? 14.Supersonic: after a few 'quiet' songs this was a bit of a much needed shock to the system! Great playing, although Liam again sounded like he was struggling slightly! 15.Don't Look Back In Anger: another classic - got everyone singing, dancing and cheering for more! 16.Falling Down: everyone was cheering for Champagne Supernova at this point and so I didn't hear the song so well... 17.Champagne Supernova: another classic song - got a lot of cheers. Everyone loved it, especially Noels quiet and peaceful intro! 18.I Am The Walrus: what a finish! Great interpretation of beatles style! // 9

Overall Impression: The gig was the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK, on the 7th of July 2009. All 40,000 seats were sold for the stadium. Support by a local band named the Enemy. The style was typical Oasis, and for any old fan, was a must see. The best part was, that they played a lot of old stuff as well as the new songs, as the old ones are always favorites! The tickets were about 30 (didn't pay myself) for a seat in the stands. I don't drink, but I was told the beer was expensive at 5 or 6 a pint so I guess that is the main criticism (as is what the drunks decide to do with the cups after their beer...) Overall, I would definitely go again! // 9

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