UK (Milton Keynes), July 10, 2005 Review

artist: Oasis date: 08/15/2005 category: live concerts

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Oasis: UK (Milton Keynes), July 10, 2005
The sound levels gradually rose as each support act came on, when Oasis hit the stage the noise levels were perfect, every word could be heard.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
UK (Milton Keynes), July 10, 2005 Reviewed by: Kitson_The_Bass, on july 14, 2005
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Sound: A lovely summers day (a bit too hot though), we arrived at the Bowl at 8:30am and the lines were starting already. We managed to get into the main arena at midday and straight into the pit at the front of the stage. After a few hours of waiting, the first support act started at 3pm. First up were TSOOL (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives) who were not very good in my opinion, the crowd responded politely to their music although not very enthusiastic. A quick ten minute change over and next up were Secret Machines who were by far the worst band I have ever seen live, their performance was poor, their sound was crap and the songs were so boring and lifeless. Another ten minute change over and the 22-20s were up. They were a lot better than the last 2 support acts, a lot more lively and getting the crowd warmed up nicely. A 20 minute change over for The Coral, by far the best support act of the day. They played their current single "In The Morning" and "Dreaming Of You" which got a decent roar from the crowd. Next was the main event, Oasis. The sound levels gradually rose as each support act came on, when Oasis hit the stage the noise levels were perfect, every word could be heard. Other than a bit too much distortion from the guitars on certain songs it was good. // 8

Perfomance: Once Oasis hit the stage to F--king In The Bushes, everyone went mad, jumping up and down, screaming their lungs out. Track by track: 01. Turn Up The Sun - a decent opener, got everyone fired up nicely 7/10. 02. Lyla - the whole crowd sang along to this one 8/10. 03. Morning Glory - Liam asked "Is it hot enough for you?" introduced this as "A song to remind you of that great summer 10 years ago." Didn't recognise this at first, guitar sound was a bit too distorted for the intro. But a great song 6/10. 04. Cigarettes & Alcohol - another crowd pleaser 7/10. 05. Acquiesce - again, guitar was distorted too much during the intro but once Liam sang the first line everyone sang along 9/10. 06. The Importance Of Being Idle - one of the best off of Don't Believe The Truth, Noel impressed with this one 7/10. 07. Little By Little - another Noel rendition, not bad 7/10. 08. Live Forever - dedicated to the victims of the London bombings. As soon as the drum beat intro started the whole crowd started singing the first verse and chorus, Liam laughs and says "I'm out of a f--king job here!" A great song to sing a long to 9/10. 09. Songbird - Liam introduced this "for my bird and any soft lads, I know you're out there." Another sing a long 7/10. 10. Mucky Fingers - This was probably the worst song of the night for me, purely because I don't know it that well, neither did most of the audience 5/10. 11. Keep The Dream Alive - see above 5/10. 12. Wonderwall - great unexpected pleasure 8/10. 13. Champagne Supernova - I swear everyone had a lighter going during this song 9/10. 14. Rock 'n' Roll Star - liam dedicated this to all the bands who played with them at MK that weekend. A fantastic song belted out at a furious pace 9/10. Encore: 15. Guess God Thinks I'm Able - this sounded great live, with the electric guitars rather than the acoustics sounded great, especially on the chorus 9/10. 16. Meaning Of Soul - short and sharp but still a great song 8/10. 17. Don't Look Back In Anger - a crowd favourite, everyone singing along 9/10. 18. My Generation - a great cover of The Who classic 9/10. // 10

Overall Impression: Milton Keynes Bowl is a great venue (and it's only half an hour from my house which is a bonus) but when you want the toilet it's a hell of a trek if you're right at the front! Getting back to the car park was not fun either. Overall, a great day but Oasis absolutely tore the place up. A great performance. Tickets were 32.50 and it was worth every penny, I spoke to one bloke who spent 200 on a ticket off of eBay and even he said it was worth it! If Oasis do another gig there, you'll see me right at the front. // 10

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overall: 10
UK (Milton Keynes), July 10, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 15, 2005
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Sound: This is the first time I've ever seen Oasis live and it has been the highlight of my life, all the way from Glasgow to Milton Keynes, no hotel, no change of clothes, no food, almost no money, 3 days, slept outside a train station, and in a cafe, stood for nine hours waiting on Oasis, waited for 4 or 5 before the gates opened - all this to see Oasis, but it was definitely worth it. Liam was so unbelievably cool, but Noel, was just 10 times better (as always), he wore sunglasses that made him look amazing, and his red Gibson Riviera is so nice I defo need to get one, and his acoustic guitar when they played songbird and stuff, I don't know what kind it is but it's amazing, not to mention Gem's 12 string that has an amazing sound aswell, the quality was unbelievable, the many bands I've seen live this has to be by far the best and I don't think I'll ever see a better band live, you don't have to like oasis to think they're the best band live ever, you just have to see them and you'll be blown away, the music obviously was the best, what can you expect from the best band in the world, and how cool is Zak Starkey, the best drummer Oasis could've hoped for, and he's not even part of the band? Sort it out guys. // 10

Perfomance: the atmosphere was undescribable, especially at the very front row, where it was only me an my m8 johnny, everyone else was nearer the back, we had made friend with everyone from like a 6 person radius, and when the make poverty history advert came on, I think a lot of people didn't really know what was coming and was wondering why, maybe not, but I knew cos I'd see it before, Noel Gallagher came up on the screen and everyone went wild, then everythin went silent after a while for about 10-15 mins maybe, and then F--kin In The Bushes came on and we all just went for it. They played, in order: 01. F--in In The Bushes - amazing start just got us all goin and rady, played while they cam on stage. 02. Turn Up The Sun - 10/10, one of the new ones, I don't know if there could've been a better song to start with, when it starts with just the kind of melody, we were all waiting for noel to kick that first Bm chord as hard as he could and we all just went mad, forgot to say (Noel was right in front of me). 03. Lyla - 8/10, another amazing song from the new album, to be honest I listened to it to much before the gig and kind of wore it out, but still ana amzing song live, couldn't wait until it finished though because next was... 04. Bring It On Down - 10/10, the greatest drum beat I've ever heard and also my favourite Oasis song, from definitely mayby, that drum beat set me for the whole gig, I was so happy, an amazin song to just jump around and go crazy to. 05. Morning Glory - 10/10, an old classic, title song from the second album, amazing to listen to live. 06. Cigarettes And Alcohol - 10/10, one of the guitar riffs I love to play very loud was played right in front of me by god himself, a classic from definitely maybe, an amazing song, thats all I need to say. 07. The Importance Of Being Idle - 9.5/10, with Liam off stage I finally wasn't the only one shouting Noel instead of Liam, 9 and a half because I hadn't really listened to it much on the album but it was still amazing. 08. Little By Little - 9/10, great performance by Noel in this, just so perfect, not one of my preffered songs though, was so cool when Noel, at the end just started playing a little tune walking about the stage, and the he sat on an amp that was a little to my right, but closer to me, sat there and stared to the back left of the stage away from us playing a little tune, amazing. 09. A Bell Will Ring - 8/10, amazing song from the new album, not really one of my favourites though. 10. Acquiesce - 10/10, a brilliant song, unexpected because my family and friends that had went to the hampden gig didn't mention it, because they didn't play it their, was amazing live. 11. Songbird - 9/10, "one for the ladies" Liam said, Noel got out the best acoustic guitar I've ever seen, and liam sang it perfectly, sounded so good. 12. Live Forever - 10/10, this held one of the highlights of my evening, when Zak started the intro drum beat, he goes for 2 bars then noel hit the G chord and plays the intro bit that he does live, but after the first bar everyone started singing the first verse, half way through, zak was still playin the drum beat, liam said "try that one again shall we", but we still kept singing, noto the first chorus, noel still hadn't struck a chord, zak still had the drum beat going, then after the first bar of us finishing the chorus noel hit the G chord and played the intro, it sounded f--ing amazing, it was so cool, that was one of my favourite songs live too. 13. Mucky Fingers - 9/10, another Noel song, great song from the new album, great live. 14. Wonderwall - 9/10, absolute classic from What's The Story, I cannot remember a thing about them playing this, my mind goes blank when I think about it, but I can only imagine it was amazing so it gets a nine. 15. Champagne Supernova - 10/10, another classic from What's The Story, unbelievable live, so good, Liam's so cool when he sings this. 16. Rock 'n' Roll Star - 10/10, classic from Defo Maybe album, mind blowing live, definitley one of the best songs they done live. Encore: 17. Guess God Thinks I'm Abel - 9/10, amazing fromt he new album, amazing live, cool song. 18. The Meaning Of Soul - 10/10, unbelievable live, what I thought was the worst song on the album, I hated it, until then, I think it's one of the coolest songs you can ever be caught listening to, that and cigarettes and alcohol, you can do anythin while you're listenin to theses songs, amazing live. 19. Don't Look Back In Anger - 10/10, amazing performance by Noel again, classic song from What's The Story, amazing to sing along to live. To wrap up the gig they done their (in my opinion) much better version of the who's classic My Generation, 10/10, couldn't have picked a better song to finish the gig with, amazing live. Special momnets, probably seeing ian brown standing at the left hand sind of the stage watching, and nicole and the other wives all waving at me and this cool guy beside me, they kept waving at us in between songs and stuff like that, other special moments have to be at the end of little by little with noe, the start of live forever hen we were all singing (read the descriptions if you haven't all ready to see what I mean), and the drum beat in bring it on down. The screens in the background and stuff were cool, and the light show and stuff was amazing too, especially because it got kind of dark befor the gig started. I know I say how much cooler noel is than liam and stuff, but it's Liam who makes the gig, I think it would be nothing without him, he puts in an amazing effort with an amazing attitude and just makes the gig what it is/was. // 10

Overall Impression: England, Milton Keynes, National Bowl, 10/07/05 a day to remember. First supporting act on were, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, boring, unacceptable, except when the guitarists guitar stoped working, and he smashed it up and the singer threw it in the crowd and a guy got dragged out with loads of blood pouring down his face, basically a crap band with a crap fat singer. Then it was Secret Machines, just when I though it couldn't get any worse, unacceptable, s--t band, how gay was the keyboard player, thought he was amazing, looked like gareth keenan fromt he office, geek The 22/20s, me an Johnny thought they were amazing and I think they'll make it quite big, at least they had names for their songs, but they were really good. Then the Coral, they were really good thought they were amaing too, put in a very good performance, would like to go and see them. Then Oasis. Things I loved about the show, seeing Noel right in front of me, seeing Liam almost right in front of me, Nicole appleton and the wives waving at us, seeing what I'm sure was Ian Brown, the little by little thing, the live forever thing, the bring it on down drum beat, and after the gig they played let it be, that was cool, walkin out to that song. Things I hated, when they went off stage noel just dropped his plectrum, the only thing I hated was the woman that didn't go and get it for me when I asked nicely gutted. Tickets were 32.50, but I payed more for mine because I got it on ebay, 43 mines cost, still more that worth that many times over I'd say. The most unforgettable thing about it has to be, being at the front row for a full oasis gig, and it being my first oasis gig. I will go to their next gig whenever I get the chance, whenever, whereever I don't care, I am going every gig I can, I'm going to noise and confusion this year, cannot wait. // 10

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