Australia (Sydney), April 25, 2006 Review

artist: Opeth date: 01/15/2007 category: live concerts

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Opeth: Australia (Sydney), April 25, 2006
The stage had a wonderfully large backdrop picturing the cover of the band's latest album Ghost Reveries'.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Australia (Sydney), April 25, 2006 Reviewed by: Metal_link111, on january 15, 2007
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Sound: Swedish death metal outfit, 'Opeth', are arguably seen as true metal royalty in Australia. Generally, the band is regarded as progressive death metal, a genre where brutality and fragile melodies are combined and juxtaposed. However, the music the group composes transcends any form of genre convention and goes further by adding a variety of other genres, including folk, jazz, and blues to create a unique sonic landscape, a uniqueness that was reflected in the relative diversity of the audience. On one side were the tattooed 'dudes' in 'Iron Maiden' t*shirts who stood peacefully alongside office-worker types in their 30s. There were people, young and old, wearing shirts with indecipherable band logos and sporting extensively long hair. In the end, all were here to witness, what was to be, a masterful performance. // 10

Perfomance: The stage had a wonderfully large backdrop picturing the cover of the band's latest album 'Ghost Reveries'. It portrayed a distant image of a person through a window, which seemed to move closer with the changing lights. The stage setting illuminated a sense of eeriness and mystery, which was to mirror the sounds of Opeth's music. At 9pm the lights dimmed, and a chanting of Opeth echoed off the walls amidst a sea of hand signs mimicking the devil's horns. A deep red light and cloud of smoke engulfed the stage and there they were, standing tall above us, the mighty Opeth! Singer and lead guitarist Mikael kerfeldt showcased his pipes in the opening number, Ghost Of Perdition much to the screaming delight of the 3000-strong crowd. In one demonic cry he shouted Ghost of mother, lingering death and as the song progressed, kerfeldt continued to produce intimidating, guttural roars, which he combined with clean and haunting vocals, creating a beautiful and unique melody. Keyboardist, Per Wiberg, added vocal harmonies and a pulsating rhythm, while bassist Martin Mendez, guitarist Peter Lindgren and drummer Martin Axenrot evoked an electric and highly infectious onstage chemistry. Ten and a half minutes later, kerfeldt steps up to the microphone, thanks the audience and jokes... That is all. See you next tour. This 'between-song banter' was quite a common occurrence, with Mikael sharing his unusual obsession with jokes full of sexual content! All these jokes received a good response from the fans, some calling HIM the 'funniest guy in metal'. The band progressed with songs from most of their albums, including their first album titled 'Orchid' whose tracks had not been played on previous tours. On this occasion, one major part of Opeth was absent, that of their long-time drummer Martin Lopez. For this leg of their tour, Martin Axenrot, formerly of Death Metal band 'Bloodbath' (among others), was a dynamic replacement. Axenrot took charge and introduced his own feel throughout the set. Near the end Opeth teased the audience by leaving the stage only to begin the Encore with a cover of Deep Purple's masterpiece, Soldier Of Fortune and finish up with the 13-minute opus, Deliverance. The setlist goes as follows: 01. Ghost Of Perdition 02. White Cluster 03. The Amen Corner 04. The Baying Of The Hounds 05. Under The Weeping Moon 06. The Grand Conjuration 07. Closure 08. The Leper Affinity A great and dynamic choice of songs. // 10

Overall Impression: The venue of choice was the 'Big Top' in Sydney's Luna Park on the 25th of April, ANZAC day in Australia. The bands ability to provide ten epic compositions, lasting two hours, was enthusiastically received by their largest crowd on record. kerfeldt's terrifying scream of hell and sweet lullaby voice combined with the stage show provided by his band was unforgettable. With the mysterious setting and perfect sound, Opeth proved they were a separate musical entity altogether. Very much worth the price and even more so worth another look, this show was just incredible with nothing negative to be added. For one night only, Sydney became one very spoiled Opeth fan. // 10

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