USA (California), July 29, 2004 Review

artist: Ozzfest date: 08/22/2007 category: live concerts

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Ozzfest: USA (California), July 29, 2004
All of the singers were great! Every band sounded exactly. Most of the perfomces were very good.
 Sound: 8.3
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
USA (California), July 29, 2004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 02, 2004
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Sound: All of the singers were great! Every band sounded exactly like the cd, Rob Halford of Judas Priest tore it up with his screaming vocals, sounds just like Priest in the 80s. Ozzy's voice was ok, he really looked bad, he was shaking a bit, and his voice cracked now and then. My personal favorite of the day, Lamb Of God, kicked so much ass the sound was so heavy and their performance was outstanding, however Priest did top them in terms of performence, I still like L.O.G more. Slayer was my next favorite after Priest, awesome what can I say? I moshed so much during their set I didnt get to see them on stage lol, butthey sounded great, very heavy. Sabbath was Sabbath, awesome, everything was great, but it still wasnt priest lol. Slipknot got the crowd interacting the most, but I dont personally like them except for a few songs, but they sounded very good also. All the other bands were just average. Most had the drums very loud and couldnt you couldnt hear much. Most of those bands only played for about 20 minutes tho, so it was no big deal. but I would have been so much better if they all just rocked you no? No concerts perfect lol. // 8

Perfomance: Most of the perfomces were very good, again Priest tops all. They played all their big hits, Livin After Midnight, Hell Bent For Leather, Breaking The Law, but they mostly played newer material that I didn't know, but it sounded very much like old Priest, so it was awesome! Black Sabbath - opened with war pigs, was very good, Ozzy's best song on vocals, after this he started to slip tho. Then they played NiB, the whole audiance sang along to a deafing tone, they even chanted the gutiar parts, Ozzy voice squeaked once, butit was not a very big deal. They then played into The Void, good, Ozzy voice craks again, crowd was as into it. Then they played Black Sabbath, best song in the set Imo. Tony's guitar was so powerful it was making the ground shake!, Ozzy's voice was starting to fade. Then they played Iron Man, good, crowd does the same thing as NiB. They finished with Children Of The Grave, which again was very good, but Ozzy's voice just wasn't there, so the crowd basically sang it for HIM. They then did an encore with Paranoid Ozzy's voice was gone, but the band was so great that night it didnt matter lol. Slayer - I can't give all of the songs they played, cause I was crazy moshing, but I can give you, and overview of the ones I heard. Opened with God Hates us all, then a few songs: South Of Heaven. Then Raining Blood, total mosh song, almost all the lawn seats became on big mosh pit it was so awesome, then they played a few more of their mostpopular songs and were off, it was a very quick set, they played during the day lol. L.O.G - my personal favorite, it was at least a hundred degrees out there and they got ppl jumping and moshing and crowd diving like it was a cool spring day lol. They played Black Label, 11th Hour, As The Palace Burns, and 1 new song from their new album which sounded very good, and that was it, again a very very quick but the most powerful set. Slipknot - they got the Hugests fan turn out I had ever seen for a 2nd stage band. All the talk of the day was abouthow Slipknot was gonna rock, and it couldnt have been more true. I dont even like them but what they played was so impressive, I don't no what they opened with but they played dualality, the herectic anthem, the blister exists, spit it out, ppl eat shit, and wait and bleed, all were extremely loud and crazy, they were bouncing the drum kits, and throwing garbage cans, it was chaos! // 10

Overall Impression: It was in Moutain View California on July 29 2004 Shoreline Ampatheatre. No openers just a crap load of bands lol. I love the crowd, they were all just so into it all the time, Slayer said we were the biggest crowd they had ever played for (25,000) I didn't like how most of the good bands got 20 minute gigs, and somebands really sucked and got like a 40 minute set, that really sucked. The best moment was when one entire side lawn seating at the Shorline was almost one huge mosh pit of chaos lol it was so awesome. O yea and a bunch of girls just get their tits painted and just walk around lol, or they wear bikins and jump around and they just "pop" out. Hell yes I will go next year, long live Ozzy! // 10

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overall: 9.3
USA (California), July 29, 2004 Reviewed by: powerage225, on august 09, 2004
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Sound: Very good venue for a "fest" like Ozzfest. Most of the sound was clear, some of the vocals and lead guitars were drown out by the bass (Slayer, Dimmu Borgir). To my surprise, earplugs weren't mandatory for the weak-ear'd folks (I expected to be deaf the next day). But most of the singers had a pretty good sound. Rob Halford on the other hand sounded perfect, just like all the albums. So I would have to say that in the sound catagory, Judas Priest wins. // 8

Perfomance: To tell you the truth, I thought that every single band on the second stage sucked. Of course I didn't come to see any of those crappy bands (including Slipknot) I came to see Sabbath. But, I was surprised because, even though not all of the bands on the first stage actually played good music, all of them gave it their all and I salute them for that. First, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society was crazy. Way better than I expected from them, even though I was expecting alot. Wylde's screaming vocals and fast fingers started the show with a bang, reminding me of a guy with Randy Rhoads' talent and Ronnie James Dio's vocals. Very good. Next, a band that goes by the name of Superjoint Ritual. Not the best band in the world but they still put on a show. Enough said. Now a band I've never even heard of before Ozzfest, a Norwiegian band called Dimmu Borgir. In my opinion, the worst band on the first stage, but still, better than Slipknot. Very keyboard-oriented black/death/doom metal band-with what makes a bad neo metal-crappy guitarists, good drummers. Now, where the real show starts. Slayer-need no introduction. This is the main part of the show where the vocals are very heavy, yet drown out by the guitars, and mostly the bass. Kerry King put on a damn good show with his wizardry (no, not like harry potter). Not as good as I expected, but still, good, playing 99.9% of the Reign in Blood album. Over ten years since theyve played together live, and they're still not the headliner? The Priest is back. And it's pissed. The longest part of the show, and the cleanest. Like I said, Rob Halford kicked ass like he allways does, Glen Tipton and K.K. Downing were 99% perfect, drums. Kick Ass. I'm sorry I didn't take the time to see which drummer was there, I was too busy enjoying the metal. I don't want to give all the details, trust me you'll thank me later. But Black Sabbath-what else can I say. The best proformance in the concert, not the cleanest, thanks to Ozzy, but still, he knows how to stir up a crowd thats allready been shaking for 12 hours now. Tony, Bill and Geezer on the other hand-Perfect. I couldnt notice one flaw in their music, after 34 years. Good show. // 10

Overall Impression: Mountain View, CA, US-7/29/04-Shoreline Ampetheater. I will remember this show for the rest of my life, thanks to Slayer, Priest and Sabbath. Worth the price, even though I had G.A. on the grass (front row, center, righ before the actuall seats). My tickets were on sale for 20, normally 50. I'd still pay an extra 30 bucks to see this again. Best special effects in this show-boobs. Even up on the JumboTron. Lots of free stuff, including condoms. The only thing is that you have to carry it arround all day. I'd go to this show again in a second. // 10

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overall: 9.7
USA (California), July 29, 2004 Reviewed by: tai1221, on august 22, 2007
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Sound: Ozzfest 2007 in Devore was pretty sweet. The sound was loud, great, and you could feel it from the lawn seats, where I was. I loved all the bands, except Lordi, I think other than that, I loved all the bands Live sound there. Ozzy sang pretty well, I couldn't really understand any one else, except a few of the words, but that's to be expected with the sound level. // 9

Perfomance: The audience loved everyone, except Lordi, maybe a few liked them, but in the area I was sitting, not really much fans. I think I lost my voice from screaming and yelling so much, I know my favorite song that LOG played was Redneck, I think, I'm not sure of the title, Ozzy played his classics, with the only new song being Not Going Away, I think my favorite song by him was Suicide Solution. Lordi did have some cool pyrotechnic stuff, and the mosh pits had fire in the middle, it was insane, there was a few fights, eventually they broke it up with mace, which sucked, I was near it, it was like a stampede. // 10

Overall Impression: The venue was awesome, at the Hyuandai pavillion center in devore with headliners Lordi, Static X, Lamb Of God, and Ozzy, it was awesome. I loved that it was free, but I hated that all the drinks and food were so expensive, but I guess that's to be expected. I think the best moments were when Ozzy came out, and when I saw a few topless girls, I would definently go to Ozzfest again. It wont let me choose other, but this happened july 21st 2007, just a reminder. // 10

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