USA (Dallas), August 9, 2008 Review

artist: Ozzfest date: 09/17/2008 category: live concerts

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Ozzfest: USA (Dallas), August 9, 2008
The diversity and quality of the bands was amazing that day!
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (Dallas), August 9, 2008 Reviewed by: genresrforposer, on august 13, 2008
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Sound: Goatwhore - caught them just as they were closing with "Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult". Sounded more or less the quality I had experienced with the recording, very tight. The Destro - never have heard of them before, I imagined they would suck for whatever reason, but it ended up being the perfect mix of heavy beats and attractive melody to get me pumped for the rest of the day. If even the no names were going to have this kind of sound, perhaps that $150 pricetag would justify itself even before Ozzy came on. witchcraft - I can't exactly give them a fair review, but I can say the minute my friend and I heard the vocalist we decided a trip to the mist tent instead of stay and watch. I likely wasn't near as offended by the voice as he seemed, and might not have thought them terrible had I stayed, but I didn't feel I was missing much. In This Moment - for what they are, an accessible mallcore band, I enjoyed them. The only band with a female lead there, I could appreciate what she was up to, though it didn't quite match up to what I heard on recordings. I was hearing a little bit more distortion in her microphone than I felt I should and her voice wasn't as sharp. That said, the guitar and drum work were tight enough, but just a bit underwhelming so that we left for Rigor Mortis early. Not a bad set, but not my style, though I did enjoy what we caught of "Beautiful Tragedy". My friend mentioned their set at last year's Ozzfest being better. Soilent Green - sounded surprisingly decent from what I could tell. I say surprisingly because I had a much lower opinion of them when I saw them open for Dethklok, but without the mighty cartoon to blow them out of the water I could appreciate the southern sludge rockers. Rigor Mortis - an impressive thrash sound with the obvious speed and technicality which comes with that label intact. Some impressive guitar work as well, of what I saw involving plenty of tapping. Somewhat repetitive, but I was digging the overall sound. Apocolyptica - I came over to these guys just as they were finishing up with "Fight Fire With Fire", which they played just as fast as though with electric guitars, and I'm pretty sure the cello masters even nailed the solo! I prefer Corey Taylor over the singer they used for "I'm Not Jesus", but he got the job done. I also liked that they decided to play a classic song and finally "Seek and Destroy" which I think sounded best behind "Fight Fire With Fire". Metal cellos are an acquired taste, but they managed to make it sound quite good. Kingdom Of Sorrow - still sounds only slightly different than Hatebreed which isn't a bad thing. Plus, having the Beard of Doom's guitar work mixed with Jamy Jasta's voice can't Hurt. Though while Jasta is the perfect answer to any quick, hard hitting beats I'm not so sure he should make as much of an attempt to hold a note as he does on "Lead Into Demise". While I prefer Hatebreed, the band had a damn good blood pumping sound of their own, and I wouldn't be surprised if many preferred it to Hatebreed. Shadows Fall - I had absolutely no expectations for this band going in, and they blew me away. Awesome guitar work, perfect singer that can Switch from barking to singing and be impressive at both, and an overall sound mixing heaviness and melody without feeling the slightest bit uneven. One of the best acts I saw all day, without a doubt. Drowning Pool - came just in time to hear "Step Up", "Tearing Away" and finally "Bodies" and learned that the new lead singer is more than capable of handling those two classics. Just about as close to recording quality as you could ask for when the PA system decided to kick in, anyway. Devildriver - kicking things off strong with "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" and only gaining intensity with tunes like "Fighting Words" and my favorite "Clouds Over California", there was never a dull moment or one where I wasn't delightfully impressed with the quality of sound provided. I went in with some high expectations and was certainly delivered what I asked for. The Sword - while I'll never be totally sold on the singer, recorded or Live, their amazingly attractive riffs and guitar leads literally kept me coming back for more. Every time I felt like going back to the mainstage area to reserve a good spot on the field, I would be stopped dead by yet another great hook played by what looked like Vintage guitars. Jonathon Davis - his new songs sounded good enough, and I didn't mind what he introduced as a funky, danceable track from Queen of the Damned. I liked how well I could hear the bass in the mix as well, but this didn't help the Korn songs as much as you'd think. The mellowness of his overall set seemed a bit akward a fit for those songs and overall it was enjoyable but not incredibly impressive. I'm certainly not feeling too good about forgetting Sevendust was playing at this time and seeing him instead (still kicking myself for it), though I wouldn't mind checking out his unique voice when empowered by the bandmates in Korn. Hellyeah/Dimebag Tribute - Having woken up at 5:30AM, not eaten since breakfast, having nothing but warm, unfiltered fountain water all day and finding myself in the heat surrounded by male bodies, I felt like I was going to hate the heaviness of Vinnie Paul and Mudvayne vets in this state. Turns out I was still just awake enough to very much enjoy the power and catchiness in about every song, including closing anthem "Hellyeah". I can't say I didn't thank God when sing along "Beer and Asses" came over the speakers and some breathing room opened up, though, however briefly. As for the Dimebag Tribute, you could tell it was for hardcorefans with a setlist in favor of heavier harder tunes like "A New Leve", "f--king Hostile", and "Mouth for War" rather than more accesible and well-known fare like "Cowboys from Hell" or "Walk". Essentially, Hellyeah was the last taste of bands that shot straight for hard aggression. The remaining acts would be decidedly less hardcore. Serj Tankian - I've heard some very negative comments on his set, and I can't really understand why. I felt he did a great job with his obviously SOAD-like sound and had a lot of danceable tunes and good, catchy hooks, ok I take that back I know exactly where the negativity towards that comes from: the Hellyeah crowd Who could care a hell of a lot less about words like "danceable" and "hooky/catchy" when not being related to Ozzy or Sabbath. If you're interested in such things though, Serj put on a pretty well enjoyable set. Ozzy Ozbourne - improved on every complaint I had at last year's Ozzfest. Ozzy's voice wasn't cracking and as a matter of fact sounded great. Zakk Wylde's guitar effects fit well in the mix, and the solos were especially well-introduced. As good as Ozzy can probably get from this point forward. Metallica - no songs after Black Album save for the new one. My favorite band playing many of my favorite songs without a single weak link in the set. It doesn't get better than this. Well, there was a slight problem early on with wanting Hammett's guitar louder, but that got fixed promptly and I'm not sure that's really a complaint. // 10

Perfomance: The Destro - it's not easy waking metalheads up at noon on a hot day, but they more than got it done with copious amounts of energy on stage and a huge lead singer that more than did his share to get the crowd pumped. Enticed myself and my friend into the small circle pit they had going anyway. In This Moment - the way the lead singer's appearance conflicts with her bandmates is a pretty good representation of their sound. Black-clad dudes playing metal guitars lead by a tatooed cutie in an Alice in Wonderland dress does a good job of saying "heavy yet very accessible". The singer did a good job of speaking to the audience and running around, but as mentioned her voice just wasn't as crisp as it could be. Rigor Mortis - the singer was definitely feeling the power of his band's playing, often completely leaving the microphone behind to get the audienced pumped and point out the guitarist's skills. From 5 feet away I noted his eyes were pretty huge which helped the intensity. When he did sing, he was holding a bloody chain prop attached to the microphone, adding to the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre of metal" vibe. Apocolyptica - what's more impressive than playing Metallica with cellos? Playing Metallica with a cello behind your back. Effortlessly got the crowd singing along to the cello that mimicked James' vocals and were a good precursor to the real Metallica. Kingdom Of Sorrow - as always, Jasta had an uplifting message about why heart matters more than hair and t-shirts. This strong message was now met with a clear indication of how much fun the band was having, with Jasta mentioning the Beard of Doom more than once and Kirt himself calling Jasta "the hardest working man in metal, hardcore, and emo, there's two kinds people!" Again, Jasta + Beard of Doom can't be bad. Shadows Fall - just as they played like legends they very much performed like it, running from one great song to the next and doing a good job of interacting with theaudience. Drowning Pool - playing to the most massive crowd I think I had seen at the Texas stage, they had everyone singing and some of the most impressive moshpits going at the event which you can check out on youtube. Wasn't too bad just watching the band while it fed off the crowd's energy either. Devildriver - I'm nothing but impressed with what I saw on stage, the lead singer's intensity almost matching that of Rigor Mortis (with a bit more talking to the audience) and people caught on to this as the crowd seemed to get bigger and bigger and possibly the quickest I've seen an audience react to a request for opening up the pit during "Fighting Words". The Sword - unfortunately, the crowd lined up for them was far smaller than the one simply waiting for Sevendust to appear on the neighboring second stage and this seemed to mark a bit of defeat in the singer's voice. Where most of the bands had a "f--k yeah! Ain't this awesome!" attitude, this singer had the same "thank y'all for coming out" that I've heard from local bands my friends were in when only a couple buddies show up. That said, they sold themselves far better with their energy when they were actually playing and if they can keep up that much they'll have a much stronger following soon. Just need the lead guy to bea bit more enthused. Jonathon Davis - the idea of literally having a throne for Davis and his walking off stage blowing kisses is akwardly diva-like, but the matching suits for the bandmates complimented the quirky feel pretty well, and the bandmates themselves seemed to be having fun playing with Davis. I mostly noticed the bass player, whether cause of his decidedly large classicaly-styled instrument I don't know. At one point in the set Davis brought out a violin and mentioned he was an Apocolyptica fan, which made me appreciate the diversity of his set. He also encouraged his guitarist to finish off an improv solo, but I wasn't as impressed with really fast sweeps on the same part of the neck as I once was. Hellyeah/Dimebag Tribute - this is where I first started noticing naked breasts on-screen on either side of the stage and where the drunken admirers were clearly going to come in full force for beloved heavy music and naked tits. Hellyeah was just as energetic as the Pantera covers, though it's hard to match Kerry King and Scott Ian, at the same time, playing "F--king Hostile". Yeah. This was accompanied by home videos and pictures of Dimebag on the screens which was cool but unfortunately meant some attendants likely couldn't see the big names on stage while that footage was on. Serj Tankian - wearing a white suit and accompanied by a drummer wearing fairy wings, yelling "praise the lord, pass the weapons!" and dancing to many of his own songs, he certainly wasn't attempting to appease the conservative crowd. Fine by me, I love the weird stuff (ok the fairy wings were a bit odd even for me but). "What do you get when Romeo&Juliet and Borat f--k each other? Nothing!" Despite that conclusion, I'm pretty sure he was referring to himself. Ozzy Ozbourne - More pop media spoofs involving Ozzy's manhood (a particularly funny one for Juno where the kicking baby is replaced by you guessed it, Ozzy's manhood), some rehashed some new. More of Zakk Wylde playing solos behind his back, with his teeth, and going into Star Spangled Banner. More clarity in Ozzy's voice. Most importantly more Iron Man and more songs from Black Rain, both of which were weirdly absent from last year's free showing. More and therefore better than last year. He also had some video loops and patterns for select songs up on the big screen. Metallica - some of the best crowd interaction I've ever seen, James knows how to make you feel like you're a part of something big (which considering this year's format I already was but he drove it home quite well). Lars' face on the big screen is intense every time the camera looks on HIM, Trujillo gave a great performance with little or no of his heavily criticized monkey stance and Kirk just looked cool. Complete with full-blown fireworks show and special guest King Diamond. I don't even know many Mercyful Fate somgs, but this ended up being one of the biggest highlights of the night. // 10

Overall Impression: USA, Frisco, Pizza Hut Park, August 9 2008. Openers - Texas (third) stage: 1st/2nd Place Battle of the Bands Winners, The Destro, Within Chaos, Rigor Mortis, Drowning Pool, The Sword. Second stage: Goatwhore, Witchcraft, Soilent Green, Kingdom of Sorrow, Devildriver, Sevendust. Main Stage: In This Moment, Apocolyptica, Shadows Fall, Cavalera Conspiracy, Jonathon Davis, Hellyeah/Dimebag Tribute, Serj Tankian. The diversity and quality of the bands, the fact Texas and Second stages were directly next to each other, how large the main stage area was (soccer field plus stands), and use of big screen and fireworks. The fact the bands had conflicting set times causing me to miss some, $4 for cold and filtered water (should be considered a safety hazard), extreme heat, and the fatigue that ensued. I purchased a general admission field ticket for $150 once ticketmaster "convenience charges" (stressing out and explaing I've checked my damn spam mail to the Ticketfast call center) are factored in. Completely worth it for Metallica alone, and having 16+ other good bands to watch didn't Hurt. So yes the show does worth the money UG, whatever that means. Most unforgettable moments: The Destro's surprisingly good set, Shadows Fall, The Sword, Metallica, and of course the bong being passed by a guy in a Grateful Dead t-shirt directly in front of me. Whether I go to the next Ozzfest will obviously depend on the bands, I've heard AC/DC might headline which I certainly wouldn't mind. As for Metallica, they're coming to Houston with The Sword and Down In November which I might just attempt to catch. // 10

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overall: 10
USA (Dallas), August 9, 2008 Reviewed by: PowerDistortion, on september 17, 2008
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Sound: At Ozzfest in Dallas August 9, 08 Metallica was the leading band, but byfar not the best. The best band ther was Ozzy, he sang old classics and some new stuff. Zaak Wylde was there and he ripped a scorchin solo. he used his teeth and went behind his head. It was great. I was only there for the last 4-5 hours. Mostly to see Jonathan Davis from Korn, Serj Tankian from System Of A Down, Ozzy, and of course Metallica. Zakk Wylse used almost all of his sig. guitars. And Kirk Hammett used some weird guitar with Dracula on it. It was prett good, Ozzy sounds better Live than on the CD's. // 10

Perfomance: Their performances were good, I especially liked to solo Zakk Wylde played. It was about 10 minutes or so and it was great. After Ozzy got off and Metallica came on the whole audience did the wave. And during some performance byh Metallica their light show was great, espcially during their new song Cyanide. This was the first time they played it and I thought it was too fast and not Metallica. But Ozzy played almost every some you could name, such as, Crazy Train, Paraniod, and I don't Wanna Stop, some songs Metallica played were Cyanide, Sanitarium, and Harvester of Sorrow. I thought Sanitarium was the best. My byfar favoritre part throughtout the whole thing was the Tribute for Dimebag. // 10

Overall Impression: It was in the US. In Dallas, Texas on August 9, 2008. There were no openers, they all came straight on. The parts I liked were the Dimebag Tribute, Zakk Wyldes solo, and Ozzy's whole performance. There really wasn't anthing that I disliked about it. The tickets werent that pricey for where I sat, back in the back. They were about 70 and 92 with tax and shipping. The show was difenitly worth the money though. There was one girl throuhtout Ozzfest who kept flashing the cameras. I will definetly go to Ozzfest next year. // 10

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