USA (New York), September 30, 2005 Review

artist: Paul McCartney date: 10/03/2005 category: live concerts

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Paul McCartney: USA (New York), September 30, 2005
At almost 63, he is still the king of the rock show. He sounded amazing! He did not look a day over 45, and his voice is still excellent. he performed for almost 4 hours!
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (New York), September 30, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 03, 2005
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Sound: At almost 63, he is still the king of the rock show! He sounded amazing! He did not look a day over 45, and his voice is still excellent, and he performed for almost 4 hours. Paul played the bass (his Hoffner), a Les Paul guitar, an acoustic, and of course the piano. The music in 1 word, singing wise and sound wise incredible! // 10

Perfomance: Overall, me and the audience loved it! Paul showed again tonight why he can continually sell out arenas, he is the best live act out there, with The Rolling Stones in a close second. During the whole show Paul would stop between songs to tell the audience a story or a joke, and even at one point said he doesn't need applause, the fans showing up to see him is enough thanks. after which the crowd went wild in applause. He played the following songs: 01. Magical Mystery Tour - great start from song 1. 02. Flaming Pie - great 03. Jet - sing along with paul, really special 04. I'll Get You - constant applause as he didn't stop between songs. 05. Drive My Car - sounded better live than on CD. 06. Till There Was You 07. Let Me Roll It (Foxy Lady jam) - crowd went nuts then sang, Paul looked to be impressed and happy. 08. Got To Get You In My Life - nice sound 09. Fine Line 10. Maybe I'm Amazed - i was impressed, he played the piano and the solos were amazing. 11. Long And Winding Road - women were crying in the stands, it was touching and impressive. 12. In Spite Of All The Danger - very good 13. I Will - decent 14. Jenny Wren - good 15. For No One - good 16. Fixing A Hole - good 17. English Tea - perhaps his best new song off the new album 18. I'll Follow The Sun - crowd was pleased 19. Follow Me 20. Bouree - just a little lick he and george did in practice. 21. Blackbird - Paul alone on stage doing this alone was impressive. 22. Eleanor Rigby - crowd was standing the whole song. 23. Too Many People - crowd sat down and applauded. 24. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 25. Good Day Sunshine - I didn't expect this song at all. 26. Band On The Run - brought the house down, the acoustic transition brought a mammouth applause. 27. Penny Lane - again, house came down, long ovation. 28. i've Got A Feeling 29. Back In The USSR - McCartney sounded great doing this. 30. Baby Face - crack a laugh in the crowd, he sang babyface, it was comical. 31. Hey Jude - 15 min sing-along. Great. 32. Live And Let Die - pyrotechtics, fire, explosions,indoors, impressive. Encore: 33. Yesterday - tearful lol, it sounded that good. 34. Get Back - the bass line that Paul played was great and he sounded excellent. 35. Helter Skelter - incredible. Encore: 36. Please Please Me 37. Let It Be 38. Sgt. Pepper's (Reprise)/The End - unfortunetly all amazing things must end. // 10

Overall Impression: I saw Paul McCartney on September 30th of 2005, at Madison Square Garden in New York City, it was his first in a series of 4 concerts here. The opener seemed to be a DJ playing some music for about 15 minutes, then the lights went out and McCartney came on to a standing ovation. The thing which really made me the most happy was the fact that I got to see Paul McCartney, which I never thought I would, and the fact that he sounded amazing! I really didn't hate anything, except for the opening DJ, he was annoying but thats it. It was an amazing night! The tickets I had cost 55 dollars, and the seats were excellent and the show was without a doubt worth it. The most unforgettible moments were Band On The Run, Helter Skelter, and Let It Be. And without a doubt, if I'm still alive and able to go, I will be attending his next tour. He is an amazing performer. // 10

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