Australia (Sydney), November 7, 2006 Review

artist: Pearl Jam date: 11/08/2006 category: live concerts

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Pearl Jam: Australia (Sydney), November 7, 2006
The whole crowd really got into the music, people dancing all the way through each segment of the show. The set list was brilliant.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Australia (Sydney), November 7, 2006 Reviewed by: israels_son, on november 08, 2006
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Sound: I was anticipating this concert from the day I bought my ticket in June. I was worried about Ed's voice because people had been saying it wasn't good any more. They are wrong. Eddies voice was loud clear and pitch perfect all night, from the start of Release to the end of Rockin' in the Free World. His only vocal stuff up was forgeting a line to Grievence, but that didn't hinder the performance of it at all. Mike and Stone seemed to change guitars for every song and they were showing an aray of beautiful instruments both electric and acoustic. Jeff's Fretless upright bass was brought out for Daughter and both looked and sounded beautiful. Everything sounded clear and strong, Mike and Stones lead breaks, Matts drum fills, my only problem with the sound was a could hardly hear Boom or the keys, wich dissapointed me a little because I think he really adds and extra element to the band Live. Still the sound quality was briliant. // 10

Perfomance: The whole crowd really got into the music, people dancing all the way through each segment of the show. The set list was brilliant it had everything I wanted to hear and more. 01. Release - the open notes of this radiated the stadium, the crowd joining Ed in a low-key sing-along absolute gold. 02. Rearviewmirror - I never saw this coming as a second track, it blew me away, one of my all time favourites, everyone in the Ten Club were singing along to every word helping the rest of the crowd catch on. Masterfull. 03. Severed Hand - one of my favourites from the new album, Eddie and Matt's vocals were in great Harmony and the rest of the band were bouncing around with energy. Good crownd participation with 18000 people filling in the yeah parts. 04. Corduroy - the opening notes of this tune sent shivers down my spine, Mike played a brilliant guitar soloand the band were showing no sign of slowing down, despite befor the show people saying that they are to old to put on a good show, Corduroy proved them wrong. 05. World Wide Suicide - I knew we would hear this tonight and I was not dissapointed, the song was played well but was not as fun to watch as most of the band stayed still during this song. 06. Animal - this song was so aggressive, the whole crowd hold their hands out for the count at the begining, the band lept around stage like wild bulls, Vedder screaming with passion as they played. 07. Marker In The Sand - another new one, but much welcomed. This reminded me of church music, but we were in th church of true gods, Pearl Jam. I tried to sing along but my breath had escaped me from all the singing I had been doing so far. 08. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town - this was marvellous. I was nearly in tears as Vedders voice started that opening line. the crowd all waved hello at the appropriate parts and the audience members Who didn't know the chorus soon caught on. 09. Given To Fly - this was the biggest suprise of the night, this is one of my all time favourites and to hear it played by those Who play it best was an almost religious experience. This was amazing. 10. I Got Id - I didn't know this song too well but I still quite enjoyed it, it was fun to dance to and I caught on to the lyrics soon enough. It had a cool little extended outro wich was fun to see. 11. Daughter/(W.M.A.) - this was immense! The opening chords sent the crowd insane, everyone sang along to every word, then they jammed it out into W.M.A it was insane, everybody in the arena was clapping in time so loud that it drownd out Matts snare. I didn't think it could get any better. 12. Even Flow - but then it got better. Wow, no Live bootleg or DVD compares to this, Mike and Matt both played amazing solos befor the crowd sang a loud rendition of the last chorus. Fan-f--king-tastic. 13. Big Wave - one of my favourites off the new one, dedicated to one Eddies surfer mates and it rocked the whole place out with an awesome vibe and groovy surf stylings. 14. Grievance - this is one of my all time favs and I was singing it louder than anyone around me, Ed forgot one of the last lines wich had most of the crowd laughing as he clumsily tried to find his place again. 15. Wasted Reprise - nice litte segment, just Boom and eddie, the only time in the show that you could really hear the keys. 16. Better Man - kareoke time. Awesome rendition. This was soung by everybody and the crowd went wild. 17. Do The Evolution - great set closer, I found all this energy I didn't think I had and danced and jumped non-stop, it was wonderfull. Encore: 18. Man Of The Hour - I didn't really know this, I had heard it on bootlegs but never really paid attention, but it was a steller tune to kick back to after the break. 19. Nothingman - "an experiment" according to one Mr Vedder, an experiment that paid off, a haunting redition of this great song. 20. Gone - another choice cut from the new album, this added to the haunting acoustic vibe of this first concert. 21. Black - this blew me away, tears seeped from my eyes as the band played such an emotion heavy song, Mike played a beautiful guitar solo and they wound out the ending letting everything ring out untill. 22. Alive - that riff. Stone Gossard showed us how it was done that night. Not a single person in the crowd was silent or sitting as everybody stood and danced, some people around me even going into fits. Mikes solo was flawless and spectacular. 23. Go - who says these guys are to old to rock? this song reminded everyone that these guys are one of the most stellar rock bands ever and shoud go down in history. 24. Why Go - a classic ripper from Ten, the opening swinging drum beat, The crowd sang their little lungs out and when it came time for Mike to Shine he played the fastest solo I have seen Live, behind his head. pure class and pure talent. 25. Throw Your Hatred Down - I didn't really know this Neil Young track, but I did know it well enough to enjoy it. Eddie played a Black Les paul with a big 5 sticker that I had never seen before. 26. Rockin' In The Free World - a great finisher. The house lights came on and everyone was clapping as one with Eddie, leading the way with his two tamborines. Solos from Mike and Stone were great. Just a brilliant ending. Eddie sharing his wine with the crowd and running around stage leaping off of speakers like a ragdoll man, Mike throwing countless handfulls of picks to the Audience, Matt Camerons drum solo was immense, The little remarks about moving to Australia and how Eddie has never made a mistake in his life all added to the atmosphere of a great memorable performance. // 10

Overall Impression: It was on the 7th of November at Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia. The show was sold out but I had good seats becasue my brother is in the Ten Club. Openers Kings Of Leon were quite good and were an enjoyable opening act. it cost 100 dollars wich seems to be standard for an Acer Arena show but I feel it was worth every dollar. I wasn't sure how much fun I would have because I was sick that night, but I forgot about it once these guys hit the stage. I still remember staring at Ed after the first song (release) and seeing him break into the RVM riff we all love. I can't wait to see them again on the 18th in sydney and 19th in Newcastle. // 10

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