Germany (Berlin), September 23, 2006 Review

artist: Pearl Jam date: 04/11/2007 category: live concerts

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Pearl Jam: Germany (Berlin), September 23, 2006
Eddie didn't forget any parts of lyrics, his voice sounded better than ever and the band in general made a very fresh, young and full of energy impression.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Germany (Berlin), September 23, 2006 Reviewed by: ana, on april 11, 2007
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Sound: Eddie didn't forget any parts of lyrics, his voice sounded better than ever and the band in general made a very fresh, young and full of energy impression. It was awesome, they really lived the songs they played even songs they have been playing for over 15 years. The great audience definitely got involved into the suspense, the extension and the movements. Above all, the sound quality seemed to me very good. The instruments fit to Eddie's voice, they weren't too loud, as it sometimes is. // 10

Perfomance: The audience consisted out of German (of course), Frensh, Belgium, Polnish and English fans (as far as I made the experience). Moreover, we all knew the lyrics perfectly and showed it happily. Eddie's comment after Last Kiss: "I feel the need to say, that you are singing perfectly tonight, perfectly and perfectly loud. About two weeks ago, we told the Italians they might have been the best singers but I think tonight..." After these words, I suppose, you can imagine how the audience screamed! Anyway here's the neat playlist: 01. Go - was awesome, the first song, it was really "go", very straight, fantastic, we couldn't hold ourselves, the fans exploded, expressed all their suspense which loaded while waiting, everyone was jumping, you had to pay attention that you won't get hurt. 02. Save You - without any break, "Go" directly leaded into "Save You", the audience sang, the band got crazy, and eddie sang this song so great (don't know how to describe this feeling). 03. Animal - also no break, it seemed that Pearl Jam swore that they will first still the fans hunger until they make a little break between the songs, by the way, here we could finally sing "I'd rather be... with an animal", it was so loud, that I think even the band should have been estonished. 04. Do The Evolution - great! We kept on rocking, nobody get tired above all not Pearl Jam, but I have to say, the audience's lust was not yet fullfiled, still the crowd moved and jumped, it was slowly getting hot! 05. Rearviewmirror - we couldn't breath in, no time, we needed to lead this feeling "how awesome, how neat" out of our body. 06. Elderly Woman - everyone sang as loud as he could, finally, we could breath in, and stone and mike looked as happy as they had never been. 07. Severed Hand - just move, rock, the guitars sounded fantastic. 08. World Wide Suicide - the audience tried to sing as loud as possible, because many knew the lyrics, anyway the guitars were too loud, you couldn't here us, but the quality was excellent, it sounded even better than on the CD. 09. Marker In The Sand - the fans screamed, you could here that it's the favourite song of many. 10. Even Flow - what do you expect? Screaming, jumping fans, and after the neat solo eddie said something like: "c'os to you, you try" and we sang together against the guitars and drums: "Even Flow..." not easy but we got it, of course, everyone jumped as high as possible when coming "hey." 11. Present Tense - this was fantastic, the intro and some cried because they couldn't believe it: what a perfect song. 12. big Wave - we tried to sing, but unfortunately, you didn't hear it very much, anyway great! 13. Grievance - fantastic! 14. Daughter - nobody got tired, and while the bridge the audience took the initiative to shout loudly and clearly "Hey, hey..." The band was fascinated, eddie imitated our "hey," great. 15. Green Disease - Eddie "This is much, something we have everywhere but in America, Green Disease." I suppose, he knew that he is in Germany because he spoke very clearly and slowly English, how kind. 16. Black - the audience sang louder than eddie, and we were allowed to sing alone the part "Ooh, I'm spinning." 17. Porch - the crowd jumped, the band jumped. Eddie spoke a lot of German to us, it sounded quite well, he read it from some papers 18. Given To Fly - of course, this was as great as every song before. 19. Come Back - before this, Eddie said things to us in German, that the world has lost a Legend, and now he will sing this song for him into the sky, hopefully, he can hear it. 20. I Believe In Miracles - we sang. The band still seemed very fresh and active. 21. Crazy Mary - Eddie sang the verse an octave higher which sounded awesome. 22. Alive - we sang! Everyones' arms were up in the sky, the light show was great by the way. 23. Last Kiss - fantastic, we sang, we clapped our hands, Eddie: "Come on, help me," of course we did. Here he said: "I feel the need to say that you are singing perfectly tonight." 24. Footsteps - first the audience couldn't calm down, but then Eddie said "We would like to play a request." There was a fan with a poster "Footsteps" I suppose he was definitely happy. 25. Lukin - Eddie "Ah, this is another sing along." This was very straight, and loud, and clear, and correct. 26. Comatose - excellent 27. Why Go - we helped him, the band was as powerful as ever. 28. Baba O'riley - everybody went up, moving screaming, jumping. 29. Yellow Ledbetter - last song, anyway fantastic. // 10

Overall Impression: Opener: The black keys (awesome band). Eddie spoke so much German, we all loved him for that. And he does so too, at the end he said: Ich liebe euch. Without reading it from a paper. Ticket cost: 50 Euros. It was more worth than that. When the audience started to sing "ooh" right before Last Kiss, then Eddie laughed and began to sing "Oh where..." Or at the moment when the audience was allowed to sing alone together just with the whole instruments Even flow. I'm really looking for Southside, Rock I'm Park etc. where Pearl Jam is headliner. // 10

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