Ukraine (Kharkov), September 12, 2008 Review

artist: Queen date: 07/10/2009 category: live concerts

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Queen: Ukraine (Kharkov), September 12, 2008
It was a really good show definitely worth at least a look for Queen fans and even not Queen fans looking for a good show.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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Ukraine (Kharkov), September 12, 2008 Reviewed by: mercury23, on july 10, 2009
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Sound: When Queen came out with their first studio album with Paul Rodgers not too many people were impressed. "The Cosmos Rocks" just wasn't innovative enough to be considered a good Queen album. With the start off the tour that followed the album came the first Concert which was filmed for DVD release: "Live In Ukraine. Now mostly because Paul Rodgers is the new front man he does most of the singing. And he does do a pretty good job on most songs. His best being: "The Show Must Go On", "All Right Now", "Bad Company", and "I Want To Break Free". His worst being: Another One Bites The Dust", and "I Want It All". Brian May and Roger Taylo each get there own solos and the both do very well. May plays his Red Special with the skill that he always does and never misses a note and Taylor is as good as ever on Drums. Back up musicians Jamie Moses (on guitar), Danny Miranda (on bass) and Spike Edney (keyboards) all help bolster the sound and it really packs a punch (with Moses even playing his own Red Special at some points). Overall the sound really comes through on the DVD (especially with the 5.1 surround sound on) although occasionally there just seems to be something missing from the actually sound, like vocally missing notes or something but still overally really good. // 8

Perfomance: I'm going to take a guess and say not to many people in the Ukraine don't speak much English. Yet they seem to know the words to almost all the the Queen and some of the Paul Rodgers songs. The Audience really enjoys the concert, did i mention the audience of 350,000 people and this was Queen's first time ever in the Ukraine. As for the setlist it is very good, with a mix of most of the Queen albums, a good amount of Paul Rodgers music and some music from the new album. The show starts off with And intro version of "Surfs Up... Schools Out!" and then cuts straight into "One Vision" which has vocals done really well by Rodgers and May making up a solo or two. They cut out of the song right after the keyboard bridge and switch to "Tie Your Mother Down" which is as fast paced as ever although they seem to have cut out the second verse for this show. Straight after the end they cut into the beautifully done "The Show Must Go On" which has Rodgers really showing off the power is his voice and May with his guitar solos. Next comes "Fat Bottomed Girls" which is the first real downer of the show because of Paul Rodgers adding little phrases in between lines in the chorus. "Another One Bites The Dust" comes next and another let down comes with it as Rodgers tries to blues up the song and fails. "Hammer To Fall" follows up and it is done quite well with lots of pounding guitar riffs from May. Next is "I Want It All" is next which sadly doesn't go so well. It is missing two guitar solos and some of the harmonies done by Moses are off. Next comes "I Want To Break Free" which is done rather nicely. Next is the Acoustic portion of the concert which starts off with Paul Rodgers doing a solo song called "Seagull" which is followed by Brian May doing a version of Freddie's "Love Of My Life" which is done amazingly with the entire audience singing a verse by themselves. "'39" follows which starts out just May with the Acoustic 12 string and and Taylor with a simple bass kick drum and gradually builds to an upright bass by Miranda and a keyboard accordion used by Edney. It works really well and sounds really cool. Taylor gets a "Drum Solo" which starts off with an incredible unique bass part where Taylor plays a bass with his drum sticks. And then Taylor goes ahead and sings his classic "I'm In Love With My Car" which is then followed by the album version of "Say It's Not True" which is sung by: Taylor, May, and Rodgers. Next come two Paul Rodgers songs: Shooting Star and Bad Company (the former he plays Acoustic guitar the latter grand piano). Then may gets 3 guitar solos: the first one being the improvised "Guitar Solo", the second being "Bijou" with Mercury's original vocals and the third being "Last Horizon". "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is next followed by "C-lebrity" and "Feel Like Making Love". All three of these songs are done very well and the crowd gets into it. The last song before the Encore of course is "Bohemian Rhapsody". Freddie's vocal were kept intact for most of the song, the exception being the hard rock part of the song. The Encore starts off with "Cosomos Rockin". "All Right Now" is next which shows Rodgers really working the crowd to get them to sing along with a song that they don't know. The show then ends with a well done version of "We Will Rock You", A version of "We Are The Champions" that I think Paul Rodgers might regret, and "God Save The Queen". The Show over all was very impressive visually with lots of effects on the big screens behind the band as well as the stage itself. Left out from the DVD but were performed during the concert were "Radio GaGa", "A Kind Of Magic" and "Wishing Well". Overall a pretty good performance. // 8

Overall Impression: "Live In Ukraine is of course in Ukraine. It was a free concert held in Freedom Square in the capital of Kharkov. My favourite moments of the show were when: Roger Taylor's drum set was built why he was still using it, "The Show Must Go On", and when the entire audience sang a verse of "Love of My Life". Some lesser moments of the show were: Paul Rodgers vocals on some songs including: "Another One Bites The Dust", the backing vocals of the extra musicians, and the lack of energy from Rodgers and May. Mostly though it was a really good show definitely worth at least a look for Queen fans and even not Queen fans looking for a good show. // 8

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