USA (Houston), March 3, 2012 Review

artist: Radiohead date: 03/07/2012 category: live concerts

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Radiohead: USA (Houston), March 3, 2012
The Toyota Center in Houston, Texas certainly had a great show that night. March 3rd was one of the best concerts I have attended.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
USA (Houston), March 3, 2012 Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 07, 2012
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Sound: Radiohead, has what I consider to be a unique sound to them. Album to album they maintain that similar 'Radiohead-esque' sound, yet with different approaches. "The King Of Limbs" greatly exemplified this. The five members, along with a guest percussionist produced beautiful music on the night of March 3rd. From the opening track "Bloom" to the last song of the night "Paranoid Android" the vibe filled the room and fans were into the music. From Thom's haunting vocals on "Give Up The Ghost" to his quirkiness lyrics such as "Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon" his vocals were strong and carried through the night. Jonny and Ed's corroboration with each song was amazing. The interaction between the two in "Arpeggi" and in other songs was thorough. Aside from guitarwork Jonny initiated all the miscellaneous instruments heard in "The King Of Limbs". Collin's bass stood out throughout the night. My personal favorite was in "Nude" each note came out clearly, and his face during some parts of the night was hysterical. Phil did an excellent job with the percussion. Phil operated an electric and an acoustic mixed set, and kept each beat steady. It was really interesting to watch him play on songs from "TKOL". // 10

Perfomance: It being my first Radiohead concert I had high expectations. And whilst I was let down slightly, it was an amazing performance. Thom's stage presence I feel could have been a bit better. Collin was between the two drummers and for the most part out of the picture during the night. Jonny was really getting into it and as always, he was really enjoyable to watch. The entire set list consisted of: 01. "Bloom": I expected this to be played, as it had been the opening for all other concerts on the tour. As the band came out, they checked their sound levels and started playing. The vibe started to fill the room and you could tell they (the band) were getting into a unified groove, it was a great opener. 02. "Little By Little": I'm not going to lie. This song, in my opinion, was a let down. Firstly I'm not a huge fan of this song, but the transition from "Bloom" just didn't seem to flow. I don't have much else to say. 03. "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi": I remember when the drums started for this all I instantly had an adrenaline rush. This is one of my favorites from "In Rainbows". Jonny walked over to Ed and they started playing their layered guitar part, it was beautiful. Phil stayed consistent and the crowd started singing along "In the deepest ocean..." it was a song. 04. "Morning Mr Magpie": This track redeemed "Little By Little". This song was solid and when Thom started playing the guitar riff the crowd screamed in excitement. 05. "The Gloaming": Now, while "HTTT" is my favorite album this song was a bit of a let down. Though Thom's dancing was great to watch. 06. "15 Step": Was a great song to throw in the setlist, it was a first for the tour and I'm glad they played it. Thom's vocals on this were solid, and are one of my favorite on the album. 07. "Codex": I remember, they pulled the piano out on stage and after a chord or two the crowd realized it was "Codex", the people who were talking by me in the pit went silent, and we just stared and listened. It was one of my favorite of the night! 08. "Cut A Hole": A new song, the second time this had been played live on the tour. Thom said "It's a new song" then Jonny started the descending guitar riff and the vocals started. This is one of my favorite's as far as the live performance of it. It felt like everything slowed down, as I stood listening to each sound, absorbing all I could. 09. "These Are My Twisted Words": I don't have much to say about this. I recognized the song but didn't know it very well. I think a lot of people were thrown off due to it was a single released between two albums. It was relaxing though to listen to something different 10. "Airbag": I think many people had mixed feelings. A lot of people were like "F yes, 'OK Computer'!" and it was enjoyable but I would have much rather heard 'let down' or 'exit music'! 11. "Identikit": Another new song, that I'd heard enough to be acquainted with it. The percussion for this song was fantastic! 12. "Lotus Flower": As soon as the synth note hit, and Thom started dancing, so did the crowd. Was definitely a great track from "TKOL" to play live. 13. "There There": Definitely in my top 5 for the night! Jonny and Ed were given mic'd toms and everyone knew what was coming up. Thom's chorus vocals "Just cause you feel it..." was amazing, time almost froze it was jaw dropping. 14. "Feral": I was mixed about this song, but it was an OK one to throw in the setlist, really not much to say. 15. "Idioteque": Another easily in my top 5 for the night. Once the drums started, and the fading violin-esque guitar part started everyone was screaming. By "Ice age coming" it was fantastic, Ed was dancing around and the crowd interaction was just amazing. I'd love to see it again. 16. "Reckoner": I thought this was a weak song, It sounded good, but performed weak. That's all for this song. 17. "Separator": It was a good Encore teaser. Not much to say, except Phil's drumming was exceptional. 18. "All I Need": Easily, my favorite song of the night. It's been my favorite Radiohead song for some time now. Once the bass riff started I almost froze up. When Thom moved to the piano and started his riff, it was magical. I can't explain it, it just always has been and once he started sining "its all..." I was frozen by this time. Sadly, others around me were chatting etc... But it was my favorite moment at the concert. Will keep the memory for as long as my life. 19. "Myxomatosis": It was a great 'wake up' from the last tune. I love "Hail To The Thief" and this is my second favorite on the album (behind "A Punchup At A Wedding"). The overall band vibe on this was great, interaction, stage presence, notes, it all flowed well. 20. "Everything In Its Right Place" (with some sort of intro): Great closer to the fist encore. I consider this to be an essential for a Radiohead concert. 21. "Give Up The Ghost": Jonny and Thom just killed it on this. It was great, the crowd really enjoyed it. 22. "Nude": Another in my top 5 for the concert. Collin's bass on this was solid and Thom's vocals were amazing. The crowd really interacted once Thom got into it. 23. "Paranoid Android": Not the closer I was hoping for, but it couldn't have been much better. Some already knew this was going to be the closer, but it was a surprise to many. Thom had his acoustic guitar around him and said "We've had Mr. Nice for the last two songs and Mr. Nice isn't gonna play us out." and in his quirky voice he said "Goodnight Mr. Nice guy". The drumsticks hit, and when Thom started, the crowd roared in excitement. It was a moment to remember. The "rain down" section was fantastic, and Jonny's guitarwork at the end was exceptional. It was a great song to leave the crowd with. // 7

Overall Impression: The Toyota Center in Houston, Texas certainly had a great show that night. March 3rd was one of the best concerts I have attended. The opening act (Other Lives) was a good opener. They seemed to fit the Radiohead-appealing crowd. The show was amazing, the only dislike I have is the setlist could have been a bit more solid. There was nothing from "Pablo Honey" (which I expected), nothing from "The Bends", and nothing from "Amnesiac"! The fans a few rows (6 or 7) were smoking and it was a bit of a pain to deal with, but the band can't really control that. The tickets were fairly price (but that's because I had floor tickets). The show was well worth the money, and I'd love to see them again! Overall great show and I hope to see them again. // 9

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