USA (East Troy), August 24, 2007 Review

artist: Rage Against the Machine date: 08/27/2007 category: live concerts

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Rage Against the Machine: USA (East Troy), August 24, 2007
The performance was really cool. The songs were great.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (East Troy), August 24, 2007 Reviewed by: JL Sevenfold, on august 27, 2007
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Sound: Of course, being Rage they sound amazing. Tom Morello, as everyone who reads this probably knows, is probably the most creative guitarist ever. From endless killswitching to using the lead as a pick, and have a nice set of pedals, he can create any insane sound and always sounds perfect for the occasion. Tim and Brad did solid jobs backing up, even the harder drum lines & bass riffs were flawless. Zach de la Rocha also did a great job rapping, the lyrics were great and even varied at certain points from the studio lyrics (Killing In the Name on the Grand Olympic Auditorium Live CD is an example if you want to hear what I mean). Overall, awesome sound quality. No problems here. // 10

Perfomance: The performance was really cool. The songs were great, there will be a list below, and the lighting was good. The only problem I had was being in the lawn (mud) seats, I couldn't see the stage because there was some sort of weird tent thing in the way, but there were big screen monitors above the stage that let me see what was going on. On the good side again, there was a portion of the show where Zach told the show why the Democrats and Republicans act the way they do (don't want to ruin why in case someone is going to see a show of them soon, if you really want to know PM me (JL Sevenfold) and I will let you know) and that was pretty sweet. Here is a song list of what I remember and comments: Testify - opening song, started right as my and my friend/dad walked into the ampitheater. perfect timing/opening song. Guerilla Radio - always a good song, the breakdown (had to start somewhere, had to start sometime) got the entire crowd pumped. Bulls On Parade - Tom Morello's solo in this song is so much fun to watch, glad it was on the screens in it's entirety. Unbelievably awesome song when it's Live. Calm Like A Bomb - I like this song a lot, the high pitched guitar riff in the verse sounded really cool, the solo was so high pitched it was almost annoying, but I didn't care cause it was awesome. Sleep Now In The Fire - the guitar line in the chorus/intro is really high energy, got everyone in the place to rock out. Bullet In The Head - great song, the bass solo was cool to watch. Killing In The Name - of course, best for last, you can't end a Rage concert on another song. This came right off the end of another song, I think it was Know Your Enemy, and just blew the place apart. Such a sick song. What else can I say about it? I can't really remember the other songs, I know there were others though. Great song list. // 10

Overall Impression: The gig was at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin, USA (or call it middle of nowhere, Wisconsin). It was the 8/24/07 show everyone was curious about because of the site, of course it was on August 24, 2007. Queens Of The Stone Age opened, unfortunately many people (including myself) were unable to see them because of the situation described below. The show was insane, everything ruled, bad part was the fact that two straight days of rain left the lawn area one solid hill of mud (about a 30 degree incline, pretty steep to begin with). Tickets were 72 bucks, because of a Ticket(money)master "(in)convenience" fee that was 12 dollars. Killing in the Name was the part of the show that no one will ever forget, such a great song. I will definetly go to their next gig if they come by. Now for the horrifying events that took place before the show: the drive from my house to the show is 1 hour normally. It took 4. This is because we hit like 3 jams on the way up, then with 5 miles to go before the last turn onto the road leading to the ampitheater, we hit one last jam. There are 3 two-lane roads leading into that intersection, all heavily backed up. Well, apperantly there was an accident there. No one moved for two hours, after that it was a relative crawl for another hour to the theater. We showed up 2 1/2 hours later than planned, missed the opening band, and the parking lots were originally grass, now it's a swamp (complicated walking a bit). Next up was a mile walk through a valley path to get to the gates (ampitheater is in a natural valley). Well, we walked in as Rage started playing, perfect timing, the lawn was mud, there were mudslides everwhere, the show ruled, things got better, and the show ended up being worth the $72. Let that be a testament as to how good the show was. Lesson learned: plan for plenty of traffic if a show is in the middle of nowhere. There. I'm done. // 10

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