Belgium (Werchter), June 29, 2006 Review

artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers date: 01/31/2007 category: live concerts

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Red Hot Chili Peppers: Belgium (Werchter), June 29, 2006
Anthony Kiedis isn't the best at singing live, but he does his best to put on a good show despite this fact.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
Belgium (Werchter), June 29, 2006 Reviewed by: Eps123, on january 31, 2007
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Sound: Well, as we all know, Anthony Kiedis isn't the best at singing live, but he does his best to put on a good show despite this fact. Although I got to see John Frusciante and Flea at work, it was still a bit of a let down because at some of the best parts of certain songs Anthony sang a false note, which was disappointing, but it doesn't matter, it was a great show. John Frusciante as usual used his Fender Strat Sunburst and he also used his Fender Telecaster Sunburst and for Californication he used a white Gibson (I don't know which one exactly). Flea used three different basses: the red-white-blue one, the one with the silver glitter and, like John, a sunburst type(it's a new one apparently). Chad used his classic blue drum kit with Sabian symbals and Anthony had a microphone. When they came on stage, they did a little improvisation and went directly to Can't Stop (as heard on the album "Live In Hyde Park"). The sound of the instruments was very good at the impro beginning, but then when they went on to Can't Stop and Anthony started singing, everyone in the field noticed that the volume of the microphone wasn't loud enough. It was hard to hear Anthony's voice, but it wasn't really a problem because the whole audience (including me) was singing the lyrics. But there were obvious technical problems with the sound at the beginning of the show. After Can't Stop, they turned the microphone volume up and everything was good and we got to see an amazing Red Hot show. // 8

Perfomance: It was the first time I'd seen the Peppers and as many people would agree with me, I think, the Peppers are one of the best bands these days, so I enjoyed the show a lot. I enjoyed them a lot because John always changes his guitar solo's onstage and improvises together with Flea. That is what I liked about the Peppers on stage. The only thing I didn't like about the show, is that they left out some of the best songs (e.g.: Otherside, Under The Bridge), but overall I did enjoy them. Songlist: 01. Can't Stop - as I said before, Anthony's microphone wasn't loud enough, but the guitar, bass and drums did an amazing job on this song. 02. Dani California - amazing song, good microphone volume this time and nice soloing by John in the end . 03. Scar Tissue - beautiful, but sometimes some false singing by Anthony, which was a shame, but nice song. 04. Charlie - funky bass rythm, nice background singing from John in the chorus. 05. Fortune Faded - nice guitar riff. I didn't know ay lyrics to this song, except "Fortune Faded", but they played this song extremely well. 06. Warlocks - again, funky bass riff, and a very nice chorus, but Anthony chimed in with his false singing from time to time in the chorus. 07. Parallel Universe - nice rhythm, smooth picking from both guitar and bass and nice screaming by Anthony in the chorus. 08. Snow - nice and slow, beautiful guitar riff by John (who made a mistake btw) but still, nice Live performance. 09. Me And My Friends - old song, I was happy to hear some old songs, but I didn't really know this one, but I knew it wasn't on the new album. 10. Wet Sand - very nice, but again, Anthony messed up the singing tone at one point. 11. Right On Time - jump and then the slow chorus, where Flea shows his amazing ability to pick the bass strings at high speed. Very good. 12. Don't Forget Me - John and Flea together. Not much to say about it, it was really good. 13. How Deep Is Your Love? (The Bee Gees) - John's moment of fame. I didn't know this song, until after the concert, but John played it superbly, with the highest voice possible. People next to me were discussing wether John was castrated or not. 14. Tell Me Baby - new song, funky verse and nice chorus, and an extra long solo by John, but once in the Chorus there was a mistake by John, he was simply playing the wrong note, which kinda ruined that chorus, but well played overall 15. Californication - very nice song, but over the years, I had played this song myself so often, that, seeing it live, wasn't actually anything new for me, but still nice song. Encore: this was the worst part of the whole night! The Peppers were actually sent off, because it was a festival and the Black Eyes Peas were on next and the artist before the Peppers (Manu Chao) had used too much time for his own performance and so, the Peppers didn't have as much time as they needed, so they decided to narrow the show down to one last classic song: 16. By The Way - nice jumping during the verse and (as heard on "Live in Hyde Park") John and Flea did a little improvisation after the song and then they left. The lights were not that amazing, it was mostly just a set of blue lights during the slow songs and other light colours during the rest, but no one really watched the lights, they all watched the Peppers. There were several funny moments during the show, for example, when John made the mistake at Tell Me Baby, Flea and John looked at eachother and they started laughing, which I found funny and also, at the Encore, when the staff told them they only had time left for one last song, Anthony, Flea, Chad and John were almost arguing about the last song which was funny because you could clearly see that John was not happy when they started to play "By The Way". But overall the show was amazing and I'm happy I got to see the big guys perform live. // 8

Overall Impression: Belgium, Werchter, Rock Werchter Festival 2006. Thursday 29 June 2006. There was no real opener for the gig as it's a festival, but the artists before there Peppers were also enjoyable. The thing I hated about that day, was the weather, it was too warm, and there were always huge lines at the food and drink places, so we were thirsty all day. The thing I loved about the show was of course the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but also the crowd: they would throw beer all over everybody else which was very refreshing. I sat on my friends shoulders and I saw the most amazing thing: the whole field (and believe me: it was huge) was filled with people, who came to watch the Peppers. It was unbelievable. As it was a four day festival and I had bought a ticket for all four days, it cost over J150, but it was definetely worth it, because besides te Peppers, there were many talented artists. The most unforgettable thing about the show was the fact that I was drunk as hell after too many beers. The reason this is unforgettable, is that everytime I'm drunk, I sing RHCP, because I saw them live when I was wasted. One thing is sure, if they come anywhere near, and if I have time, I will go to their next gig for sure. // 9

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