UK (Coventry), June 2, 2006 Review

artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers date: 09/03/2007 category: live concerts

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Red Hot Chili Peppers: UK (Coventry), June 2, 2006
Overall the sound in the stadium was not great. Musically brilliant, but the vocals could have been louder.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.7
UK (Coventry), June 2, 2006 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 03, 2007
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Sound: Overall the sound in the stadium was not great. Chad, Flea and John could be heard no problem, but Anthony's mic was turned down too low, and it cut out several times during Encore Soul To Squeeze. John had his various Stratocasters, and used the semi-hollow body on Otherside, but not on Californication, which confused me. Musically brilliant, but the vocals could have been louder. // 8

Perfomance: The Red Hot Chili Peppers are by far my favourite band. I have been to several gigs, and the Chili Peppers know how to put on a show more than anyone else I have seen. They kept the show moving, although they still talked to the audience, and Anthony Kiedis did not disregard the audience, which I have read in other reviews. Not much stage decoration, but 5 screens and a good light show. They Played: 01. Intro - an instrumental jam, which sounded remarkably like the Hyde Park intro (probably because it is in e minor the key of intro song can't stop) but it really built the tension. 02. Can't Stop - Kiedis jumped on stage just before he started singing, an incredibly exciting moment. 03. Dani California - this song lacks the power it has on the record, but the final solo from Frusciante ended it on a high, basing it on the solo on the record, but improvising towards the end. 04. Scar Tissue - now that the Chili Peppers setlist is comprised largely from the later albums, this is regarded as somewhat of an old song. Frusciante's solos again lifted the song. 05. Charlie - track 3 on Stadium Arcadium, one of the few songs that lacked anything memorable. It is a hard song to sing, and Kiedis struggled. 06. Otherside - a good performance. Before the intro riff Kiedis said "Something good always happens when John gets out the Semi-Hollow Body," and he wasn't wrong. 07. Warlocks - one of the better songs of the night. Had more life live, and Flea attacked the baseline. 08. Fortune Faded - Kiedis messed up a few of the lyrics, but overall a good performance, with the distorted guitar line filling the whole stadium. 09. Snow (Hey Oh) - Kiedis' mic was working well on this song, and he sung it faultlessly, got the crowd going. Will be a crowd favourite in years to come. 10. Me And My Friends - good to hear something from the '80s! Kiedis and Flea were joking around before the song, claiming that originally it was a "Welsh love song." 11. Stadium Arcadium - bit boring on the record, but was given new life live. 12. Right On Time - got a big cheer when they started playing the intro to "London Calling" by the Clash. 13. Don't Forget Me - John's eerie guitar line echoed around the stadium. A fantastic live experience. 14. How Deep Is Your Love? -John Frusicante's traditional solo spot, doing a cover of one of his favourite bands (I presume because of the falsetto style singing. 15. Tell Me Baby - not one of my favourites. Rather they hadn't of played it. 16. Californication - magical, the 40,000 capacity crowd sung so loud, that Kiedis had to up his game just to be heard. 17. What Is Soul? - song of the night. The Funkadelic cover was fantastic with plenty of wah guitar and funny lyrics. 18. By The Way - lacked the punch of the record. Better on the Slane Castle DVD. Encore: 19. Soul To Squeeze - the crowd were surprised to hear this, some slightly dissapointed, as there were some people shouting "Under The Bridge!" 20. Give It Away - they played the "You're Gonna Get Yours!" intro. A fantastic closer. Kiedis is best when he is rapping. He left the stage after the song, but the other three stayed on and did a 10 minute funk/reggae jam. // 10

Overall Impression: Chk Chk Chk (aka !!!) came on first, and although musically they were not the best, they won me over by jumping, dancing and giving all they could. Dirty Pretty Things came on second, and were OK. The crowd only really responded to single "Bang Bang You're Dead" (with trumpet intro) and overall I probably enjoyed Chk Chk Chk more. The gig was at Coventry City Football Clubs Ricoh Arena. The sound in the stadium was poor, but the food, and the inside of the stadium was excellent. I paid 40 for my ticket, which was slightly overpriced, but it is not the first time I have seen them, and it definetly wont be the last. I tried to be as critcal as possible, but it was the best gig I have ever been to! // 8

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