Canada (Edmonton), December 16, 2005 Review

artist: Rise Against date: 12/23/2005 category: live concerts

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Rise Against: Canada (Edmonton), December 16, 2005
The whole sound system shorted out or something on the second song, but sounded great otherwise.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Canada (Edmonton), December 16, 2005 Reviewed by: LedZep420, on december 23, 2005
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Sound: Tim, the singer, sounded great. He played guitar on almost every song, and actually played most of the lead parts. The whole sound system shorted out or something on the second song, but sounded great otherwise. // 9

Perfomance: Here's the setlist: 01. Dancing For Rain 02. Blood Red, White & Blue 03. Dead Ringer 04. Paper Wings 05. Life Less Frightening 06. Alive And Well 07. Anywhere But Here 08. Like The Angel 09. Blood To Bleed 10. Heaven Knows 11. Last Chance Blueprint 12. To Them These Streets Belong 13. Remains Of Summer Memories 14. The First Drop 15. Broken English 16. State Of The Union 17. Black Masks & Gasoline Encore: 18. Swing Life Away 19. Everchanging (acoustic) 20. Anyway You Want It (Journey cover) 21. Give It All It might not be in the exact right order but all the songs are there. They came on to a crazy, extremely excited audience. During the second song the whole sound system shorted out or something and we had to wait like 10 minutes for them to come back on and they started the song from the beggining again. They played alot of songs from the newest album, but it was a good mix of songs from all of them. They played my 3 favorite song all in a row. This was their last show of 2005, before they go back into the studio. They played every song I wanted to hear, I never thought they'd play "Anyway You Want It." It was a Christmas fundraiser for some city charities and they had two big snowmen onstage, and some of those big plastic candles that light up which the singer smashed and threw in the audience at the end. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was part of the 1st annual Jingle Bell Rock concert in Edmonton at the Shaw Conference Center. The other bands were Edmonton's own Drive By Punch, Boys Night Out, and Comeback Kid from Winnipeg. All the bands were terrific, Comeback Kid really got the crowd going, it was awesome. The tickets were like 32 bucks or something, pretty good for 4 bands. I hope Rise Against comes back as soon as their new album comes out. // 10

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