USA (Rochester), June 16, 2007 Review

artist: Senses Fail date: 06/20/2007 category: live concerts

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Senses Fail: USA (Rochester), June 16, 2007
Everyone loved them. Many mosh pits, people throwing the horns in the air, jumping, everything imaginable.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
USA (Rochester), June 16, 2007 Reviewed by: someperson, on june 20, 2007
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Sound: They sounded pretty good Live. Unlike alot bands, they actually sounded good Live, but i could barely hear the lyrics half the time, mostly because the crowd was so large and loud. The quality of the sound was amaizng. In the end of the concert, it felt like my ears we're plugged it was so loud! They used a guitar, bass, and drums. Everything sounded great in general. // 9

Perfomance: Everyone loved them. Many mosh pits, people throwing the horns in the air, jumping, everything imaginable. They played:

  • Buried A Lie - They did a good job on this song, and probably the most popular one there. Everyone sung along.
  • Bite To Break The Skin - Again, a great song, but the crowd was so loud!
  • You're Cute When You Scream - Very good good song, great to listen to and mosh to.
  • Rum Is For Drinking, Not Burning - Again, a popular song that alot of people sung along with.
  • NJ Falls Into The Atlantic - Everyone sung along with this too, one of my favorite songs by them
  • Calling All Cars - Another, very popular, butnewer song by them. Everyone sung along with this one. They played more songs that i forgot, or don't know the name of, but it was all good. Inbetween a few songs, James "Buddy" Neilsen, the lead singer started talking about stuff. Like he said something like: God being a she, and how many people in the crowd he thought would be mad he called HIM a he, no she. Wait, we'll just say a transvestite. Then he said "This song goes out to Jesus' gay son!". So funny. And before that, he was talking about the moching, saying if someones down, pick them up, if someone's bleeding, help them, and if someones giving birth get them outta there! And he went on about having a baby like in the woods, or in a car without any medical help. Great times. He also swung his mic around and kneeled on the ground and started screaming the lyrics. // 10

    Overall Impression: The show was in Rochester, Ny, June 16, 2007 in the Marktplace mall parking lot. They were touring with the Zumiez couch tour. The opener for the gig was Greenwich? Something like that. He was hiphop, and did alittle rap before Senses Fail got on. I loved just about everyting in the show! The songs were great, and they were mostly fro the album Let It Enfold You. I didn't like that i almost lost my shoe in all the moshing, and it looked like people were about to cry. And the immense heat of the mosh. To get in it was free! A chance not worth missing! And the free show was definately worth waiting for. The most unforgettable moments were the moshing, the immense crowd, all the people being carried above the crowd. Also, me being able to get from the back of the crowd, all the way to the barrier! AT the end they threw many random items into the crowd, and even the drummers drumsticks! For me, I would definately go to there next gig if it's close by. All in all, the whole thing was an unforgettable concert. // 10

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