US (Boise), September 18, 2009 Review

artist: Shinedown date: 11/19/2009 category: live concerts

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Shinedown: US (Boise), September 18, 2009
In many ways the performance of opener Sick Puppies was better than Shinedown.
 Sound: 5
 Perfomance: 7
 Overall Impression: 6
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overall: 6
US (Boise), September 18, 2009 Reviewed by: YRIDEHD, on november 19, 2009
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Sound: So hearing a few You Tube videos of these guys, I was excited to see them live. Brent's voice is very dynamic. I believe he has a strong voice, but when I saw him it was....poor. I believe it wasn't until the end that Brent actually gave the higher notes in "Crow & Butterfly" a shot. ".45", "Burning Bright", and many others he either didn't go for the notes and let the back-up vocals carry him or he'd sing a lower Harmony. It was very disappointing. I have seen many blogs and comments on the internet about his voice. It seems many folks feel the need to defend their favorite band or singer when they can't pull it off live. As a musician, and a fan, I wonder why the heck you would write and record songs you can't pull off live. My expectation when I perform is to perform perfectly and give the audience the best show possible. I've heard so many people say "well he sings with so much passion that it hurts his voice". If that's the case, tour less. Or write songs you can sing day in and day out without fail. Everyone can have a poor performance, but I have seen enough of Brent's vocals now to know he is hit or miss. And he is a great STUDIO singer, but to the folks that say he is the best vocalist in rock right now I would have to disagree with. The rest of the band was tight, but they have had several line-up changes and I just didn't get the feel they were out there performing together. // 5

Perfomance: There was a lot of dead time between songs where Brent would ramble on it felt more like a sermon than anything else. He got a little upset when someone in the audience requested a LS song. It was either "Simple Man" (which they will no longer play) or "FREEBIRD!". The down time between songs kind of ruined it for me. I don't really mind if a band interacts with the audience but there are times Brent gets long winded and just needs to stand up there and ROCK! // 7

Overall Impression: Location: US - Boise Idaho - The Knitting Factory - 09/18/09 Sick Puppies, Cavo opened for them along with one other band that I missed. Sick Puppies rocked pretty hard and are great. In many ways there performance was better than Shinedown. I left this concert disappointed. I really enjoy Shinedowns music. One of my favorite bands right now. They have some great songs. The overall impression of the concert was they were just flat. Brent's vocals were poor and the band sounded good, but not great. I probably won't go see these guys again, but I believe "Sound of Madness" is one of the best Rock albums this year. // 6

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