Australia (Newcastle), October 26, 2007 Review

artist: Silverchair date: 11/29/2007 category: live concerts

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Silverchair: Australia (Newcastle), October 26, 2007
Every track was performed exceptionally well, the sound quality was almost crystal clear and Daniel's falsetto voice sounded just like on CD.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Australia (Newcastle), October 26, 2007 Reviewed by: illy93, on november 29, 2007
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Sound: Lights started flashing through the Darkness, the sound of an approaching train was growing louder and louder; I was screaming my lungs out. No, I wasn't about to be involved in a terrible railway accident, I was awaiting Silverchair to come on stage! All of a sudden they came on stage, ripping into 'Young Modern Station' off their new album, Young Modern. On stage there was the talented Daniel Johns on vocals/guitar, Chris Johannou on bass, Ben Gillies on drums and honorary member Paul Mac moshing away on his keyboard. Every track was performed exceptionally well, the sound quality was almost crystal clear and Daniel's falsetto voice sounded just like on CD. While I am not a Powderfinger fan, though I do enjoy their songs played on the radio, they had a great stage presence and I did enjoy their part of the show. I now appreciate the five of them more, Bernard Fanning with his unique voice, and can understand why they are considered such an important and influential part of Australia's music scene. // 10

Perfomance: Fans of both Silverchair and Powderfinger would agree that it was a great concert, no matter who they came to see. My friends and I especially had a great time. Both bands used various lighting techniques and visually exciting effects behind them to emphasise their music, which were very successful in doing so. There was a lot interaction between the bands and the audience, they're all really nice guys and they like to get you involved more. My favourite involvement technique? Daniel Johns urging us to scream as many times as he told us to; ending with, "Now let me hear you scream three long, sensual times!" My friends and I were in ecstasy as Silverchair performed new tracks off Young Modern, as well as old favourites like 'Israel's Son', 'Ana's Song', 'Greatest View' and finishing their set with 'Freak'. We all laughed when Ben had to Rush off to the toilet right after song number three, and all sighed under Daniel's spell as the band stretched out the opening verse of 'Ana's Song'. At the end of 'Freak', the mosh pit was a mass of bodies, the lights flashing upon the whole arena in time to the music. We all sang along, screaming with the rest of people out there, as if competing to be heard by the band, and you guessed it! I woke up the next morning with a sore throat. Powderfinger were great aswell, performing old hits like 'My Happiness', 'On My Mind', 'Sunsets', 'Love Your Way'; and new tracks too. I really loved it when Ben Gillies went up and had a jam with them, maybe Coggsie needed to use the toilet too! Quietly, at what you thought was the end, they left the stage, waiting for the audience to stamp their feet away and cheer. The suddenly they came back and performed a few acoustic numbers. That was special. // 9

Overall Impression: On October 26, 2007, I went to see Silverchair and Powderfinger at Newcastle's Entertainment Centre, Australia; which was the last date of their nine week tour, 'Across the Great Divide'. The purpose of the tour was to promote reconciliation between European-Australians and Aboriginal-Australians, and so the opening band was an Aboriginal rap group, which I've unfortunately forgotten the name of. I couldn't understand why they would have chosen rap to open a rock concert, but for rap, they were okay. There were many unforgettable moments during the show. Daniel Johns claimed that a roadie running on stage with a drum, dressed in a cowboy hat and Australian flag speedo, was Coggsie from Powderfinger. Powderfinger leaving stage with their electrics and then to return acoustic. The most special, priceless moment though? When at the very end, after the bands had finished their individual sets, both bands ran on for an Encore. They completed the tour with a single, pounding, catchy song. Then they all hugged and left the stage, and I was still screaming with excitement. $100 for tickets to a show featuring two of Australia's best bands, now that's damn good value! I would definitely go to see either of them perform again. // 10

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