England (Manchester), October 27, 2008 Review

artist: Slayer date: 10/31/2008 category: live concerts

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Slayer: England (Manchester), October 27, 2008
The sound in one word was meh. The bass for all bands was too loud, and if you stood by the bar, all you could feel was bass, destorying the stomachs of any beer drinkers.
 Sound: 7
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8
England (Manchester), October 27, 2008 Reviewed by: hairyjonny, on october 31, 2008
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Sound: The sound in one word was meh. The bass for all bands was too loud, and if you stood by the bar, all you could feel was bass, destorying the stomachs of any beer drinkers. With Trivium showing off their new signature deans, stirking jealousy into the hearts of any guitarists out there, paulos 5 string bass, kerry kings constant supply of spiky BC richs, and dave lombardos massive drum kit, the pros of being in a massive touring band were being flashed around to anyone who would look, and it was impossible not too. // 7

Perfomance: This was the first show of Unholy Alliance chapter 3. Consisiting of Amon Amarth, mastadon, Trivium, and Slayer, it was always going to be a memorable night. After the show got moved to manchester apollo, I was dissapointed.. I was looking forward to seeing Slayer and Trivium play in an arena, but I was yet to realise how awesome it would be to see them up close. Fame opened up, 15 minutes of a high standard local band Amon Amarth came on in all their viking metal glory and pummelled the crowd, I was unsure at the start of the gig as to whether I'd like them or not, but by the end of the set I was a Amon Amarth fan. Then it was the turn of Mastadon to add their prog metal into the mix, as they assaulted the crowd and turned many heads of those seasoned metallers just waiting for Slayer. After a long wait, what seemed like ages, the lights dimmed, being three rows from the front, I was being crushed under at least 3000 people, but I was close enoguh to see 4 people come out of the side door. To the tune of kirisute gomen, Trivium ran onto the stage, and completely destroyed any of the Trivium haters, they charged through a brutal set, including old anthems: rain, pull harder, and gunshot, and airing new anthems, such as down from the sky, and never before played insurrection. For such a young age, Trivium are unnaturally good Live, infact, during gunshot, I turned round for a brief second, and noticed that as far back as the doors fists were pumping, and from what I could see, nobody on the balcony wasn't banging their heads. As they finished off pull harder and left the stage, there was only one question in anyones mind, how the hell could anyone follow that??? Hell indeed.. as a white curtain went up, the lights dimmed, and dancing round on the screen were various Slayer symbols, and to the tune of flesh storm, Slayer controlled the room, confirming their godlike Status, from opener flesh storm through to the slaying destruction of finisher angel of death, everyone was moshing, everyone was going crazy, and as the massive pit in the middle of the room slowly increased towards the sides of the room.. it was godlike. There were few chances to take a breath of air during the set, mainly because when tom araya paused to talk inbetween the songs, the chant of "Slayer! Slayer!" was too loud for him to ignore and keep talking. Natural crowd pleasers, south ofheaven, seasons in the abyss, and obviously raining blood and angel of death, sent the crowd crazy, but suprisingly, as tom araya poliotely offered to "share" his religion with the crowd, and welcomed us into his chapel, and bellowed "this is cult!" there was noone in the room Who didn't know the words, noone.. Who could possibly avoid being dragged into the depths of hell, being forced to mosh, and spewed back out again. Jeff Hanneman is officially evil, as few saw his eyes during slayers set, Kerry King is exactly what I thought he'd be.. mad.. and Dave Lombardo with insane drummin... slayers were fantastic. As Tom Araya left the stage and shouted "We'l see you all again next year!" Yes we will tom.. yes we will. // 9

Overall Impression: October 27th - Manchester apollo. Manchester. England. Was meant to be at the manchester evening news arena, but they changed it, annoyingly. First SHow of the tour. I loved everything about the show, from the opening bands warming the crowd up, to the entire crowd being pummelled by the headliners. I Would go again. And I am going again. 32.50 for a ticket wasn't that bad.. could have been better.. could have been worse. Unforgetable moments.. ther were many, from triviums matt heafy insulting all the Trivium haters and thanking the worshippers through to tom araya telling us he was there to share love and joy before announcing seasons in the abyss. Unforgetabble show. I know I will never ever forget it. // 8

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