Singapore (Singapore), August 16, 2005 Review

artist: Slipknot date: 08/18/2005 category: live concerts

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Slipknot: Singapore (Singapore), August 16, 2005
Corey as always didn't disapoint. Always involving the crowd, getting the crowd to sing and really get involoved with the music.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Singapore (Singapore), August 16, 2005 Reviewed by: metOLIca, on august 18, 2005
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Sound: Corey as always didn't disapoint. Always involving the crowd, getting the crowd to sing and really get involoved with the music, especially on songs like; Duality, Wait And Bleed, SIC, and The Heretic Anthem. Mick used his Ibanez, loaded with EMG Active '81 pickups, and Jim used his custom Fender Telecaster. Mick or Jim hit a note wrong and also really got the crowd going. The sound was really well balanced and you could hear everything that was going on anywhere you stood in the crowd. // 10

Perfomance: The audience, as usual in a Slipknot concert, were f--king wild, but as it was in Singapore it was the first metal concert here so everyone went insane all the way through the concert which was awesome. I'll try and remeber the song list the best I can: 01. Prelude 3.0 - when this came on everyone went insane, finally I was gunna see my first metal concert. 02. The Blister Exists - one of my favourite Slipknot songs, awesome riffs and vocals, and performed really well 10/10. 03 SIC - awesome, here comes the pain! The first time Corey really involoved the crowd and then everyone went insane which was awesome 10/10. 04. Disasterpieces - this is a personal favourite of mine, but it was one of the best performed songs. Really got the crowd involved, and pits were starting to form 9/10. 05. Eyeless - awesome 10/10. 06. Left Behind - this was incredable 10/10. 07. Purity - I don't really like this song as the verse is just the bass, as a guitarist thats not cool, and also I had to get water or I was going to pass out (Singapore is hot) 6/10. 08. Vermilioin Pt. 1 - awesome song, cool vocals and a cool solo, performed really well, lighting and effects were really good on this song 9/10. 09. Before I Forget - one of my favourite Slipknot songs, by this time there was a huge pit and everyone was going insane although I had completly lost my voice by this stage 10/10. 10. People=shit - awesome, this is a good song, and they perform it sooo well 10/10. 11. Pulse Of The Maggots - an awesome Slipknot song, with the coolest Slipknot solo, the pit on this song was huge 10/10. 12. The Heretic Anthem - if you're 555 then I'm 666, the crowd and everyone there really enjoyed this song, and Slipknot put all there energy into this song, mick was going insane, an awesome performance 10/10. 13. Duality - I couldnt hear Corey singing becasue the crowd was so loud singing along, one of Slipknot most well known songs and performed really well 10/10. 14. Then the subliminal verses sign went down and the old school Slipknot sign appeared, then they came back on stage and performed Eyore, which I dont know too well either, but still loads of evergy in the song. Like every Slipknot song 9/10. 15. Wait An Bleed - got the crowd to sing the first part like he always does 10/10. 16. Spit It Out - the crazy test, everyone in the whole stadium got down on the floor on the verse and that the was the most insane moshing after the breakdown. After he says "jump the f--k up!" 100/10. 17. Surfacing - there last song which was awesome, another one of my favourite Slipknot songs 10/10. 18. Danger - Keep Away - I didn't hear much of this as we ran to get a cab. Not sure if that's the right order but they're all the songs they played. The only thing that I was pissed off about, was that they didn't play My Plague, I love that song. The best moment was when Corey said, "As god as my witness, we are f--king definatly coming back to Singapore, and very f--king soon!" // 10

Overall Impression: The concert was in Singapore, Singapore on the 16th of August. There wasn't any opening band, which I was disapointed about, as it was the Subliminal Verses tour, so I was hoping Lamb Of God, and Shadows Fall. I loved everything about the show! I didn't like the fact they didnt play My Plague. The ticket cost SING$100, which is like 300 pounds. I would have paid 5 times the price, and it still would have been worth it. The whole show was unforgettable. The best bit was the breakdown in Spit It Out. I would go to every Slipknot concert after last night. Best night of my life! // 10

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