USA (Mountain View), July 12, 2008 Review

artist: Slipknot date: 07/15/2008 category: live concerts

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Slipknot: USA (Mountain View), July 12, 2008
Slipknot was just the right concert volume, they weren't too loud or too quiet, and the music sounded just like their awesome live album.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
USA (Mountain View), July 12, 2008 Reviewed by: petrucci_owns86, on july 15, 2008
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Sound: Slipknot is comprised of nine members: Mick Thomson and Jim Root on the guitars, Paul Gray on bass, Craig Jones on samples, Sid Wilson on turntables, Joey Jordison on drums, Chris Fehn and Shawn Crahan on custom percussion and backup vocals, and Corey Taylor on lead vocals. Taylor's voice was very intense, and on some of the songs you couldn't make out many of the lyrics. He also said the "F" word at least once on every song, which is something you have to get used to as a Slipknot "maggot". The other band members were spot on with their instruments. Sid Wilson was bound to a wheelchair because he broke both of his ankles at a previous show, but he still kicked ass on the turntables. Slipknot was just the right concert volume, they weren't too loud or too quiet, and the music sounded just like their awesome live album. // 9

Perfomance: The audience was with Slipknot 110% throughout the entire 70 minute show. The band played at least one song from every studio album except Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat., and even played "Psychosocial" from their upcoming album, All Hope is Gone. Some of the most memorable songs were Surfacing, (Sic), The Heretic Anthem, Prosthetics, Disasterpiece, People = Shit, Duality, Before I Forget, and The Blister Exists. So pretty much all of the songs were memorable. I wish they would have played Pulse of the Maggots, Spit it Out, and Wait and Bleed though. The light show was incredible, and flames shot from nine "S"'s on the stage every so often. Joey Jordison's drum kit moved off the floor and rotated with him still playing the drums during (Sic), their closer. I was very impressed with the whole performance. // 9

Overall Impression: This show took place on July 12th, 2008, at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Slipknot was the last band of the day to go onstage, because they were one of the headliners for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival. There were about 13 or 14 other bands besides the 'Knot playing this festival. Slipknot put on an awesome show, and I really didn't hate anything about it, I just wish they would have played a few more of their hit songs. The ticket cost me about 55 bucks, and it was totally worth every penny. Slipknot isn't really playing near where I live again anytime soon, but next time they do, I will definitely go to the show. // 10

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