USA (Bloomington), April 11, 2005 Review

artist: Something Corporate date: 04/13/2005 category: live concerts

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Something Corporate: USA (Bloomington), April 11, 2005
It was all set fine. The songs SoCo played were very much what is on their albums and then some. You don't miss anything by seeing them live, you gain all that. The overall sound quaility was very high.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (Bloomington), April 11, 2005 Reviewed by: rob_acoustic, on april 13, 2005
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Sound: Oh man, the singer was great, the mic was just right, not too high, it was great. You could hear the lyrics, the voice and all of the guitars and drums fine. It was all set fine. The songs SoCo played were very much what is on their albums and then some. They used a 10+ piece drum set, 2 electric guitars, and a grand piano along with a bass guitar. You don't miss anything by seeing them live, you gain all that. The overall sound quaility was very high. I didn't see any problem with SoCo's sound well well done! // 10

Perfomance: Yes, I loved it. It was a highpoint in my life. I loved the show, it was just awesome! The audience as a whole loved them too. It was a great night, it was sprinkling before the show, and the opening band was alright, then SoCo was delayed for about 10 minutes to wipe off the stage. They played about 4 songs and then rewiped down the stage. They had the full lighting and all the neat little effects with the lights and stuff. It was well done. There were girls everywhere, and everyone was drenched from the rain. The rain stopped about 6 or 7 songs into the setlist. I don't know the order of the songs exactly but I do know all the songs they played I may miss one song though. They played 6 or 7 songs off songs off of their "Leaving Through The Window" which were: 01. Drunk Girl - he said this is for everyone who had a drink tonight before he started, everyone went nuts. 02. Globes And Maps - he said this was the 3rd time he had ever played this song. Just never played it much. It was very slow, just Andrew and the piano. 03. I Woke Up In A Car - it was a alright track, not one of the better songs though, it was in the lower side of the songs in my opinion. 04. Punk Rock Princess - this was the 2nd to last song and was pretty good. 05. Hurricane - this was the closing song and was fantastic for a closer. Very nice. 06. If You C Jordan - this was before "Punk Rock Princess" or one more before that. They left the older songs for the end. These songs had a nice audience vibe, everyone knew them. They also played Konstatine before or after "Globes And Maps" it was a good song. They played 2 slower songs together though. I liked that. Then off the album North which these were the highlighted songs. They played: "Space," "Only Ashes," "Ruthless," "As You Sleep," "Down," "Me and the Moon," "21 and Invincible." I'm thinking they played 1 more off North but those for sure. All those were in the beginnging of the setlist, except for Down which was towards the last 4 or 5. I can't recall everything right all the way. The North songs stuck out, and the best song of the night was "Only Ashes" that song just rocked and rocked. "Me And The Moon" was a great song also. "Space" was very appealing also. The whole setlist was nice. They covered 1 Cake song, I don't know what song it was. It was almost a semi-rap song. It was alright. // 10

Overall Impression: The show took place on April 11th, 2005 in Bloomington, Indiana right beside the Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity House. I don't know the opening band, they were a little heavier then SoCo. They started around 7:20 and ended around 8:30. SoCo started at 9 and rocked until 10:40 or so. It was great. I loved the show entirely because of the lights, the sound, and the band. It was very nice, it went well. The singer has a presence and talks to the crowd. My ticket was a General Adm. ticket. I was about 3 feet left of centerstage 16-20 feet away from the stage. I was pretty close. I took pictures but didn't bring my good camera. People kept blowing up condoms, about 10 or so during the show. They were floating around, someone even through papers up in the air on how to use a condom. There was a lot of crowd surfing during the last 2 songs. The whole show was rememberable. It was worth the money, the attendance was about 800-1,200. I would go to their next gig, but it is in PA. Too far for me. Great band, great show. Go see them! // 10

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