UK (Cardiff), September 24, 2005 Review

artist: Stereophonics date: 04/20/2006 category: live concerts

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Stereophonics: UK (Cardiff), September 24, 2005
From a performance angle, they were outstanding. They have a certain energy when they play live, it may not be anything fancy with pyros etc. but they have what they need to get everyone singing along.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
UK (Cardiff), September 24, 2005 Reviewed by: met4life, on april 20, 2006
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Sound: It was my first time to see the 'Phonics live but I really had no complaints about the sound. The guitar, bass and drums were in perfect balance, with none overpowering the other except for at the suitable times, like one of Kelly's solos during 'Superman'. The keyboard and synth effects used in one or two songs were also used well live. Kelly was as rough, raw and Welsh as ever and that was brilliant. He really poured all his energy into singing. However, if there was one complaint, it's that Rich's mic was a bit quiet. // 9

Perfomance: From a performance angle, they were outstanding. I have their other live DVDs but I don't think anything beats seeing them live. They have a certain energy when they play live, it may not be anything fancy with pyros etc. but they have what they need to get everyone singing along. What impressed me other than the band themselves was the awesome light show that continued around them as they played and the giant screens that played images reflecting the mood of the song. A little thing but it made the performance more enjoyable. The set was the same as the night before, seeing as they played three straight nights in Cardiff and only changed one song on the monday. 01. Superman - great way to start off the show with a song from LSVO? 02. Doorman - another cool song to keep the momentum up. 03. A Thousand Trees - absolutely amazing. One of my favourite 'Phonics tracks and I was surprised they played it only three songs into the set but brilliant none the less, everyone was singing along. 04. Madame Helga - another of my favourites by the boys. I got to like this song more after I heard it live. 05. Vegas Two Times - cool riff in this one, the first song from Jeep to be played. 06. Devil - awesome song live, amazing amount of energy went into this. 07. Mr. Writer - they slowed down the set here when they played Mr Writer. Great performance of it, the screen graphics suited it well as well. 08. Rewind - another slow one being played. It was another song that I got to like more as I listened to it. More cool graphics and lighting as well. 09. Roll Up And Shine - one from Performance and Cocktails that was played well. 10. Pedalpusher - not one of my favourites on the album, but it wasn't that bad live. 11. Hurry Up And Wait - slowed back down again with this classic. It was around this area in the set that Kelly went and told a story from his past in his own little comedic way. There was a way this local boy was telling it that made us love it even more, his own bluntless was great: 'You strut round thinking your Tom Jones and you got a girl Who don't look half as good-looking as she did the night before' 12. More Life In A Tramps Vest - the anthemic 'Tramps Vest' had everyone singing along. My mate's favourite song by the 'Phonics didn't disappoint live. 13. Too Many Sandwiches - another old school one. I must admit I hadn't really listened to this one much before and still don't. 14. Step On My Old Size Nines - great song from Jeep, not a bad performance live either. 15. Deadhead - a personal favourite of mine from the LSVO? album I was so hoping they'd play it live and when they did I went crazy! Brilliant. 16. I'm Alright (You Gotta Go There To Come Back) - not bad but it wasn't one of my favourites. 17. Maybe Tomorrow - this was another major highlight of the set for me. My mates had gone to get some cokes at this point but I stayed and was amazed at the amount of people crying around me. Brilliant song done solo by Kelly on an acoustic and full of feeling. 18. The Bartender And The Thief - my favourite track from Performance and Cocktails roared to life live. Never a disappointment. 19. Local Boy In The Photograph - one of the true Welshy songs and another highlight. After a brief dip mid-set the 'Phonics truly pulled themselves back up after 'Maybe Tomorrow'. At this point they went off and after a good five minutes of asking for more they re-emerged from backstage and Kelly went into a really funny story of what really happens when bands go offstage: 'We go outside and stand in a freezing cold corridor for 5 minutes arguing over who f--ked up the second song!' 20. Traffic - another brilliantly anthemic song to start their Encore, lighters went up all over the place. 21. Just Looking - I love the drums in this one and Javier did really well. Great song again. 22. Dakota - it was the one we'd all been waiting for. More power, energy and outstanding performance of this one. They didn't disappoint once again. // 10

Overall Impression: Sunday 24th September 2005, CIA, Cardiff, Wales. It was the second of their three back-to-back dates in the capital and we're lucky we even went. I arranged it for my best mates birthday which was on the 24th, but we planned to go on Monday, 25th. It was only on the Sunday afternoon when I was looking at the tickets that I'd had since April that it was for that night! Lucky stuff I tell you! The Dead '60s opened for the boys. My mates and my cousin, Who'd also gone with his wife, really enjoyed them but I didn't really take that much to them. The tickets cost 27.50 and were worth every penny in my opinion. They were great live, amazing performers with a outstanding Drive. I will definitely try to catch them on their next trip 'round. // 10

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