UK (London), January 28, 2006 Review

artist: Taking Back Sunday date: 02/04/2006 category: live concerts

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Taking Back Sunday: UK (London), January 28, 2006
Adam was his usual (slightly camp) self, but everyone loves him. He swung his mic around and all of his other mic tricks were cool. Matt danced around stage, Fred stood on the same spot all night singing into his mic.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
UK (London), January 28, 2006 Reviewed by: livefastdiefun, on february 04, 2006
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Sound: Taking Back Sunday are my favourite band. I thought this show was really amazing, I've been to a few gigs, such as Blink 182, Funeral For A Friend and a few others, and TBS knocked spots off of them! Adam Lazarra (lead singer/frontman) was awesome as always, I think he has an amazing voice and it sounded note-perfect from where I was standing! Fred Mascherino (singer/lead guitarist) was also on top form and it amazes me how he can play all those "twinkley" riffs and sing and keep in time at the same time, he is very well skilled musician! He used two guitars, a Wine Red Gibson SG Special for songs in standard tuning, and another Special SG Gibson (black with platinum hardware and scratchboard, must be custom made), for songs in drop D. He used two marshall JCM 900 half stacks. Eddie Reyes (rhthm guitar) Played what I think was an Zakk Wylde Epiphone LP, I couldn't quite see though as he was the other side of the stage. He played through two Mesa Boogie Triple Recto Half Stacks. I know that Mark O'Connell, used a DW drum kit, I couldn't see what Matt (bass) was using. Overall the sound was great, for the first two/three songs, you couldn't hear Adam's voice very well, but after that it picked up. // 9

Perfomance: I really enjoyed this show. It was my first gig I've been to that I was in the standing area, and the atmosphere in the standing area is so much better than in the seats. I was right at the front in front of Fred, and it was just totally amazing. Adam was his usual (slightly camp) self, but everyone loves him. He swung his mic around and all of his other mic tricks were cool. Matt danced around stage, Fred stood on the same spot all night singing into his mic. The Set List As Follows (not in correct order as I can't completely remember the order): 01. Set Phasers To Stun 02. bonus Mosh Pt. 2 03. A Decade Under The Influence 04. This Photograph Is Proof - finished with this song 05. The Union - one of the best songs of the night by far 06. 180 By Summer - my favourite TBS song, this was played near the end of the set, jus before they went off for the encore, it was superb though 07. You Know How I Do - the first song of the two in the encore, was started with fred playing the intro notes slowly with a heavy chorus effect, then Adam walked back on and it kicked off 08. Bike Scene 09. Cute Without The "E" - now one of my favourite TBS songs, this was played to perfection 10. Great Romances 11. Timberwolves In New Jersey 12. You're So Last Summer 13. Error Operator 14. What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost 15. Make Damn Sure 16. Some new song 13, 14, 15, 16 are all new songs off of their new album louder now. A special moment for me was when Fred watched me sing every word to Error Operator and pointed at me at the end. Also when Matt came and shook my hand. For the last song, Adam disappeared off of the stage and next appeared hanging upside down from the 1st tier of seating, that was kinda crazy, I thought he was going to fall off. Despite the hench guy holding him up. Good Lighting effects and a huuuge poster advertising their new album Louder Now. Set arrangment was very simple but looked professional enough. // 10

Overall Impression: England, London, Shepherd's Bush Empire, 28th Jan 2006. Beat Union supported, pop/punk band from Birmingham, chosen by TBS themselves. Ticket cost me 14 + 2.50 booking fee, I'd pay 30 for this gig, and still feel I got great value for money. Unforgettable moment was the interaction I had with the Band, Adam hanging upside down at the end, and the way everything went silent at the start of the encore. I will go to their next gig, I'm going to Give It A Name in earls court on sunday, I'll see 'em there, I've payed 30 for give it a name, and I'd go just for taking back sunday. I will probably go to alll of there other gigs. // 10

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