UK (Portsmouth), January 19, 2005 Review

artist: Taking Back Sunday date: 01/22/2005 category: live concerts

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Taking Back Sunday: UK (Portsmouth), January 19, 2005
The performance was definitely better than the sound. The set was decorated with the usual banners of the band names and logo behind the set. An unforgettable performance.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
UK (Portsmouth), January 19, 2005 Reviewed by: Junny, on january 21, 2005
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Sound: My friend didn't but tickets, we ended up having to pay 65 to get in. It was worth it. The opening band was Communique, I'd never heard themm before and was very pleasantly surprised. They're a melodic and catchy, heavy-on-the-bass, bouncy Alternative/Pop-punk-ish Band. An interesting feature about them was they have a synthesiser in their band which gives them a more unique sound. They were very good, and have catchy choruses, their timing seemed great. The sound was crisp and they had a lot of energy. I've now listened to a few of their songs, and I must say that they are better live, because they just have so much more energy and are edgier. I think they'll be headlining their own shows soon. Very impressive. Second, was My Chemical Romance. Their sound was actually more refined than I had expected. I'm not a big fan, though I recently got their CD. I expected them to be thrashy and the singer to be out of tune compared to the CD, just screaming. But he was surprisngly decent. He sounded just like the CD, which isn't a bad thing I guess. But it was a solid performance by them. Finally it was Taking Back Sunday, Who surprisingly disappointed me the most in terms of sound. Everything was pretty good, don't get me wrong, I just expected a lot I guess. Adam Lazarra (lead singer) let the crowd sing alot, which is good and bad I guess, it just seems the crowd outsung HIM at times, he was surprisingly quiet but was definitely in tune and resembled the cd, but added his own touch to it, to make it different. Still, he was good. Fred Mascherino was using a Gibson SG, and Eddie Reyes used a Epiphone Les Paul. // 8

Perfomance: Ok, the performance was definitely better than the sound. Communique opened, and I'm sure they'll get some recognition soon. I think their signature track and catchiest is 'Evaporate'. The lead singer sang very well and had a lot of energy about HIM. Everyone only just arrived and were only bobbing their heads, but they were into it. The singer did talk to the crowd in between songs, as you'd expect, thanking everyone for coming and introducing themselves. They were good. The crowd enjoyed them. As soon as My Chemical Romance started, the crowd went wild, they opened up with "I'm not okay (I promise)" and the crowd really got into it. They played crowd-favourite tracks off their new album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" and their old album, such as "Thank You For The Venom" where they let the crowd sing parts. It was great. Everyone enjoyed them, and I liked them alot more than I expected. The singer had a great prescence and funny. They also played "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" and asked everyone to hold up their lighters. It was a great performance, in between they spoke to the crowd, telling them to help each other out if they fall over, which was considerate. And they closed the set with "Helena". Again, great performance. They were solid. Finally, the eagerly anticipated Taking Back Sunday. They played all the favourites off their old album "Tell All Your Friends" such as "Timberwolves At New Jersey", "You're So Last Summer", "Great Romances Of The 20th Century" and "You Know How I Do". Each was fantastic, the crowd knew the lyrics off by heart, and were screaming them at the top of their lungs (at times they were louder than Adam) and crowdsurfing. They also played tracks off their new album "Where you want to be" such as "Little Devotional" - amazing, "One-Eighty by Summer" - fantastic, "Number Five With A Bullet" - decent, "The Union" - good, "This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)" - great, "Set Phasers To Stun" - awesome and "Bonus Moshpit Pt. 2" - pretty good. It ws a very long set, but it went by so fast, it was sheer brilliance, Adam in between made jokes to the crowd asking if he could shower round someone's house (girls went crazy as did several guys). The crowd loved every minute, reciting every word. And finally they finished with the crowd favourite "Cute Without The E". Everyone pushed to the front here and everyone in the building was singing along (including the security guards). Of course they came back and played an encore, with Fred on an electro-acoustic. HIM and Adam came back and played 'A decade under the influence' and 'New American Classic'. They were both flawless. The set was decorated with the usual banners of the band names and logo behind the set. An unforgettable performance. // 10

Overall Impression: UK (England), Portsmouth, Pyramids Centre, 19/01/05. The show was absolutely amazing, excellent. All the bands performed fantastically with so much energy. I'm exaggerating when I'm saying that Taking Back Sunday sounded bad, they didn't at all. Only because the every one of the crowd was singing, which at times was louder than Adam. Tickets were originally 11 which is an absolute bargain, I cannot say just how much it is. I mean My Chemical Romance are headlining their own shows and tours. And Communique were great and will be headlining their own soon, I'm sure. Taking Back Sunday were undeniably jaw-droppingly good. Best moments were Adam's "mic skills". When I say this, I mean Adam is crazy with the microphone. He swung it everywhere in the middle of the songs behind his back, catching it, swinging it around his neck, throwing it in the air above the crowd, and then yanking it back perfectly, catching it at just the right time before having to sing. Seriously he was amazing, a maniac jumping around everywhere and doing lots of poses and "catwalk turns and looks", I'm surprised he didn't knock out any of his band members. Also Eddie did a lil' Michael Jackson spin on the spot which was funny. And some fan was shouting "Play another song, Play another song" and Adam said "Hold on, I'm not done" and stuck out his tongue. Everyone laughed. The only bad thing about the gig was that my friend didn't order tickets and we had to pay extortionate prices! But I don't regret going at all, it was worth it. I'll definitely go to their next gig, but I expect it will now be at a bigger venue since they're getting so popular and prices will be higher. I was really surprised they came to such a small venue, but I'm glad I caught them. Wherever they play next, I'll make sure I order a ticket in advance! // 10

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overall: 9.3
UK (Portsmouth), January 19, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 22, 2005
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Sound: I went to this date, and the Bristol date before it. I have to say the sound was slightly crisper in Bristol, though that's probably due to to Bristol being like a proper rock venue and the pyramid rooms well not! Fred had his SG, to be honest I got so caught up I didn't see what eddie was playing, though I did meet HIM to the left of the stage while communique were playing which was so cool! Adam had a great range in his voice, and there wasnt one f--k up the whole set! // 8

Perfomance: They audience loved TBS and MCR, Communique sounded like a very watered down Alkaline Trio, the vocalist sounded just like Matt Skiba, they weren't awful I'm just suprised a pop punk band with synths opened for a TBS show, I thought it would be an up and coming emo band but Communique wernt all that bad. My Chemical Romance were amazing. I don't know there songs to well but its the next CD I'm getting. The last song was awsome though I dunno wat its called! They played 'It's Not Okay' and 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like This In Prison' really well. TBS were sooo great, I'm not sure on the order but these are the songs they played: 01. Little Devotional 02. Timberwolves At New Jersey 03. 180 By Summer 04. The Union 05. So Last Summer 06. Set Phasers To Stun 07. You Know How I Do 08. This Photograph Is Proof 09. Bike Scene 10. Number 5 With A Bullet 11. Great Romances 12. Cute Without The E 13. New American Classic 14. A Decade Under The Influence The songs were played really well, I thought that they would play more old stuff but the new stuff is good. New American Classic was so good! // 10

Overall Impression: Jan 19th, portsmouth pyramid centre. Communique opened before MCR came out, the gig was well worth it I payed 12.50 for my ticket and 35 for the taxi though like I said it was well worth it. Unfortunatly no free beer but meeting eddie reyes made up for it so much! I can't wait till TBS come to the UK again, I'm gonna start queing for it now! // 10

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