Live At Fremantle Arts Centre, Australia, December 15, 2012 Review

artist: Tame Impala date: 01/23/2013 category: live concerts

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Tame Impala: Live At Fremantle Arts Centre, Australia, December 15, 2012
The gig was at the Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia, and it is a place that is close to the bands collective heart.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Live At Fremantle Arts Centre, Australia, December 15, 2012 Reviewed by: JMZ08, on january 23, 2013
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Sound: Tame Impala, the trippy Australian groove rockers, have garnered critical acclaim from day 1 with their release of "Innerspeaker" in 2010 and their recent international recognition with "Lonerism", earning them multiple Album of the Year awards. This show was the bookend to their Australian leg of the "Lonerism" album tour. Kevin Parker, the band's musical backbone, has begun to flourish live with his John Lennon-esque delivery and the band's signature 'dreamy atmosphere'. Not only has Parker significantly improved, but the entire band has begun to mesh a little more, even after the instrumental interchange between bandmates (a few of them swapped instruments). Parker's voice was fantastic live, very rarely faltering from his signature high register, the bass was succinctly thundering and plodding, while the drum breaks and fills helped the audience in their journey to a new musical realm. The fantastic Fremantle Arts Centre provided a scenic outdoor backdrop for the band's performance, as well as an eerie atmosphere (it's the most actively haunted building in the Southern Hemisphere). The only gripe I have with the sound is that the vocals weren't mixed in appropriately with the instruments in some songs. The transition from a psychedelic jam such as "Mind Mischief" to a straight out blues thumper like "Half Full Glass Of Wine" did require a boost in the output of the vocals. Aside from that, it was fantastic. // 8

Perfomance: The psychedelic quintet gallantly took to the stage and launched into their set opener, "Be Above It", before most of the glossy eyed crowd even realised their presence. This, however, had little resemblance to the rest of their set. The group gladly took their time and went freely into psychedelic jams that lasted for 8-9 minutes. A notable moment was during "Apocalypse Dreams" (I think) where they progressed into "Buffalo Soldier" and then sauntered back out again. Throughout the whole show, the audience never tired or lost interest, the atmosphere consisted of a bong-glazed buzz and a lot of people (myself included) could just zone out on the music and enjoy the moment. The crowd favourites: "Solitude is Bliss" - This was the third song into the set, and you could feel the audience's anticipation as that key riff started chiming out. Everybody knew all the words and the band fed off the audience throughout the whole tune. This track really set up the whole night. 3rd best of the night. "Alter Ego" - This tune came a couple songs later, another crowd favourite. This is a fantastic song to space out and move to, and in true fashion, the whole crowd knew every word! They nailed this song. 5th best of the night. "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" - Off the new album, and this came just after the half way point of the set. Killer track on the new album, and these guys really take it to a new level in a live setting. The trippy digital backdrop was working overtime on this number. The crowd loved the chorus on this. 4th best of the night for this one. "Elephant" - Wow... Don't really know how else to put this track. It's a foot stomper, head shaker and arm waver. It rocks, and they put a lot of effort into it live. They wandered off on experimental paths during the synth solo near the end of the track. I think this went for like 7 minutes, and it was awesome. The crowd were at their best here. 2nd best of the night. And, in my humble opinion, they saved their best til the very end... Their Encore was the best performance of the night! "Half Full Glass Of Wine" - The crowd were on their knees begging for an Encore and they kindly came back and delivered a storming rendition of their breakthrough song. For those who are unsure, this song was on their self-titled EP. It's part Cream and part 'Righteous, dude'. I don't know if anyone has been in through an Encore where people are tired and can't move any longer or something, but the entire place shook when they started playing this. They extended the 4 minute romp into a 10 minute aural-bashing jam and it was the single best way to finish the evening. Notable mentions: - "Mind Mischief" - "I Don't Really Mind" - "Endors Toi" These guys have come a long way from their humble (and often criticised) early live performances. It definitively showed that they're ready for the Hammersmith in London at this show. // 10

Overall Impression: The gig was at the Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia, and it is a place that is close to the bands collective heart. The opener was a band called The Growl, and they were an interesting way to kick off the evening. Give em a look if you like dual percussion and very alternative rock. There was a lot to love about the show, it'll probably be the closest thing to the Free Love movement from the 60's I'll ever get to experience, if you catch my drift. For $40, I got to witness probably the gig of the year for me (I did see a lot of bands that year... Cavalera Conspiracy, Kasabian, Abbe May (times 4), Lamb Of God, Trivium, Wooden Shjips, Watain, Machine Head, Mastodon, Cannibal Corpse, Warbringer, Gojira, Meshuggah, Roger Waters etc etc). I would've gladly paid 3 times that amount and my expectations still would've been surpassed. As for memorable moments... The superb Encore and the free love! On a side note, Fremantle's own Little Creatures served their amazing boutique brews there. They did mention they won't be touring for a while after they've finished this, but I would definitely go to their next gig and recommend it to anyone to go see them. Without a doubt. // 10

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