Live At Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, March 8, 2013 Review

artist: Tame Impala date: 03/14/2013 category: live concerts

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Tame Impala: Live At Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, March 8, 2013
I saw them at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH on 3/8/13. Tame Impala was great and the venue was great.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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Live At Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, March 8, 2013 Reviewed by: Alice2Mudgarden, on march 14, 2013
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Sound: Tame Impala's 2013 US tour is completely sold out, but I still got to see them. Their albums are pretty far out and layered with sound like a thick, trippy soup, and so I was a bit skeptical about if they could reproduce the same sound/effect live. But they did with a drummer, a bassist, and three guitarists, two of which doubled as keyboardists while switching in and out of rhythm guitar duties. They all sang harmonies as Kevin Parker sang (lead vocals+guitar) to create that layered style. The small, enclosed venue also helped make the whole effect of the songs heavy yet you could hear each instrument. Kevin's voice was right on; it didn't sound any different from the albums. On the outros of a few songs, though, the bass was a bit too loud and drowned out the rest of the band. But that aside, the concert was perfectly loud, deep, and radical. // 9

Perfomance: I couldn't really see the rest of the crowd because I was pretty close to the stage, but it seemed like everyone was digging the band. They were dancing, moving, and bouncing their heads just as much as everybody on the floor, so it was cool. Kevin Parker said they were having a good time and that this show was their first time at a big college town. Then he raised his beer and said, "to more good times". That was about half way through the set and they played with a lot of energy the whole time. They had a huge screen behind them that showed neon circles revolving on various backgrounds. The circular lines changed into various shapes depending on what note was being played (Parker demonstrated this between songs as he plucked various strings), which made a whole other visual aspect to the show. So, when they would jam and throw in a lot of distortion and effect, the shapes on the screen became crazy and shaky and do weird stuff. It was awesome. Everything was groovy and changing colors. They mostly played songs from their new record, "Lonerism", but they opened up with their first killer single, "Solitude Is Bliss". The band played new, unique intros for some of the songs; they didn't just mimic their records straight-out. They also played extended jams in songs like "Apocalypse Dreams", "Elephant", and "Half Full Glass Of Wine". They closed on "Half Full Glass Of Wine" and gave it a long interlude that ended on a lively crescendo. And the crowd went nuts. The band left the stage and then a guy in a bear suit walked out and played the keyboard for awhile as the crowd hollered and clapped. Then Tame Impala came back on for an Encore and went into a slow rendition of "Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Can Control". Kevin talked to the crowd in between the songs and kept the whole mood chill. // 9

Overall Impression: I saw them at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH on 3/8/13. Another Australian band, The Growl, is their opening band on the tour, and I didn't like them all that much. Their sound was more low and bluesy, a little like The Black Keys but darker. Tame Impala was great and the venue was great. The only thing I could complain about is this big tall, kid who was in front of me and wouldn't move or groove or anything. I bought the ticket back in January for 20$, so it was totally worth it. There were scalpers selling two tickets for 220$ before the show, which I thought was crazy. Tame Impala carried a high energy throughout the entire show, no acoustic or throw-away songs in the whole bunch. Just rock. I'd much rather see them in the summer or near the beach or something, but Columbus was the closest place to me they were playing on their tour. I'm just glad I got to see this awesome new band on a small club tour. I would definitely go see them again.

// 9

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