Canada (Vancouver), March 25, 2005 Review

artist: Taste Of Chaos date: 04/04/2005 category: live concerts

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Taste Of Chaos: Canada (Vancouver), March 25, 2005
There were tons of bands at this concert, with 2 stages and a place to buy T-shirts, CD's, etc. The sound on the main stage was terrific with amps that would blow your head off.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8
Canada (Vancouver), March 25, 2005 Reviewed by: Canadianozzy, on april 04, 2005
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Sound: There were tons of bands at this concert, with 2 stages and a place to buy T-shirts, CD's, etc. The sound on the main stage was terrific with amps that would blow your head off. The main stage I would give a 5/5 allthough the acoustic stage, not so good. I was really excited to see one of my favourite bands to play starlessnights but at the concert I found out they were on the acoustic stage. It just wasnt the same as seeing them on the main stage. I dont really get the whole acoustic thing going on right now. Still a very awesome concert. // 8

Perfomance: The audience I found was filled with preppy girls and that was just a little bit weird. Kinda turned me off that kind of music alot, but everyone seemed to be having a good time so its all good. The way the concert would go was that a band would play on the big stage the more popular bands and then another band would play on the acoustic stage a smaller band. It was just a average concert until Killswitch came on and everyone started going crazy. One friend I was with had hurt his foot and was going crazy then after they finished we went to first aid and there was a girl with a broken wrist. I gave it a little laugh and went back into the pit. When MCR came on it really made me feel different about them. When they got on the stage Gererd started saying some weird stuff like, "if I was there would you pull the trigger and be my b--ch", I mean come on that just a little too weird. But any ways about the time MCR came in the moshpit was huge you could crowdsurf for long times. Finaly The used came in and wrapped it all up doing a pretty good jab at it too. // 8

Overall Impression: Canada, Vancouver, PNE fourum, March 25. Many bands too much to remember. Approx. 10. I like the preformances and the pit the best but all the emo'ness and the preppy people was kinda weird. The ticket was normal ticketmaster prices with all the fee's about 30$. There were many unforgetable moments in this concert but to name a few, one of my friends didn't have a ticket to the show so he went there around 1:00 it just so happens on the way there in the bus he met some people going to the concert that just so happend to have a extra ticket. When he got there he was unfourtunately hungry/looking for famous faces with a shirt that said "I'm going to a concert and I dont have a ticket." Out side of the Used truck there was a bunch of people, he decided to budge to the front and ask good old bert mc'krakin for something to eat. Just so happened he had some soup and yes, he did give it to him. Also we (me and about 10 of my friends) had a chance to meet Nardwaur! Yes Nardwaur! 2 of my friends caught drift for looking for orange wristbands so they could get in for free. Off to Office depot they went. About 2 minuted in the search they gave up and turned around. Open doors to the forum. They walked in and didnt even show there tickets. Good security yes? After the awesome concert me and acouple of friends went to the open doors at the back and just so happens there was bert mccrackin. We phoned up out friends and told them. Within 5 seconds they were there. Bert walked by them, they got kicked out, and it made there night. Good times at the fourum. If you get a chance to see these guys go for it very fun. // 8

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