UK (Manchester), November 24, 2009 Review

artist: Taylor Swift date: 07/28/2010 category: live concerts

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Her voice was strong and powerful all the way through each of her performances, infact she even had to hold the microphone away on a couple of occasions!
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
UK (Manchester), November 24, 2009 Reviewed by: StarsFallForMJ, on july 28, 2010
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Sound: Taylor's live perfomances have often been critisied...going on my experience I truly don't know why! Her voice was strong and powerful all the way through each of her performances, infact she even had to hold the microphone away on a couple of occasions! There were, admittedly, a few off notes every now and again, but singing over thousand's of teenage girls is not an easy fate! The songs where all played in an Acoustic manner, with Taylor herself playing multiple instruments throughout the show. She played several different guitars; a Taylor Koa wood 6 string and a 12 string, electric guitar and even a sparkly little number, to match her dress!...But Taylor's guitars are no accesories, she can play! She played a mini Acoustic set in the middle of the show. Taylor also played piano in 'Your Not Sorry' and had a drum battle on metal bins in 'Should've said no'! I think the sound quality in the show was extremely good, the only fault is that often the fans sung louder than Taylor herself, but I suppose that wasn't her fault! // 8

Perfomance: Taylor, being the '2009 CMA Entertainer Of The Year', puts on a great show! With a light up, changing stage (that she designed herself) and multiple -onstage- costume changes, including a band uniform and a full ballgown, Taylor managed to keep the audience truly enthrawled! She even appeared at the back of the arena to perform 'Hey Stephen' and walked through the crowd, hugging hundreds of excitable, screaming fans! The show included many visual effects, some projected onto the changing stage, which meant it looked different for every song, (it was made into a castle, including turrets, during 'Love Story'!). There where also multiple videos that where played to introduce songs. The set list was as follows: 01. You Belong With Me 02. Our Song 03. Tell Me Why 04. Teardrops On My Guitar 05. Fearless 06. Forever and Always 07. Hey Stephen 08. Fifteen 09. Tim McGraw 10. White Horse 11. Love Story 12. The Way I Loved You 13. Your Not Sorry / What Goes Around...Comes Around 14. Picture To Burn 15. Should've Said No 'You Belong With Me' was the shows opener, with cheerleaders and Taylor kitted out in full band regalia, which was later ripped off to reveal a black and silver dress. The next song, 'Our Song', was played on Taylor's cutom made, crystal encrusted guitar. The song had the audience screaming and singing along at the top of their lungs. 'Tell Me Why' was perfomed next, this song housed some crazy hair and hip shaking, that only Taylor can manage! 'Teardrops' started with a monologue by Taylor, saying 'and he used to sit next to me and talk to me...about his girlfriend!'. There where two dancers in this song, playing the parts of 'Drew' and said girlfriend! Out came the Taylor Koa wood guitar, for the next song, 'Fearless'. Followed by 'Forever and Always', this song was preceeded by a video featuring Taylor in an interveiw, which was recreated on stage when she appeared sitting on a red chair (later thrown across stage!). For this song Taylor wore a red sequined dress. The crowd (including me!) went crazy for the next song, 'Hey Stephen', for which she had managed to get to te back of the arena with a mic and a guitar, wearing a blue dress and her signature cowboy boots?! After walking (and hugging!) thorugh many fans, she performed a short Acoustic set on a stage in the center of the arena. 'Fifteen' and 'Tim McGraw' where sung befor making her way through more fans to get back to the main stage, on which she finished 'Tim McGraw' and was given a standing (and stamping!) Ovation that lasted at least 10 minutes! Taylor was completely overwhelmed and after a few mouthed 'Oh My Gosh'-es, she said 'Everytime I hear the word Manchester, I won't be able to stop smiling...I love you!', and went on to perform her song 'White Horse'. Next up was her huge hit 'Love Story', the stage had been set up to look like a castle and there where a number of dancers to recreate her music video for this song. Taylor began the song wearing a full period gown, which was later ripped off to show a floor legnth white 'weeding' dress. After another costume change (her wardrobe must be huge!) into a black and silver embellished dress, Taylor sung 'The Way I Loved You'. She acted the song out, using her guitarist and dancer, as the two boys in the song. 'You're Not Sorry' was up next, Talyor apeared through the stage floor on a grand piano, at which she remained until the song changed into a rendition of Justin Timberlake's 'What Goes Around...Comes Around'. She finished the song on the line 'boy you got what you deserved' which was written across the back of the stage at the time. She finished the show with 'Picture to Burn' and 'Should've Said No', two hge fan favourites. The latter started with Taylor playing electric guitar, which she later threw off stage so as to go and have a drum battle (on bins!) with her fiddle player Caitlin. The song ended with Taylor in a shower of rain, in which the word 'NO' was running through! It was an amazing performance from Taylor, who may have only been 19 at the time, but that din't stop her from owning that stage! Go Taylor! // 9

Overall Impression: I saw the show in Manchester M.E.N arena, UK, on the 24th November 2009. Justin Bieber was the opener for the show, he performed seven songs, including 'One Time'. At this time BieberFever had not yet hit the UK, and yet he still managed to get the crown singing 'Love me love me...' at the top of their voices, even with a broken foot! I have to say, this was one of the best and most memorable shows I have ever (and probably will ever!) see! Taylor put on a fabulous show and really interacts well with her fans. She is a born entertainer! The show was well worth the money (37 ish!) and I will definately be at her next tour! I will never forget the atmosphere that night, especially Taylor's warmth towards the audience and her INCREDIBLE stage presence!...The 'Fearless' tour was correctly named!... Taylor is an amazing artist, with huge talent and career ahead! If you havent yet seen her live, you HAVE to! Taylor fan or not, you could not help but enjoy it, there where people of all ages from 6 to 66, all up and dancing! I was Fearless on Nov.24th 2009! // 9

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