USA (Atlanta), October 11, 2008 Review

artist: The Allman Brothers Band date: 01/30/2009 category: live concerts

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The Allman Brothers Band: USA (Atlanta), October 11, 2008
They were even better live. If you didn't know at all, they are a jam band so every song was like 20 minutes of Warren Haynes playing rythym mostly and Derek Trucks playing amazing slide.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Atlanta), October 11, 2008 Reviewed by: allmangibson, on january 30, 2009
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Sound: They sound just as good as the recordings I have heard of them way back in the day. It was my first concert but I'm only 14 so it's not weird that I've only been to one. But they were even better live. If you didn't know at all, they are a jam band so every song was like 20 minutes of Warren Haynes playing rythym mostly and Derek Trucks playing amazing slide. Derek Trucks makes the guitar sing like a beautiful woman. The 3 drummers were great and I still don't understand how they can all play in sync with each other and not get confused. I know I would right away. Greg Allman was just as good as the videos I have seen but he seemed kinda old and tired. There wasn't much singing but the singing was still your typical Greg Allman. Oteil Burbridge, the bassist, also sang a song which sounded different than your typical Allman Brothers sound. The song was still cool, though. Naturally, I give it a 10 because It was a night to remember for the rest of my life. I hope to get the concert CD eventually. // 10

Perfomance: The Audience enjoyed it for sure. There were a bunch of people dancing and having a good old time. I really remember the 20+ minute percussion solo. Oteil came in halfway through and started playing drums so there were 4 percussionist just going away at it. There were a bunch of drunk people taking off their shirts and swinging it around their head. The guy next to me looked like Warren Haynes and was swinging side to side the whole show and it looked really funny. 01.Hot 'Lanta: great opening song-really warmed up the crowd. I remember that guitar probably the most of the songs I heard that night. 02.Don't Keep Me Wonderin': good Solid performance. 03.Midnight Rider: classic ABB song. I really enjoyed this because I knew all the words. 04.Rocking Horse: pretty typical jamming. 05.Soulshine: typical jamming. 06.Done Somebody Wrong: typical jamming. 07.Anyday: typical jamming with Duane Trucks, drums. 08.The Weight: typical jamming 09.In Memory of Elizabeth Reed: that song really stuck out in my head. It was really awesome. Set II 10.The Same Thing: typical with James van der Bogert, drums. 11.Ain't Wastin' Time No More: typical. 12.Into The Mystic: typical. 13.Black Hearted Woman: typical. 14.Dreams: typical. 15.Jessica: played like ten minutes of Jamming, 20 minutes at least of drums, and then finished the song...recipe for success. Encore 16.Whipping Post: amazing. Felt like I was in the old times and Duane Allman was there and It was magical. I felt like I could die. I almost cried. Visual Effects - cool backscreen and blue and green and red neon lighting type stuff. Nothing too special but you don't really need anything special for them. Scene really had no decoration. // 10

Overall Impression: USA, Atlanta, Chastain amphitheater, October 11, 2008. I loved that the jamming was awesome but I didn't like how some songs got boring after 20 minutes of amazing jamming. I think tickets were 65 dollars for where I was and I was ready to pay for 200 dollars. Unforgettable moments were the percussion solo, Whipping Post, Drunk people falling down the stairs, the guy next to me looking like Warren Haynes. If I ever get a chance to go to another show, I will get front row seats and sing along with every song. // 10

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