Australia (Sydney), September 24, 2004 Review

artist: The Living End date: 10/12/2004 category: live concerts

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The Living End: Australia (Sydney), September 24, 2004
The whole night the crowd were singing along to all the bands classics such as "Roll On", "All Torn Down" and the teen anthem "Prisoners Of Society", in which the whole mosh went absolutley beserk.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Australia (Sydney), September 24, 2004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 12, 2004
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Sound: The Living End have always been known for there live shows and this show was no exeception. Their sound was great and the whole band really played together as a unit really well. Chris Cheney the lead guitarist and vocalist showed his talent and skill with his classic guitar riffs and spot on vocals. Using his familiar white Gretsch Flacon guitar he ripped it up all night. His classy solo's seemed effortless and the overall sound and tone of his guitar was great. The bassist Scott Owens always amazes audiences at live shows with his great skill on on his double bass. He plays the double bass so hard, as if it was a standard electric bass. His timing with Chris was really good the whole night and performed all the intricate basslines perfectlly. The new comer to the band Andy Strachan really impressed as well. His drumming was always on time and really fit in with the band, which is a good sign for there future releases. Overall the combination of talented playing skill and well mixed sound levels in the intimate venue of the Enmore Theater created a pefect sounding set from The Living End. // 10

Perfomance: My ticket was on the floor directly in front of the band and the general feel from the audience was one which were completly devoted to the band. The Living End have a very strong and loyal fanbase in Australia and this was their first time back in Australia for a long time. The whole night the crowd were singing along to all the bands classics such as "Roll On", "All Torn Down" and the teen anthem "Prisoners Of Society", in which the whole mosh went absolutley beserk. The Living End is really the ones to thank for such a good crowd for perfroming so well. They opened the patient crowd into a frenzy with new single "Cant give you what I havn't got" and followed with "Who's Gonna Save Us" and "Tabloid Magazine". These songs really got the crowd going early on and gave the crowd plenty of energy for the rest of the night. They did a nice Acoustic set midway in which Chris broke a string and made up a song on the spot while waiting for a replacement guitar. The crowd enjoyed this and it was very smart of the band. The night really got going with "Prisoners Of Society" which the crowd into a frezied state of jumping and moving like crazy. This was my highlight of the night easily and I'm still reliving the first few moments of that song where the crownd went ballistic. After they played "West End Riot" they left the stage and after the crowd cheered "Living End" over and over they came back out. They came back on and played a few songs ang closed with "Carry Me Home" a fast and hard hitting from their album "Roll On". They really had a grip on the crowd the whole night. People had hands up in the air and the mosh was really intense and you rarely got time to have a brake. The Living End know how to put on a show and really deserve to be a bigger band than they are with so much talent. This show really kicked ass and the crowd let the band know. It was non-stop, high energy night and the crowd respected them alot. Also a special mention has to go to the support band Dallas Crane. They really rocked the crowd before Living End cam one and I had never heard of them previously. They have a good blues/rock sound and I wouldnt mind seeing them again live. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was in Enmore Theater in Sydney, Australia on Friday 24th of September 2004. The Living End were on their "From Here On In Tour" promting their greatest hits album "From Here On In". The support bands were In the grey and Dallas Crane, 2 good new local talents. What I loved so mcuh about the show was the amount of energy in the crowd. It was quite amazing how much the crowd got behind The Living End. The mosh was going up and dwon all night without break and everyone was singin at the top of their voices. Nothing was bad about this concert, it just had the right feel to it and the atmosphere was just great. The only bad part of the night was getting caught in the circle of death for a few seconds, but I got my self out of there quicksmart. Best moment for me was when they played 'Prioners of society' and when I went crowdsurfing last song. Luckily the bouncer let me back in to see the end of the show. The cost of the ticket was about $40 which was very reasonable for the amount of enterrainment given on the night. I would have spent double what I paid for that concert, if that gives an indication for whether the show was wortth the money. Next time The Lving End are in town I'll be there and I suggest that if they come near you anytime soon you make sure you get there too. They are really great live and deserve to be a bigger band than they are. // 10

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