USA (Columbus), June 9, 2008 Review

artist: The Raconteurs date: 07/02/2008 category: live concerts

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The Raconteurs: USA (Columbus), June 9, 2008
The special effects with the lights were typical but it was neat to see the fancy R hanging as a banner above the stage and the gray worn down curtains they used for decor was interesting.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
USA (Columbus), June 9, 2008 Reviewed by: eadgtotheend, on july 02, 2008
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Sound: Jack White's voice started incredible, as the night moved on you could hear his voice get tired but the band did well in the fact that when Jack's voice was on the fritz he allowed Benson to take over vocal duties. Great performance vocally. Jack used his normal two guitar set up and Benson had a plethora of guitars he used through the course of the night (two acoustics and two electrics I believe) and off in the corner stood the bassist playing his one bass that he always does. I think the stage could have been laid out a little better, you couldn't see Jack playing the piano but you could see the stage crew and the Black Lips (the opening act) getting wasted. Overall great sound though, in Blue Veins the bass amp was acting funny or something because the volume wasn't consistent and was never quite right. // 8

Perfomance: I was not pleased with the audience in any way, it seemed few people were there for The Music but personally I enjoyed the concert. Songs (in the best order I can put them in): Consoler Of The Lonely - from the first G to the last chord this song was impeccable, I think this may have been one of the top songs of the night. Attention - not a memorable performance but they came out and rocked like there was no tomorrow. The Switch And The Spur - great performance, it was amazing during the poor souls part, with the members of the audience who were there for the music chanting along it was a captivating performance. You Don't Understand Me - the piano skills of Jack White are amazing, Benson and Jack did a nice job with the vocals and the improvised piano part at the end was grand. This performance made me a fan of the song. Steady As She Goes - I personally thought it was a good performance, they made it sound like it was their favorite song, very enjoyable. Old Enough - it was interesting to hear this song live without the intro there is on the album. The best part of the live performance was when the band was repeating the "baby when your old enough yeah your not free" part in a round. Hold Up - this song is too short, but it was cool to hear the band Live, it's a different experience, though that song is one that seems like you should sing along to which was not what I saw many people doing. Blue Veins - every time I see a live performance of this song it's incredible, Jack puts his all into this song from his multiple improv synth guitar solos to his vocals shaking as he fights off excess emotions. Great performance. Salute Your Solution - sounded cool live though you could tell the instruments weren't quite in tune. The little synth thing that Jack does before the "well I got what I got" part lyrically that sounds so similar to a bass with fuzz was even more awesome live. Carolina Drama - very captivating heartfelt song, though a bad way to end a show, leave us on a good note. I liked the song nonetheless though. The special effects with the lights were typical but it was neat to see the fancy R hanging as a banner above the stage and the gray worn down curtains they used for decor was interesting. // 9

Overall Impression: Columbus, Ohio June 9th, 2008 LC Pavilion, one of the most unforgettable concerts I've seen. The opening act was not good, the Black Lips came out the guitarist with very short shorts on and it was awful to hear the singer slurring and the drummer being overexcited about his playing "skills" but they weren't what mattered. The show was well worth the $32 I paid and the highlights I'd have to say were The Switch And The Spur, You Don't Understand Me, Consoler Of The Lonely, and Salute Your Solution, not the hippies having sex to our right or the drunk opening act. I will go to the next Raconteurs concert if they ever come back to Ohio, we were an awful audience. // 9

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